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NARTI WEEK 2017 (NOV 26-DEC 3!)

Hello, Voltron Fandom! So, here it is: In light of the events that took place in season 4 of Voltron, we are running an event week solely to honor, love on, and remember one of our favorite Galra generals. This week is run by two admins: @factorysaltedpeanuts​​ and @justklance​​, so if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us, and we’ll be more than happy to answer you!

So, with no further ado, we present to you: Narti Week 2017!


  • DAY 1 (November 26th):
    Game Day or Ladies Night
  • DAY 2 (November 27th):
    Colors or Fashion
  • DAY 3 (November 28th):
    Memories or Kova
  • DAY 4 (November 29th):
    Seasons or Holidays
  • DAY 5 (November 30th):
    Personal Identity or Place in the Empire
  • DAY 6 (December 1st):
    Human!Generals or AU
  • DAY 7 (December 2nd):
    Rest in Peace or Rebirth
  • DAY 8 (December 3rd):
    Bonus Day! Anything you like!


  • No NSFW or Gore. This week is supposed to have a lighter theme.
  • You don’t have to stick to the prompts/days. Feel free to do them in any order you wish. The prompts are simply provided as guides.
  • We will be accepting/reblogging submissions for two weeks after the event, so don’t worry if you’re a bit late.
  • No hate. If you don’t like the content another person has created, simply ignore it and move on.
  • Use the tag #nartiweek2017 in the first 5 tags, so we, or anyone else, can find your work. If you’re worried we won’t see it, you may also @ the blog!
  • You can do art, fics, gifsets, poems, drabbles, videos, edits, cosplays, ANYTHING as long as you made it either all on your own or only from your work AND official art (ie: a screencap edit, an AMV, etc)
  • Any stolen fan art/fic etc from other voltron fans will be reported.
  • You can participate in any amount of the 8 days that you want, and you can also submit multiple posts for the same day, if you make multiple works for those prompts!
  • Try to spread this around as much as you can and we encourage all skill levels to participate!
  • Finally, HAVE FUN!! We hope everyone enjoys Narti Week! :D

If you have any other questions, feel free to send us an ask!


Is this your first fandom week? No problem! Here is the quick run down! You upload your posts on the proper day above, tagged as instructed and it will be reblogged to this account to be shared with everyone else who shares a love for Narti or wants to be a part of the event! This isn’t a ship focused week, but shippy works are still allowed as long as they involve Narti, have Narti as the focus and still fit the prompt for that day! And again, all skill levels and post types are welcome!

…and that’s a wrap! We look forward to seeing your entries!

-JusKla and Wyatt

달/월 Months
To name a month, place the number of the month using sino-korean numbers before ‘월’ or native Korean before ‘달’

일월 January
이월 February
삼월 March
사월 April
오월 May
유월 (NOT 육월) June
칠월 July
팔월 August
구월 September
시월 (NOT 십월) October
십일월 November
십이월 December

날 Days
일일 1st
이일 2nd
삼일 3rd

매일 every day
오늘 today
어제 yesterday
내일 tomorrow
내일 모래 day after tomorrow
엊그제 a couple days ago
그저께 the day before yesterday

주 week

일요일 Sunday
월요일 Monday
화요일 Tuesday
수요일 Wednesday
목요일 Thursday
금요일 Friday
토요일 Saturday

이번주 this week
지난주 last week
(지지난주 the week before last)
다음주 next week
(다다음주 the week after next)
매주 every week
주말 weekends
평일 weekdays

년/해 Years
Using sino-Korean before 년 and native Korean before 해.

이천십오년 2015

Time 시간
시 hour when telling time
Native Korean numbers are used before 시.
한시 1
두시 2
세시 3
네시 4
다섯시 5
여섯시 6
일곱시 7
여덟시 8
아홉시 9
열시 10
열한시 11
열두시 12

Sino Korean numbers are used with minutes 분 and seconds 초.
Ex: 지금은 오전 열시 오십팔분입니다
It’s 10:58AM right now.
두초 Two seconds

오전 morning AM
오후 afternoon PM
새벽 dawn
밤 night
아침 morning
자정 midnight
정오 noon

겨울 winter
봄 spring
여름 summer
가을 fall/autumn


Recs-mas 2017 - you in?

The last two years, in December, I’ve run a book challenge called Recs-mas where people were encouraged to recommend a book each day from December 1st until Christmas Eve on December 24th (more info here)

I’m writing this post to see if people are interested in doing it again this year. If you are, just like, reblog or reply to this post and, if people are interested, I can start making preparations.

Let me know ^.^ -Em

  • German Fact #113 - German Calendar
  • December 24th: Heiligabend (literally "Holy Eve") - Germans celebrate Christmas
  • December 25th: 1. Weihnachtsfeiertag (1st Christmas Day) - Germans celebrate Christmas again...with ... other people... probably
  • December 26th: 2. Weihnachtsfeiertag (2nd Christmas Day) - Germans have a second Christmas Day, used for...digesting... or celebrating some more

Announcing the first official KamiJirou week! This is a week dedicated to the Boku no Hero Academia pairing, Jirou Kyouka/Kaminari Denki!

