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recently Noragami took over my life and as a consequence I’m accepting a fan theory as canon a g a i n

Who you're attracted to
  • Mars in Aries/1st house: Need a guy who's straightforward and headstrong
  • Mars in Taurus/2nd house: Need a guy who's traditionally masculine
  • Mars in Gemini/3rd house: Need a guy who can mentally simulate them
  • Mars in cancer/4th house: Need a guy who seems tough but is sensitive underneath
  • Mars in Leo/5th house: Need a guy who's bold, who can sweep you off your feet
  • Mars in Virgo/6th house: Need a simple guy with his shit together
  • Mars in Libra/7th house: Need a guy who's charming and aims to please
  • Mars in Scorpio/8th house: Need a guy with depth and is passionate
  • Mars in Sagittarius/9th house: Need a guy who can show you a good time
  • Mars in Capricorn/10th house: Need a guy who makes you feel secure
  • Mars in Aquarius/11th house: Need a guy who's different but never boring
  • Mars in Pisces/12th house: Need a guy who's compassionate with many layers
  • *for straight girls and (maybe) gay guys*
Truth or Dare (SnowBaz)

Here it is. In response to this post I have searched deep through my Wattpad fanfictions to find the first one that I have ever made. I regret ever making that post as I cringe reading through this fanfic as I post it onto tumblr. So, in my exact words, here is my first fanfic:

This is an  idea I came up with the other day. It’s fanfiction for the book, Carry On, when Simon and Baz were still at Watford. I have never written fanfiction before, so let me know what you think of it!

Characters belong to Rainbow Rowell. These are not my original characters.

Simon’s POV

“Truth or Dare?” I ask to Penelope. We are sitting on the grassy lawn of Watford School of Magicks, playing a friendly game of truth or dare. It’s just me and Penny. Agatha was here, but soon decided to leave after an embarrassing question came up. Penny is ruthless.

“Um, Dare.”

“I dare you to… skip all of your classes for a day,” I say. I know it’s a stupid dare, but Penny is really into her studies. For her, that’s like saying she can’t eat for a week. She lives and breathes everything school related.


“It’s just one day. It’s not like you would miss that much.

“But, it’s a whole day!”

“Whatever. My turn.”

“Fine. Truth or Dare?”

“Dare!” I sit impatiently, waiting for her to bring her wrath down on me for the last dare.

“I dare you…”



“Spit it out, women.” She starts to giggle. It must be bad. Penny never giggles.

“I dare you to go into your room…”



“My god, you’re driving me crazy!”

“I dare you to go into your room and kiss Baz.”


“You heard me. Go into your room and kiss Basilton Grimm-Pitch.”

“You have got to be kidding me. No.”

“Then, I won’t do your dare.”

“I–but–um–fine! I’m going!” I say, storming off. Penelope smirks behind me. Ugh, this is going to be horrible. And interesting. I try to figure out how I’m going to do this. It’s not like I can barge in and just randomly kiss him out of the blue. I can’t believe I agreed to this. What will Baz think? I decide it’s better not to think about the after effects and focus on how I’m going to get there. By the time I get to the door, I have a vague idea, but not much I can move off of. Darn it Penny! Why do you have to come up with such good dares? I should have left with Agatha. Here goes nothing…

I walk in, trying to act as normal as possible. Baz is sitting at the desk, studying for our next exam. Typical. I close the door, but “accidentally” slam it. Baz jumps.

“Jesus Snow! Close the door like a normal person!”

“Sorry, I just–um…” WHAT DO I DO NOW!! Stupid Penny, this is more complicated than you think.

“Spit it out Snow!”

“I–well–um–” He stands up. His midnight black hair is perfectly smooth back and his school uniform is perfectly pressed and fits him in all the right ways. I collapsed onto my bed and he fixes his stormy grey eyes on me and his mouth twisting into a sneer.

“It’s just–I–um–”

“Use your words, Snow!” He is close enough that I can feel his hot breath on my face. This is going better than I could’ve hoped. I start to lean in. I see his eyes start to flutter closed. Wow, I am so close. Take that, Penny!

