1st evo


After solidly 3-0ing every one of the gods, Leffen has secured his place in the winners side of grand finals once again. Every Fox main, new and old, clearly doesn’t have what it takes to keep up with Leffen’s quickly advancing skills. Not one Falco, Marth, Peach, Puff, Sheik, or Ice Climbers are anywhere to be seen. However, one player using a character long forgotten has been quickly tearing through loser’s bracket, creating many upsets against the Foxes.

Barely beating Armada’s Fox in Losers finals, our hero once again has his chance against Leffen for the first time since Apex 2015. On top of the 1st place prize for EVO, he not only money matches him for $2000, but also declares the loser must retire from Melee forever. Leffen, believing there’s no chance of losing, accepts without hesitation.

Best of 5. Leffen’s Fox vs Mang0’s Falcon. Everyone laughs at the character select screen when Mang0 chooses his character.

Game one. Battlefield. Leffen quickly takes all four stocks off of Mang0 in seconds. Everyone, including Mang0, smiles and laughs.

Game two. Back to Battlefield. Leffen is shocked as Mang0 lands the first hit on him, and for the first time in years, Leffen’s damage is above 0%. That was all Mang0 did that round, though, as his next four stocks were quickly lost. Leffen, completely certain he will win, declares he doesn’t even need to ban any stages, and even lets Mang0 pick any illegal stage.

Mang0 takes him to Mute City.

As soon as the game starts, everyone notices that there was something different about not only Falcon, but also Mang0, though they couldn’t figure out what it was. Then Mang0 does the impossible, and takes a stock off of Leffen with a stomp to quadruple reverse knee combo. The entire world, now watching, goes silent.

“Show me your moves!”

Cheers and shouts of joy are heard across the globe, as Mang0 has shown everyone that 20XX will not last forever. Leffen, infuriated, quickly respawns and waveshines Mang0 to death. Mang0, using his invincibility frames from respawn, gets a grab on Leffen and tech chases him into the stage’s vehicles and follows up with a knee to finish the stock. The rest of the game goes like this, and Mang0 wins with one stock remaining. “USA! USA! USA! USA!” is chanted across all of earth for the rest of the set.

The next two games go somewhat similarly, with nothing but 0-deaths from respawn invincibility, but Mang0 always got the first stock with an insane read. The commentators, by this point, have unfortunately died from too much hype. However, this is no problem for the current commentator meta, as they are quickly brought back to life by the perfect technology of 20XX to continue their duty.

Set 2.

Leffen knows this can’t continue, and being the adaptable player he is, quickly gets a read on Mang0 at the beginning of the match. Now with the one stock lead, the game progresses like those before, resulting in Leffen’s victory of game one.

Mang0 takes game two, Leffen takes game three, and Mang0 takes game four. Game five. Pokemon Stadium. Leffen takes a huge lead this time, three stocks to one. After some trades and clanks in the neutral (which haven’t been seen in the metagame for years), Leffen hits Mang0 with a drastic up-tilt.

And then it happened. Mang0 once again pulled off the tech he discovered at Pound 5.5, resulting in the game going back to the title screen. As per tourney rules, the match must be redone, as no one knows whether Mang0’s Falcon would have survived or not.

The final match redone, Mang0 played with a style that no other Falcon has ever dreamed of before. He 0-deaths Leffen’s first 3 stocks. Leffen’s ego kicks in and helps him take 3 of Mang0’s stocks off. Leffen gets one more shine on Mang0 and smiles to himself as the game must be over, as no Fox in 20XX can drop a combo like this. However, Mang0 pulls off SDI that not even modern TAS’s can do off of Leffen’s shine to appear above him to get a d-air on him, and Leffen doesn’t DI properly from shock. In the next 0.9 seconds that Leffen’s Fox is suspended in the air just slightly above Falcon, time slows down for Leffen as he realizes he just lost EVO, $2000, his winning streak, and his ability to play Melee. He hears a faint sound coming from Mang0.


Simultaneously, in the game:

“Falcon… PUNCH”

20XX is over. It is New Year’s Day, and the world celebrates Mang0’s incredible victory.


Wanda was terribly excited. The boys were out of the house all weekend for ‘male bonding’ times in the forest that started in their backyard, and continued on well into the hills. They did this, from time to time, leaving her out as 'the girl’ or whatever. She half suspected they were afraid of her, half suspected they thought of her as a buzz kill. She very much doubted they were actually training out in the woods. More than likely, they were getting drunk and stupid.

She couldn’t feel too badly about being left out, this time, though. For once, she and Kurt could spend some time alone together, and not be confined to one of their rooms. Typically her room, since the number of psychics per capita was drastically lower at her place.

She walked through the house, doing her best to spruce up any damage the boys had caused on their way out, wanting to make a good impression. He’d been through, briefly, before, she knew, but… these days she was half hoping to win him away from the X-men. And she couldn’t very well do that with plaster falling off the cealing. She was quite pleased, honestly, with how things looked. She kept the house in relatively good order, anyways, but today? It looked positively tidy.

She wondered if she should wait for Kurt in her room, like normal, or if he would come to the door. There was so much excitement in her!

no matter what we sea, 1st stage starter evos or not..

It think, even if Entermaid turns out to be fake, I’d still love it. I’m glad I’ve drawn it so much, it’s all I wanted in a mermaid Pokemon. I stressed a lot over wanting it to be real, the sparkly-hearted little boy in me still wants to be a mermaid to this day. Having seen a concept for a pokemon like that has kept me believing in it until the very second the official one is shown. Either way, that design gave me a big confidence boost and whatever happens with it, it gave me at least something to try and look forward to.

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