The week will be held on…

December 1st - December 7th 2017

To participate, you can use one of the prompts, both of the prompts, or neither of them (you do not have to follow the prompts in order to take part, though it is recommended)!

Day 1. [December 1st] > Malfunction⚡️Music

Day 2. [December 2nd] > Memories⚡️Enemies

Day 3. [December 3rd] > Caught⚡️Spark

Day 4. [December 4th] > Change⚡️Alternate Universe

Day 5. [December 5th] > Quirk⚡️Future

Day 6. [December 6th] > Family⚡️Reunited

Day 7. [December 7th] > Loss⚡️Attachment⚡️Free Day

Notes: Any of the prompts can be in an alternate universe setting, but the Day 4 prompt “Alternate Universe” is specifically designed for an AU. The Day 7 prompt “Free Day” is when you can do whatever you’d like. These prompts don’t have be romantic, either! Platonic kamijirou is also perfectly acceptable (and encouraged)!

What is accepted: fanart, fanfiction, gifs/graphics, edits, colorings, cosplay, AMVs, headcanons, etc. (literally anything goes as long it’s your own creation)!


  • You may only submit your own original work.
  • Make sure to have ‘kamijirouweek’ as one of the first five tags on your post, and if possible, mention this blog title in your description.
  • Completing all seven days is not required!
  • Make sure to provide credit for your edits. (This includes manga colorings, gifs/graphics, edits, etc.)
  • Reposts are absolutely not allowed.
  • Have fun!

Please do not hesitate to ask any further questions! Thank you, and we hope you decide to participate!

Hello, and welcome to the first ever 2B9S week, hosted by myself, Irri, (@invaldalia) and the lovely Lumi, (@lumicakes). This is a week by 2B9S fans, for fans young and old, artists, cosplayers, authors and more!

What is 2B9S week?

A full week in early December dedicated to the ship 2B9S. Each day, participants will submit a piece that corresponds with the daily theme to the week through the use of tumblr’s tag system. At the end of the day, the participants and their works will be listed and reblogged for archiving.

When does it start?

It begins December 1st and ends December 7th.

Are there any rules?

Not many!
1. Please be polite to everyone participating. We’re all fans of the same thing! Let’s keep it civil.

2. If you miss a day but still want to submit, you can! Just message us and we’ll help you out.

3. For the sake of brevity, all fics need to be placed under a “read more” link. If you’re on mobile, you’ll need to access tumblr on your browser and add the link into your text from the desktop version.

Is NSFW allowed?

We know how these fandom is huehue and lewds are always great! However not everyone wants to see them, so all mature content needs to be tagged as #NSFW2B9SWeek and if you feel it’s really smutty, maybe a read more link.

Do I need to do all the days?

Nope! You can do all of them or just two! This is no pressure fun!

How do I join?

Tag your piece with #2B9SWeek2017 and the corresponding day tag, (i.e, for day 6, you would tag your piece as #LunarTears2B9Sweek) this makes it easier for us to find your work.

Can I do anything?

You can do whatever you feel like! Genderbends, role reversal, AU, anything you want and for whatever day you’d like. You’re not stuck into doing one thing if you don’t feel like it.

(Mod irri likes genderbends cough cough you know, earn her favor)


Day 1 -  Protection (December 1st)

Day 2 -  Kiss (December 2nd)

Day 3 – kemonomimi (animal ears and animal tails)/fairy tale/sinoalice (December 3rd)

Day 4 - T-shirt Date/T-Shirts (December 4th)

Day 5 – Modern (Human) AU (December 5th)

Day 6 -  Lunar Tears (December 6th)

Day 7 –Restart (9/05 and 9/19 the days when 2B and 9S wake up after the game) (December 7th)

Finale pt 1 - Thank you post and final collection (December 8th)

Finale pt 2 - Final participation list posted (December 10th)

Thank you and welcome to the week!

Originally posted by atrushb

It’s a bit late since I said I’d have this done by Odaiba Day, but here’s the update! For those people who have never seen this, this is a list of all blogs in the Digimon fandom broken down into different categories. It’s a good way to find new blogs to follow. To the best of my knowledge, all blogs on this list are SFW and do not post stolen content. If you want added, message me. If you think a blog is missing or in the wrong place, message me. And if you know any blogs and dates for the ship weeks or other event weeks, please let me know because I only have a very small list of the events held by the fandom throughout the year. Hope this helps people find some new blogs to follow! And if you have any questions, feel free to message me! Click the Read More for the full list!