Baz’s POV

I was staring at words for hours. I didn’t know what else to do. There is literally nothing I could do other than study today. Then, Snow barges in our room like a crazy person, but I can tell it was with purpose. He’s planning something. What could he be planning. I can see uncertainty is is crystal clear blue eyes, but also something… I don’t know, a little mischievous. What is he planning? What is he going to do. I can tell it’s directed at me. There is no other explanation. Now I know what he feels all of the time. He’s plotting something, but what?

His eyes have me transfixed. They always have. Ever since I met him. I creep closer to him. I find his gaze fixing on my eyes as he tries to muster the words to create an actual sentence. His eyes drift to my lips. Oh, god. Please tell my fantasies aren’t becoming true? I feel like I’m blushing, yet I know that it’s probably very faint because of the whole vampire thing. But, I still start to feel self-conscious. He leans forward a little and I stay there uncertainly, my eyelids starting to droop as I give in. I feel a tug at my neck and notice that he is tugging on my green and purple school tie. Before I can even register anything, his lips are on mine and we are locked in a fierce kiss.

I’m kissing Simon Snow. Simon freakin’ Snow.

I can’t say how many times I’ve imagined this, but it’s even better than I could ever imagine. We click together like magnets and fit together smoothly. I passionately press against him and pull him towards me, not wanting this to end. I grip the back of his shirt tightly, wanting to make sure this is real. Wanting to make sure this is acutally happening. I’ve dreamed about this so long. How do I know it’s not a dream.

I’m kissing Simon Snow.

Simon’s POV

I don’t know how it happened, but soon we are both on my bed. Baz keeps going at me, pressing harder, kissing fiercer. He has a tight grip on the back of my shirt, as if he’s afraid to let go. I no longer seem to have control of the situation. It was just supposed to be a short, tiny kiss, but it seems it has turned into more that that, and I’m not sure what I feel. It’s nothing like when I kissed Agatha.

Of course it isn’t. Agatha is a girl. Your kissing a boy. And not just any boy.

I’m kissing Baz.

There’s so much passion in Baz, I’m afraid to break away and tell him it was just a dare. How could something so simple turn into something so… what’s the word… extraordinary. I feel a burning sensation starting at my lips and warming up my whole body. My magic even seems to be on edge and is tempted to leak out of me like a water fountain.

But, I’m kissing Baz? This isn’t Agatha. This feels…

I push him away. He stands there, looking bewildered. I’m scared for what’s going to happen next. Should I say it?

“You–” he says, breathing heavily. I worry that he’s going to yell at me, then I remember that it was supposed to be sort of a joke anyway. Just a joke. It’s not more than that… Is it?

“Don’t know how long–” he continues breathlessly, smiling stupidly, “I have been waiting to do that.” I feel my eyes start to widen. Oh, god! I really screwed up this time, didn’t I? Stupid Penelope! Now I have to tell him it was a dare and hurt his– or do I? I don’t know how to explain this, but that felt so right. But, it’s Baz. How can I–why?

“Um–well–I–um–it–” Come on, Simon. Say something. You can’t just leave him hanging there.

“I didn’t realize I wanted to too…” I say. It is, technically speaking, the truth.

“I–um– I should go,” I say, bursting out into the hallway. I start to breath heavily. I think I’m hyperventilating. Are those black dots starting to cloud my vision? What is happening to me? The world starts to melt to black. Before darkness consumes me, all I can think is, I kissed Baz… And I liked it.

Baz’s POV

What in freak just happened? Did I–did we just–? I can’t do this. This is all so confusing! I go back and sit on my bed, head in my hands. Was he just saying that? Surely not, surely he saw the fireworks they always talk about. But what if he didn’t. That’s my biggest fear. What if I made a fool out of myself? I don’t know what to do anymore. I stare at my hands when I hear a thump at the door. What could that be?

I open it to see an unconscious person on the floor with blonde hair that I definitely recognized. Snow. If what happened didn’t just happen, I’m pretty sure I would have laughed in his face. The Great Chosen One, fainting. But, I don’t think it will help the situation if I leave him there. I drag him onto his bed and leave him there because I have no idea what to do. What should I do?

Simon’s POV

When I wake up, I can immediately tell it’s morning. Baz has already left for breakfast. Was it all a dream? It doesn’t feel like it, but surely it was a dream, right? That can’t happen in real life.

