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So, here’s the thing. Trump’s team does not need to put trans folks in concentration camps to destroy us. It is far, far easier:

1) Bathroom legislation prevents us from moving around. Especially when they are encouraged with bounties to incentivize nabbing cis-passing folks. (Bounties sound ridiculous? Lots of states’ first attempts at these laws included bounties. It is a Real Thing )

2) “1st ammendment / religious freedom” laws prevent us from accessing goods and services.

3) Abolishing Obamacare prevents the poorest among us to access any transition-related healthcare. Pressure on insurers and health providers to drop trans healthcare prevents the rest of us from access.

4) Forbid trans people from changing their legal documents to match their new name and gender. This makes us easier to out.

As a reminder, here is a quote from Ken Blackwell’s org. He is on the Trump transition team:


“There is no rational or compassionate reason to affirm a distorted psychological self-concept that one’s “gender identity” is different from one’s biological sex.

Neither lawmakers nor counselors, pastors, teachers, nor medical professionals should participate in or reinforce the transgender movement’s lies about sexuality–nor should they be required by the government to support such distortion.“


The above 4 strategies drive us deeper into poverty and raises an already staggeringly high (over 40%) suicide attempt rate.

Gender id is not a protected class in most states. Trans people have very, very few legal protections. It is still legal in some states to fire us, evict us, and even use the "trans panic” defense to get out of a murder judgment.

Bathroom laws in schools are the easiest to begin with because the young are our most vulnerable and easiest to control, plus the supreme court has yet to decide if gender identity is protected by Title 9. Pay close, close attention to this case (Gavin Grimm, a trans boy) once it begins, as well as Obama’s initiative to direct public schools to give trans kids their bathroom access. If these fail, our trans youth is going to be the first to fall.

Cisgender and want to know how to help?

1) Your trans friends might need help getting their docs changed before January. They’ll have to do a lot in person, so they may need time off, rides to the courthouse, papers notarized, or even a cash loan.

2) Business owners can ask their insurance to cover trans healthcare now, so 1-time things like surgeries can get scheduled asap.

3) Teachers, parents, etc who can sit on school boards can fight trans panic in the bathroom.

4) We need cis voices to combat transphobia wherever it happens, from “jokes” to legislation. And we need cis voices to openly support us and show us we are not alone.

This is the only picture you’ll ever see of General George S. Patton punching Field Marshal Erwin Johannes Eugen Rommel in the chin while Field Marshal Bernard Law Montgomery, 1st Viscount Montgomery of Alamein, KG, GCB, DSO, PC has him in an armlock

Broad Summary of Thermodynamics: Sometimes seeing the Bigger Picture helps you Put together the smaller pieces and connect the dots b/w Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. 


Zeroth law (concept of temperature)

0th law of thermodynamics basically says that heat flows from hot objects to cold objects to achieve thermal equilibrium.
Mathematically, if TA = TB, and TB = TC, then TA = TC. Where T is temperature.

First law (ΔE = q + w, conservation of energy)

1st law of thermodynamics is based on the principle of conservation of energy, and it basically says that the change in total internal energy of a system is equal to the contributions from heat and work.
ΔE is the same thing as ΔU, which is the change in internal energy.
Q is the contribution from heat
Q is positive when heat is absorbed into the system (ie. heating it).
Q is negative when heat leaks out of the system (ie. cooling it).
W is the contribution from work.
W is positive when work is done on the system (ie. compression).
W is negative when work is done by the system (ie. expansion).

Equivalence of mechanical, chemical, electrical and thermal energy units

If it’s energy, it’s Joules. It doesn’t matter if it’s potential energy, kinetic energy, or any energy - as long as it’s energy, it has the unit Joules.
Energy is equivalent even if they are in different forms. For example, 1 Joule of mechanical energy can be converted into 1 Joule of electrical energy (ignoring heat loss) - no more, no less.

Second law: concept of entropy

The 2nd law states that the things like to be in a state of higher entropy and disorder.
An isolated system will increase in entropy over time.
An open system can decrease in entropy, but only at the expense of a greater increase in entropy of its surroundings.
The universe as a whole is increasing in entropy.
ΔS ≥ q / T
q is the heat transferred.
T is the temperature in Kelvin.
For reversible processes ΔS = q / T.
For irreversible processes ΔS > q / T.
Real processes that occur in the world are never reversible, so entropy change is always greater than the heat transfer over temperature.
Because of the irreversibility nature of real processes, as long as anything occurs, the entropy of the universe increases.

The Older Studyblr Crowd: A Masterpost

I’ve had a lot of requests to recommend older/ post-grad studyblrs. Since I follow so many wonderful people, I decided to make a quick lil list for anyone else who is looking for upperclassmen and “older“ crowd! I went through my follower list and made a note of everyone who appeared to be an upperclassmen/graduate student or was above the age of 22. They are as follows:

Graduate/Ph.D students:
darastudies // tulluly (art history) // habitsandlaw (post law) // journeyunderthestars // study-read-study (bilingualism) // chemistrynerd2020 (organic chemistry) // catscaffeineandnotebooks (creative writing/ poetry) // iwasborntostudy (hospitality management) // post–grad (medieval lit) // caffeinebooks (history) // howtophd (history) // ivrileague (biotech engineering) // ratheralotofacademicambition (literature) // psychblrrrr (psych) // mk-studies (social justice) // gilmore-esque (accountancy) // phdadventurerer // claireeatsnotes (illustration) // caffeinatemystudies (middle east studies) // lerudite (history) // back-to-college (eng lit/language) // sammasankappa (textile technology)  // runandstudymore (accounting) // styleinthestacks (library science/public history) // la-studieuse (art history) // @caffeinatedcraziness (chemistry) // curiousgradstudent (art history) 

Med/Law school:
throughtheeyesofamedstudent (4th yr med) // procaffeinator (law) // justanothermedblr (3rd yr med) // ladykaymd (4th yr med) // living-that-library-lifestyle (4th yr law) // survivingmalcolmhell (law) // studiousmedic (3rd yr med) // ofbooksandbookers (law) // stealthoscopes (vet) // qui-plume-a-guerre-a (1st yr law) // echymosis (4th yr med) // lawslayer (law) // study-wisely (3rd yr med) // inthecompanyofbooks (3rd yr med) // slytherinmd (2nd yr med) // soraya-lawblr (law) // @ashpiringtobebetter (2nd yr med) 

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Other 22+
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This is not a complete list; if anyone wants to be added to this list or would like me to edit their entry, please send me a message! Just let me know what your academic level is (junior, med school, etc.) and major if applicable. Thanks! 