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So @biklance​ and I like to yell about Voltron Christmas hcs…

  • So. Christmas with the all the paladins together.
  • Everyone had to explain what Christmas was to Allura and Coran who were confused and slightly terrified by the idea that a fat man comes down your chimney to give you suspicious gifts from the unknown.
  • Hunk dresses up as Santa. Lance gets really excited and is the first to sit in his lap.
  • Hunk starts choking on the white fluffy beard he has to wear.
  • They all force Keith to wear a red nose and pretend to be Rudolph because, “He’s the red paladin. It makes sense.”
  • Everyone wanted Pidge to be the elf. She flat out refused. Lance dresses as an elf instead and he gets really into it. He’s Santa’s helper how could he not be excited?!?!
  • Allura and Coran fall in love with Christmas traditions. They love decorating and they love the Christmas food and the festive mood.
  • Because of ^ they go really overboard with decorating the castle. Allura puts mistletoe e v e r y w h e r e. And anybody and I mean anybody caught under that plant will be forced to kiss by a very excited, sparkly-eyed Allura.
  • Lance tries to catch Keith under the mistletoe every goddamn chance he gets. He finally manages to do it and gets punched in the face by a flustered/angry Keith.
  • Shiro walks into the castle’s bathroom and finds garlands wrapped around the toilet. Then when he goes to shower, he finds a full-on Christmas tree in the shower. I told you Allura gets really excited.
  • There’s probably a Christmas tree in every frickin room. Shiro is utterly confused. They’re in space?? Where did the trees come from Allura h o w
  • Coran turns out to be the best. gift wrapper. ever.
  • Lance is the one running around belting “All I Want For Christmas Is You” at the top of his lungs. Hunk is his backup singer. Everyone gets serenaded. E v e r y o n e.
  • Pidge wears a reindeer antler headband every day, starting December 1st all the way until Christmas Day.
  • Hunk cooks the meal for Christmas Day. Everyone swears they saw a bit of heaven after finishing their food.
Young Justice Secret Santa!!!

Hey guys!!! So basically this is a young justice secret santa exchange where you create amazing art/fanfics for someone and you receive one as a gift as well!! sign up here by November 20th and follow this schedule:

sign up closes: November 20th 11:59pm

assignments given out: December 1st at the latest

last day to drop out is December 8th so the pinch hitters can work their magic

everything must be posted between December 20-25

thanks so much for joining I’m so excited!!!!!!

If you have any questions let me know!

****UPDATE***** dates have changed

Here’s the prompts for the Ioryuu week 2017 (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤

Day 1: Monday, 27th November
-Good morning/night
-Pretty Boy Day*
Day 2: Tuesday, 28th November
-Sweet & Sour
Day 3: Wednesday, 29th November
-Childhood AU  
Day 4: Thursday, 30th November
-Shut Up and Dance with Me by Walk the Moon
Day 5: Friday, 1st December
-Winter Date 
Day 6: Saturday, 2nd December
Day 7: Sunday, 3rd December
-Free Day

If you have no idea what to do for Free day then we have some suggestion prompts

Suggestion prompts for the Free Day
University AU  
Monsters AU  
Time Traveller AU
Rockstar/Celebrity AU
Pirates AU
Last Christmas by Wham!
Bad Romance by Lady Gaga
Say it isn’t so by Hall&Oates
Somebody to Love by Queen
The Real Thing by Gwen Stefani

*Because 27th is pretty boy day so we decided to have it as a bonus prompt~

And remember have fun!! We are looking forward to seeing everyone’s work °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°


December 2nd - Loki Laufeyson

December 1st - Steve Rogers

30 day writing challenge.

A/N : Will be posting a whole bunch in one go, been busy and my computer lost all my fic’s so had to rewrite :’( Sorry.

Originally posted by stefy-dreisde

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Confessions : A Companion Piece (2/2)

Inspired by the work of @summermint. (X)

But what if Sonny receives on the very first day of each month, an email sent from an anonymous email account, containing a tiny confession from someone who loves him?

This is how it goes … and how Sonny feels about it.

1st January - Sonny sits behind his desk, anxious energy twisting and writhing low in his gut.  He squirms in his seat, mind reeling.  Work had piled up in the time he’d spent agonizing over his life choices and he does his best to at leasat make a dent.  Sometimes he forgets what he’s done.  He does paperwork and argues with Rollins for fun and the small gift box with the purple wrapping fades to the background.  For a minute.  Until he catches a glimpse of the receipt on his desk and the fear starts up again.

What if Barba knows?

What if he takes one look at his note and laughs?

Oh, God.  What if he calls Benson?

Sonny groans.

He’s a few seconds away from braining himself on his desk for his own stupidity - and to keep himself from ever having to face the consequences - when his computer chimes.  A happy, innocent sound that completely belies the nature of his existence at that moment.  An email.  He notices the unnamed sender and almost deletes it, imagining already a pitch for cheap designer sunglasses or Viagra, but the subject line stops him.

To my Sonny

He clicks the message open, hungry eyes scanning the few meager lines of text.  His heart jumps in his chest and he blinks.  First in confusion, then in joy, and then in something like abject terror.




What were the chances?

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