1st gen love

My spelling groups are names Squirtle, Sandshrew, Staryu and Snorlax. I’m now wondering if there are enough 1st gen Pokemon starting with M and R to repeat this for my Maths and Reading groups. What have I become?

[Mobile Mail] Shimazaki Haruka 2016.03.29

Subject: The day before my birthday

The last day as a 21 years old.
I experienced a lot of things at 21 years old. There seemed to be more hard things than happy things (that I experienced). But, I have a feeling that my year as a 22 year old would be a great year. And I think that maybe there will be a second turning point in my life, the first one was the time I joined AKB. Talking about life when I am just little over twenty years old sounds kinda strange. Doesn’t matter how hard a year might be, the time that I can feel even the slightest of happiness is on my birthday. My family sent me birthday presents, I’m so happy. The photo was taken at Takamina’s graduation concert. I love the 1st gen, I love them so much. We had a great time.

T/N: Thanks again to @akbsashimi for the help :D