1st flash

a bit… late… again |||orz sry
Happy 1st anniversary, omg it has been one year already since March 4th (& since Feb 26th in TW) 2016, glad that obviously we all had a wonderful zoo year ;D Thanks for the crew who brought this beautiful film to the world, also thanks to people here around who share the joy with zootopia together! cheers, keep making the world a better place and enjoy the donuts! (i wish i could go to the Randy’s Donuts too! QWQ

  • Souma: Don't front, you're into me.
  • Erina: Look, Yukihira-kun, even if I was- *kisses him
  • Erina: You couldn't handle me. Bye, guys.
  • Souma: *visibly stunned
  • Souma: Imma marry that woman... yup.

Your definition of ‘dream?’

I think the things you think you will be very happy after achieving them are called dreams. When I was little, I dreamed of becoming what I am now right now and I am so very happy. And I want to be happier in the future.   

if your birth chart was a book the title page and illustration would be your ascending/1st house 

sun in the 1st: GLITTER light sparkles gel pens and a self big portrait 

moon in the 1st: a big purple moon that appears than disappears 

mercury in the 1st: alice in wonderland asking ‘why?’ standing on a pile of books

venus in the 1st: a pin up girl who won miss cosmos 

mars in the 1st: blood red, ash burns, smoky when rubbed, scarlet lips 

jupiter in the 1st: a book, an atlas, and a spinning globe in their hands

saturn in the 1st: old old silver book with ravaged edges exhausted from being over read, golden pages, bounded with saturn rings

uranus in the 1st: flashing neon glitter pens with UFOs, aliens, and lightning bolts, cherries, and stickers 

neptune in the 1st: a mermaid covered in teal scales, appearing than disappearing in hologram

pluto in the 1st: black and coded, bounded in secret language and padlocks  


170728 V Live Music Bank 1st Place Thank You - Kaisoo

Credit: instagram kaiso.o, vlive

Y’all are sitting over here worried about Niylarke sex and all I can think about is the fact that Bellamy, Clarke and Roan are going on yet another Day Trip (part 3 ). 

Thanks to Tiffany we know when Niylarke sex happens, so I’m thinking that scene is a final goodbye to L/xa and a close quarters ride with Bellamy and King Roan of Calling People’s Romantic Bluff. 


  • Souma: Guys? I have a problem.
  • Marui: We all do when guys like him exist.
  • Alice: [looking at Takumi] Yeah, he's so hot. Uh, I mean, scientifically speaking. Because I'm a scientist, of course.

i just. fucking realized that ‘trixanie’ is the ship name for trixie and stephanie. i just. fucking thought the 'anie’ part was just a stupid add on or something i didnt fucking realize that it was the last bit of stephanie’s name how could i be so fucking stupid oh my god this whole time i just thought they didnt have a ship name im going to go die now nice knowing yall fuck me


So I slowed down this gif of Kaisoo “whispering” to each other, because I noticed something coming out of Kyungsoo’s mouth. If you look closely at the gif, after the 1st camera flash u see something flopping out of his mouth. It could just be the angle and I’m being delusional, or it could be Jongin’s ear lobe. 🤔