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Big girl appreciation day November 30th and December 1st

Happy anniversary to BGAD. Im so happy and proud of all of the participants and supporters. Yall are all so beautiful…

This “theme” sort of is about growth.

A then and now theme. You can post baby to now or a year ago to now. Or (of course) you can post “I looked cute today” selfies.

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  • German Fact #113 - German Calendar
  • December 24th: Heiligabend (literally "Holy Eve") - Germans celebrate Christmas
  • December 25th: 1. Weihnachtsfeiertag (1st Christmas Day) - Germans celebrate Christmas again...with ... other people... probably
  • December 26th: 2. Weihnachtsfeiertag (2nd Christmas Day) - Germans have a second Christmas Day, used for...digesting... or celebrating some more
And as you all can see, the ball has stopped half way to its perch. it’s suspended there to remind us before we pop the champagne and celebrate the new year, to stop, and reflect on the year that has gone by, to remember both our triumphs and our missteps, our promises made and broken, the times we opened ourselves up to great adventures… or closed ourselves down for fear of getting hurt, because that’s what new year’s all about , getting another chance, a chance to forgive. to do better, to do more, to give more, to love more, and to stop worrying about what if… and start embracing what will be. so when that ball drops at midnight, and it will drop, let’s remember to be nice to each other, kind to each other, and not just tonight but all year long.
—  Claire Morgan, New Year’s Eve (2011)

december 1st, 2016 (11 days until midterms!). 

i’m back! a friend gave me a tiny blank paged notebook that i’ve really enjoyed doodling in! doodling is very relaxing, haha. 

This Day in RBB History

December 1st, 2015: Today, it wasn’t even the Bears themselves that stole the show. They kicked things off by updating the location to “Dallas” (as they’d just arrived there for the Jingle Ball that night) and changing the icon to this picture of Divine:

And then we got a picture of the Bears doing some reading:

However, the real kicker? An hour after the Bears updated, Harry tweeted this

From Hozier’s Cherry Wine, the lyrics reading in full:

“And it’s worth it, it’s divine
I have this some of the time.”

WELL. Hi, RBB. Hard to get clearer than that! BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! Want to know what was recorded within hours of this happening?

To which Harry replied, and I quote, I believe it’s a bear that was thrown onstage at one of our shows and the crew kept it and they taped it to the scaffolding. I believe that’s what the rainbow bear is… [Int: So, it’s like a mascot for the crew now?] I believe so, yeah. I think that’s what that is.”. 

On the day they were going to do a “denial” (where everyone conspicuously turned to look at Louis, but anywayy), Harry threw a big spotlight on who was really behind the Bears for anyone paying attention. We get it, Harry. You want to make sure you both get credit for the fuzziest, gayest, most wonderfully ludicrous and entirely brilliant loophole every utilized. They’re so proud of this rainbow black ops venture of theirs, I swear.

Day 1

By the time December 1st had rolled around, Hogwarts had been hit full force by the Christmas spirit. Giant Christmas trees had magically appeared in the Great Hall, snow had blanketed the ground outside, and students had taken to conjuring small flames to keep themselves warm.

Sirius Black has awoken extra early on the morning of the 1st to put into motion the first phase of a plan he had been working on for the past couple of weeks. Sneaking around the castle with the aid of the Marauder’s Map, Sirius had been charming mistletoe to appear near any and all places he was sure Remus would be. What he did not take into account, how ever, was being trapped underneath with someone that wasn’t the honey eyed werewolf.

Distracted by his task, Sirius had not realized that one dot on the map had been nearing him, as he had also forgotten that the other inhabitants of the castle might also be up at five in the morning. 

Sirius had just finished conjuring some mistletoe for the Entrance Hall when a silky voice called out behind him.

“Black,” said Snape, eyeing the Gryffindor distrustfully. Startled, Sirius turned to face the Slytherin before offering a barely concealed sneer of his own. 

“Snivellus,” he responded curtly. “Why are you up so early? Have you finally decided to wash your hair and realized how long it would take?”

“Clever, Black, but I could be asking you the same question. You wouldn’t be… up to something, would you?”

“Why in the name of Merlin’s bloody tit do you care? Y’know, I’m starting to think you’re obsessed with me, Snivellus. Sorry to burst your bubble, but greasy bats aren’t really my type.”

“As self absorbed as always, I see. You know, Black, not everything is about you.”

“No, but it should be. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have more important things to attend to then buggering your sorry arse.”

As Sirius moved to walk away, he was repelled back by an invisible force. Confused, he moved to walk away once more, and once again he was prevented by doing so. Annoyed, he whipped out his wand and turned on his unwelcome guest.