Baz’s lips on mine. The absolute rightness of the situation.

It had to be a dream.

I walk to breakfast. I sit at my normal spot with Penelope and Agatha. I sneak a glance at Baz, but he seems to look anywhere but at me. It was a dream. It had to be. I turn my attention to my breakfast. As I dig into the school’s delicious scones, I hear Penelope whisper ever so softly into my ear.

“So… did you do it?” she asks. It was real. I did do it, but knowing Penny, she probably wants details. And I am not prepared to tell her that it was the greatest and most thrilling experience I have ever had.

“No,” I whisper back. It was real.

I kissed Baz, and I loved it.

Are y’all happy now? XD *crawls in a corner and cries*

  • what she says: im fine
  • what she means: its september again and i still havent gotten a hogwarts letter and i know i shouldnt have my self esteem reliant upon a fictional school's fictional acceptance letter that i know rationally will never come but its such a worry anyway and i cant control this insatiable wish to go and

Countdown to Ben Mendelsohn’s Birthday (1/3)

Vanity Fair

“The briny stink of sleaze and fish guts upon him, Ben Mendelsohn entered streaming America’s consciousness in the debut season of Bloodline, the Netflix series by Glenn Kessler, Todd A. Kessler, and Daniel Zelman, the team behind Damages. As Danny Rayburn, the wayward, grudge-bearing eldest child in a family that runs a resort in the Florida Keys, Mendelsohn simultaneously exuded charisma and menace, evoking Gary Oldman and Peter Coyote at their most mischievous, yet possessed of his own distinctive scary-man juju. The actor has been a known and respected quantity in his native Australia since the 1980s, when he co-starred in the coming-of-age movie The Year My Voice Broke and the enduring soap opera and national institution Neighbours (back when Kylie Minogue was on it).

Even before Bloodline, Mendelsohn was enjoying something of a midlife breakthrough, playing various shades of unsavory in Animal Kingdom, The Dark Knight Rises, and The Place Beyond the Pines— and, for comic relief, guesting as the flake-ola father of Jemima Kirke’s character in Girls. His streak of prestige work continues with Mississippi Grind, in theaters this month, an Altman-esque road movie directed by Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck in which he stars opposite Ryan Reynolds, and—in a coup for a Star Wars fan who was eight when the original film came out—in next year’s Rogue One, the first in Disney’s new line of spin-off Star Wars movies that will exist apart from the main Lucasfilm franchise. Herewith, some insights gleaned from a benign, wholly unfrightening conversation with Mendelsohn.” Source: (x)

Well…No he really isn’t.

Ok hear me out I’m not shooting down any theories whatsoever but hear me out ok??

cause this is the guy who goes so far to wear super short hacker mode shorts on instead of normal trousers omg like guys

Anyway, my point is if 707 really has that kind of power he would rather joke around with everyone instead.

So I’d like to porpose a brighter, happier theory to our dear lord lucifer I mean Luciel Choi.

Ok remember this chat at the start of the game???

There’s the time when you have to answer one of these

-You’re not violating my….
-Where did you get that info!?
-But I’m not a girl.

Now Im one of the few people who chose “But I’m not a girl”

Luciel will straight up answer : 



And when you think about it, it actually make sense. REMEMBER this is a OTOME GAME that team Cheritz created for YOU GUYS to enjoy.

Want more evidence?? Please check out team Cheritz asks for the game character. You know what Luciel always say??

SO!!!! I hope yall have a broader view on the problem and try not to be sad about it, because after all, mystic messenger is a game we all enjoy. Luciel always knows the user is new, and he would make jokes for you guys so you guys can feel comfortable around the game


Speard the words guys. 

Finally, a thank you for all who’ve had the patient to read all my bullshit. ;w; love ya~

the one where impatience is a good thing

so remember when like a couple months ago, I got this wild hair up my ass and I was like “wow I’m going to write oneshots and imagines all the time, it’s going to be so great!!1!” and then I wrote only one. And stopped. Now that feeling is back so here’s another one :)

bff!Sami Zayn x Reader

“I’m your phone background? That’s so cute.”

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