PLZ NOTE: this is in no way made to exclude high school/lower division college studyblrs. This community is awesome for high school/new college students in that they can get together and support each other to be studious and smart. I love it! Sometimes it’s hard for older students and upperclassmen to find each other, so I figured I’d make an accessible list for everyone! xox

Laws of Motion & Attraction (V, You) Part 2

An object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force. – Newton’s 1st law of Motion 


Y/N stared at the front of the room in disbelief, her mind forming in-cohesive words and an onslaught of curses as she looked at the man standing in front of the board. 

Sh*t. Sh*t. Sh*t! She thought as she looked at his disheveled brown hair that was slightly curling on the edges; his coat that was snugged on his lean frame and even the cute checkered polo he was wearing. Y/N gulped as he tipped the bridge of his glasses, remembering how she had seen that before… over a hot cup of coffee.

This is insane, she thought as she listened to V–professor Kim–babble about Physics, Biology, and everything and anything she presumed was in the course syllabus.

She looked around, seeing everyone calm and unfazed by his presence. Well, to say everyone would be a lie. Some girls looked dazed and were bold enough to stare, their eyes glinting with interest as he spoke. Y/N wasn’t so stupid to not know that they were actually fantasizing about the new–hot–professor that has graced the halls of West University.

She caught Lena’s eyes, seeing a flirtatious grin on her face and she groaned, thinking what her friend would say if she knew she went out for a coffee date with their new professor last Saturday. She 

Their hot… liar.. professor.

“I’ll be doing a roll call.” He suddenly announced, making Y/N snap from her thoughts. She gulped as he held the clipboard on his right hand, a pen on his left as he began to call names.

Names rolled out of his tongue so languidly that Y/N found herself immersing in the sound of his voice. It was deep, resounding, and–

“Ms. Y/LN?”

Y/N blinked and suddenly all eyes were on her and what’s worse was V was looking at her steadily, his eyes showing no recognition.

She raised her hand shyly, unable to decided whether that fact hurt her or not.

“Next time, Ms. Y/LN.” He sighed as he wrote something on the clipboard. He looked up slyly from his glasses, his expression stern yet–teasing. “Pay attention.”

Her cheeks flushed in embarrassment as some of her classmates snickered and gave her stares. Lena glanced at her with an apologetic look and she shrunk deeper into her seat, wishing she could just disappear.

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  • Psychic: *Reads my mind*
  • My Brain: AAAAAAH!
  • My Brain: 🎶Comin' outta my cage and I've been doing just fine🎶
  • My Brain: If a man were to eat his own stomach would he be full?
  • My Brain: Note to self - buy pencils
  • My Brain: When's the next MCR conce-oh, right.
  • My Brain: I want to die.
  • My Brain: Just reblog ONE more post.
  • My Brain: I freaking love Dan and Phil.
  • My Brain: asdfghjkl;
  • My Brain: wtf am I doing
  • My Brain: Yer a wizard Harry
  • My Brain: What if my hairdryer is a mini Transformer???
  • My Brain: I should reply to that text…NAH!
  • My Brain: Ew, something smells.
  • My Brain: 🎶Falalalalalalalala🎶
  • My Brain: Hehe…fish farts.
  • My Brain: …………
  • My Brain: Newton's 1st Law of Motion states that an object at rest will stay at rest unless acted on by an external force.
  • My Brain: [Insert dirty joke]
  • My Brain: I wonder what this psychic is thinking.
  • My Brain: 😊😩😑😘😂😒😟☺️😀😔
  • My Brain: My boyfriend is too cute 😍
  • Psychic: What the f*ck?

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What's arc do you like most? I love Aogiri arc mostly when Kaneki was captured and meet his little brother in law the 1st time :P Ayato of that time is jealous because his sister show off someone likely her boyfriend :)))

Mod A:

I liked the arc with The Gourmet because see Touken getting closer.


A series of animations I made for my physics final, featuring a physics lab (GET IT?) I chose to do the physics of animation!

For those who care, there are very brief explanations in the captions. But it might not make sense unless you know physics. Or animation. (If anyone is interested in seeing the whole powerpoint I made, I can attempt to share it. It goes into more detail.)

The 1st Law of Thermodynamics (open system) Equation.

“Energy can neither be created nor destroyed.”

I’m not a very religious person, so when my grandmother died unexpectedly a few years ago I had a major meltdown.  My dad told me that even though he too doesn’t know if there’s a higher power out there he at least believes in matter and energy because those never disappear. It has stuck with me ever since.

Done by Mike @ Daredevil Tattoo in Chinatown, NYC

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No need to be anxious! He will have to pay a fine and thats it! Remember it was his first misbehaviour (idk the right word: 1st time breaking the law?) Aand hes a rich idol ... that will also have an impact on the result of the trial! Pls dont worry!

You’re right anon, I too think he will be fine but…
I can’t help but feel anxious. I just want these days to pass quickly.