“What the hell do you want, Snivellus? Just let me leave,” Sirius growled as he pointed his wand at the Slytherin. Surprisingly, Snape was not looking at him but above him, with a barely concealed expression of horror. Rolling his eyes, Sirius looked up as well and felt himself instantly pale. 

“Merlin, what have I done.”

Remus Lupin had woken up at his usual time that morning, and had been left somewhat confused by the lack of Sirius in the dorm. Usually the two would wake up at around the same time, and Sirius would slowly drag himself to the bathroom and start getting ready for the day.

Slightly worried for the grey eyed boy, Remus went ahead with his daily routine. He woke up Peter and (due to Sirius’s absence) woke up James as well. Unlike Sirius, however, Remus woke James up with a hard shove instead of a pillow to the face. Once properly dressed and such, Remus grabbed his books and left for the Great Hall, hoping to spot his missing roommate along the way.

His wish came true. As soon as he rounded the corner to the Entrance Hall, Remus stopped abruptly at the sight before him.

Sirius and Snape were standing at opposite ends of the Entrance Hall, glaring heatedly at each other. Both wands were out as the two disheveled boys yelled insults at each other. It wasn’t long before they realized that they were no longer alone.

“MOONY!” Sirius yelled as he spotted him, grinning widely as if he had just seen the sun for the first time. Remus wondered what had happened in order to warrant such a response.

“Hullo, Padfoot.” Remus greeted warily, eyeing the Slytherin guardedly. 

“Oh, Moony, thank Merlin you’re here!” Sirius wailed dramatically. “I’ve just spent three hours trapped in this bloody hall with Snivellus! SNIVELLUS! Oh, it was horrible, Rem!”

“At last, something Black and I can agree on.”

“Bugger off!”

“Yes, as if I had chosen to spend three hours in your godforsaken presence.”

Remus hastily placed a hand on Sirius’s shoulder before the shorter boy could respond. 

“Sirius, what did you do?” sighed the werewolf.

“WHAT? Why do you assume it was me?!”


“Alright, okay, so maybe this was my fault, but-”

“Pads, what did you do?”

At this, Sirius turned a pale shade of pink, and suddenly diverted his eyes away from the taller boy as he mumbled something under his breath.

“I didn’t quite catch that, what exactly did you do?” 

“I said… I charmed some mistletoe to appear in the Entrance Hall.”

Remus spotted the small harmless plant, and looking back down at the two boys in front of him, the werewolf began to howl with laughter. 

“W-Why did you think charming mistletoe to appear was a good idea, Pads?”

“Because…” Sirius mumbled, staring intently at the wall behind him. “I, um… IwashopingIdbetrappedwithyou.”

Remus stopped laughing as Sirius’s words sunk in. He looked up at the suddenly shy boy in front of him, his heart beating loudly in his chest as heat began to rise to his cheeks.


Embarrassed, Sirius cleared his throat before beginning again. “I said, that I had hoped it would be yo-”

Before he was able to finish his sentence, Sirius felt a pair of lips crash onto his. It took him a minute to realize he was being kissed, and not just by anyone, too. He was being kissed by Remus. Remus Lupin was kissing him.

He smiled against the other boy’s lips and threw his arms around his neck. As Remus’s hands gripped his waist, all he heard was “Bloody Gryffindors.” 


Mod Christmas Calendar, December 1st.

I almost forgot to even post this because of my worn-out-status after work, but luckily i remembered! So i’m starting off the calendar by releasing the hair i created solely for my own OC that i never had time to actually create after completing her hair. I hope you like it!

Notes about the hair is in the description on the mod page.

You can find the mod here.

Lazy Mornings ~ A Shinra One Shot

So I received a request from the cutest, shy anon for a Shinra one shot and I thought, what better way to start off a month of posts every day to celebrate December, than with some fluff! 

Time for some fluff with the adorable Oni!

