1st flash

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*starts charging great sword, 1st flash, 2nd flash, 3rd flash, 4th flash it gets brighter, 5th brighter, 6th BRIGHTER... 10 HOURS LATER STILL CHARGING*

I hear they’re pretty snazzy!

…hmm? My mod just handed me a note, pardon me a moment.

(reading) What do you mean, stop breaking the fourth wall? What’s a fourth wall?


[On cake] “Chocolate. Chocolate…chocolate on chocolate—with chocolate in it and chocolate sprinkles on it. And a cup of chocolate next to it! Chocolate.” - Happy Birthday, Jensen Ackles (March 1st, 1978)


Candice Patton/Iris West Appreciation Week  ★ Day 3: Favorite outfit/hairstyle for Iris

Guys Felicity won't get injured on Flash

I can’t believe we didn’t see this before guys. I thought the crossover was episode 1x17 not 1x18 ugh. 

The Flash has 3 weeks off starting next week, which means It won’t be back until March 17th. Arrow has 2 weeks off starting next week, returning on March 18th. That means that Flash will be one week behind Arrow episode wise. That means that 1x18, the episode Felicity guests in, won’t happen until the week after 3x18 airs. So to clear it up Arrow 3x18 will air on April 1st and Flash 1x18 will air on April 7th

I’m sad now.