1st hole


Ironically that’s how Dom got the 1st hole in her wall

been playing a lot of Pokémon Moon so this was actually made within a few hours of posting….maybe I should do an arc next, that way I’ll have it all written/storyboarded way ahead of time. idk whatta ya’all think??

I’m sure Dom’s painting skills will get better over time…or maybe paint isn’t her medium

Done with Color pencil/Ink in 2 hours



Hair colour is set as grey coz I don’t have idea for it…my fetish is showing cough

Made from my complain on Eltrion mk2 last stage. They could have made it something, instead of a physical pilot, like some digital AI thing…..ermm like X-COM2 Codex cough.

The smacking Eltrion dicCORE phase can be removed. Eltrion won’t be in black version at first and will be later maybe at halfway with faster attack rate. Like Perkisas Human phase, she’ll appear periodically and be a flying teleporting boss compare to the grounded teleporting Perkisas like Ferdinand/Apocalypse. DANGER skill would be GiantEltrionClaw or Laser from any of the direction she is pointing to; horizontal,vertical or even diagonal, so player will be force to actually stare at her and DODGE……

Long Complaining Post!

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