It was early when the sunlight began to stream in through Sarina’s room on a quiet winters morning.
Stirring lightly, Shinra stretched a little when he felt the gentle warmth of the woman in his arms. Nestling his face in Sarina’s neck, he could hear her sigh in contentment as he did so.
It would have been criminal to wake her up as she slept so soundly, and for once, there was no one to disturb them.
After receiving a call to return to the Mononoke village, the other Clan Heads had taken it upon themselves to go and handle the duties required of them.
For Shinra; however, he saw their departure as an opportunity to remain in the human world.
After all, it was so rare for Shinra to have Sarina all to himself.
Feeling Sarina shift slightly in his arms, Shinra placed a soft kiss on her temple as her eyes flitted open.
'Morning,’ he responded with a kind smile.
'You should have woken me…’ Sarina began, though Shinra shook his head in disagreement.
'I haven’t been awake that long. Besides, you make funny faces when you sleep,’ he teased.
Smacking his chest lightly, Sarina turned away from him, pouting. She was so easy to tease, but her reactions were too cute to resist it. He’d never stood a chance when it came to her…
Leaning in, Shinra pulled her back against his chest and buried his face in the nape of her neck.
'Mm…Shinra, get off!’ Sarina grumbled, trying and failing to stay mad at him.
Nibbling lightly at the mark on her neck, Shinra could feel the warmth that coursed through his body, just from her mere presence.
How many times had he thought of her? How many times had he wished that he could see what she looked like in the years that passed since they were children.
Even when they first met again; after all that time, Shinra had struggled to contain himself.
Sarina was so beautiful. More so than he could have ever imagined.
Yet he was so afraid.
He had loved her for so long and she had become the source of attention to four other clan heads. Four powerful men with qualities that would make each of them a good partner.
But none of them could love her like he could.
In spite of it all and the fact that Sarina hadn’t recognised him as her childhood friend, Sarina still chose him.
'Hey…what’s wrong?’
As Sarina’s loving voice brought him back to the present, Shinra found Sarina watching him, her eyes curious as she reached up and touched the side of his face.
'N-Nothin’…just thinking that I’m glad you chose me…’
Regarding him with surprise, Sarina soon offered him a contented smile as she rested her forehead against his.
'Me too…’
'What time is it?’
'Still pretty early…we can stay in bed a little longer. Plus you don’t have work, right?’
'Yeah, it’s my day off today…’
'Maybe we could go out for a date then,’ Shinra suggested, looking a little embarrassed as a bright smile graced her lips.
'I’d love too…’
'If only it could be like this more often…’ Shinra mused.
'It is nice…just the two of us. But the others…they’re like family. They’re our family,’ Sarina responded, smiling warmly as Shinra admired her outlook on their life together.
'I’ll make you breakfast,’ Sarina decided, getting up out of bed despite Shinra’s protests.
Putting on a simple silk dressing gown, Sarina had gone into the kitchen and began making some breakfast, though she found herself distracted when a pair of strong arms slipped around her waist.
'Smells good,’ Shinra grinned, trying to steal a piece when Sarina swatted his hand away.
'It’ll be ready soon! You don’t pester Samon like this,’ Sarina chided, though Shinra just rolled his eyes.
'Samon is a lot scarier and besides, standing in here looking like you do, how could you possibly think I’d resist this,’ he smiled, kissing your neck before nibbling lightly on your earlobe.
'We could skip breakfast…’
'No…’ Sarina responded, though she sounded somewhat flustered, making the Oni feel even more in the mood for teasing her.
'It’s your own fault for lookin’ so sexy,’ he murmured.
'My hairs a mess, I’m wearing no make-up and I’m not even dressed yet.’
'None of that makes a difference, you’re beautiful however you look,’ Shinra argued, making Sarina blush, though her heart welled with happiness at his words.
Finally leaving her be; Shinra went and waited for her in the living room, only standing again to help her bring the plates in as they sat together and enjoyed a peaceful breakfast together.
As a part of their morning, with the other clan heads gone and not around to tease them, Shinra suggested they take a shower together. Though he had been both excited and surprised when Sarina agreed, albeit with a deep blush touching her features.
Shinra couldn’t remember a more relaxing morning.
Heaving a sigh at the thought of the other Clan Heads coming home, Shinra missed the warmth in Sarina’s eyes as she nestled herself back in his arms while looking up from where her head was buried in his chest.
'They aren’t back yet…and we could always take a trip away for a few days. I have some holiday time at the library to use.’
Seeing the blush that touched his cheeks as Shinra realised you were trying to cheer him up, Sarina couldn’t help but giggle.
'Stop bein’ so damn cute,’ he muttered, pulling Sarina up to meet his lips in a warm kiss as he ran his hands through her soft hair.
Leading her through into the bathroom, Sarina had waited until it had steamed up before finally removing her robe and joining him.
She was always so self-conscious despite Shinra’s constant reassurance that she didn’t have to hide herself away.
'I love every inch of you,’ he breathed, his voice warm in her ear as she bit her lip, feeling a well of desire for the Oni before her.
'Shinra…’ she muttered, feeling the warmth of the water cascading down her back as Shinra captured her lips with his own, his hands tangling in her hair as the distance between them was reduced to nothing…
'I love you…I love you so much…’
Hearing his expressions of love between kisses, you only felt your passion for him grow stronger as you held onto him tightly.
'I love you too Shinra…’
There was nothing that could compare to the joy of that lazy winter’s morning…

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