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DEAR 2016-2017   1/1 Concert Report

Hi this is @humming-yay translator of ryoosukeyamada fansub and I was fortunate enough to go to the DEAR 2016-2017 Tokyo Dome concert on the 1st on Jan the 12:00 afternoon one (it was my first time attending a Johnny’s concert!) :)

I’ll start off with buying the goods, I arrived in Tokyo 31st of December around 3pm and I planned to go to Tokyo Dome to buy the goods on the 31st around 7pm to just buy the goods so I don’t have to go there really early on the day of the concert and worry if I can line up and buy the goods on time before the concert. And also to scope the place out to figure out a meeting place with my friend. If you’ve been checking twitter you know how ridiculous the lines were that day it was like 8 hours long during the morning and midday. So I felt really unsure if I was able to buy them that day. I got to Tokyo Dome and there were many JE fans (Because of the countdown concert) There was a guy pointing out the end of the line so I went there and ended up only lining up for 30mins! (but the group poster was sold out) It was because it was during the DEAR concert so there weren’t as many people! So a tip is to line up for goods during the concert the day before :D After the DEAR concert ended (around 7:40) heaps of people came out of the dome and the line was super long again.

*** This part isn’t really related to the concert just personal experience so skip it if you want to ***

Also this was my first time going to a Johnny’s concert so I had no idea how the system worked to buy the goods. The staff were saying on their megaphones that it was divided into 3 sections. I was like what 3 sections??? Do you get your goods in one line and pay in the other?? I just started lining up and asked the girl in front of me who was holding some uchiwa’s ‘can you buy the goods here?’ (In Japanese ofc) She’s like ‘Yes, yes you can buy the goods here’ But by the tone of the voice she was making fun of me :( Afterwards I found out after asking mulitple staff that the goods were divided into 3 sections depending on the items, one section sold some of the DEAR goods, one section just sold the charater key rings and photos and one section sold the count down uchiwas. Obviously that girl knew about this since she was holding the uchiwa’s but didn’t bother telling me T.T

My friend (who’s been a JUMP fan for a long time and have attended a concert before) also said that Japanese JE fans have a bad vibe and I do agree :l When I went to Harajuku after the concert there were heaps of JUMP fans who also went to the concert and I overheard one say ‘Hey that’s the tobiko that pushed me at the concert’ Yeah idk why they’re so mean to each other D: (I’m just glad the international fandom is different)


Anyway the day of the concert came and I met up with my friend at McDonalds at 10:30 we chatted, made our way to the dome, took photos put the DEAR tattoos on and lined up to go in. The concert starts at 12:00 but you can go in from 10:00, we went in at like 11:40. Our seats were in the middle section of the stands. The concert started a bit after 12:00. The opening video went on and fans screamed when their bias was on, and then JUMP appeared on the main stage starting off singing ‘Masquerade’

The set list was:

1.       Masquearade

2.       Run de Boo

3.       Kimi attraction

4.       VIVA 9’s soul

5.       Come On A My House

6.       Sugirusetsuna (BEST)

7.       Ganbaretsgo- (7)

8.       Beat line

9.       Weekender

10.   Fantastic Time

11.   We are Otokonoko!

12.   Konya anata wo kudokimasu

13.   From

14.   Ai no shubiduba

15.   Magic Power

16.   Magi Sunshine


17.   My Girl

18.   Boku to Keito

19.   Chiku Taku

20.   Your Seed (Rock version)

21.   GIFT

22.   Mr Flawless


24.   Give Me Love

25.   Ride with me -2016-

26.   School Girl

27.   AinoArika

28.   Kira kira hikare

29.   Asu e no yell

30.   DEAR

31.   Baby I love you

32.   Chau#

33.   Aisureba motto happy life

In sugirusetsunasa the water works looked amazing and Inochan had his white hood up and looked so cute. Ganbaretsugo was one of the best parts of the concert because of their bunny costume!!!! It’s my favourite costume out of all JUMP costume’s so I’m so glad to be able to see it again and live!! And also they were holding bazookas, during the concert I had no idea what came out of them but I checked twitter later and they were little bunny plushies with their signtures on them!!

We are otokonoko was great too I love the song and they each had tamborines tapping each other on their butt and stuff, it was really cute. Konya anata wo kudokimasu was really funny, the animation playing on the main stage was really tacky and funny (like a women turning into a sponge etc) and Ino-chan hugged himself in the part were he sings ‘Dakishimeru~’ For Maji Sunshine they were on the trolleys going around the dome with gold sparkly confetti coming down and every one in the audience was dancing. Also there was a part were Yuto was holding a selfie-cam and all the JUMP members were in the shot and it looked really cute ><  Near the end Takaki sang impersonating Kimpachi sensei and then Dai-chan got forced to sing while impersonating him by the members and failed miserably. He felt embarrassed and posed at the end showing his fist with the DEAR tattoo on it and the camera took a close-up of him on the main screen.

Personally the really best part of the concert was the MC!! I was so surprised how good JUMP was talking in real life the conversation went on so smoothly and it was hilarious, it felt like I was watching one of their TV shows but better! They were teasing Hikaru about his dumbness, he coundn’t say the 9x9 timetable Yabu asked what’s 7x8 he answered 52 (not sure of exact numbers but something along those lines). He blamed School Kakumei for revealing his dumbness. Also there was a big yabuhika moment where they got into a fight and hika went to resolve it by going to kiss yabu but yabu rejected. Also yabu said he only slept for 2 hours and when he woke up his face was really bloated looking like Anpanman. Hika said during Fantastic Time in the part were Yabuhika crouch down on their knees Hika laughed so hard because Yabu’s face looked so different.

And then Chinen cutely suggested that if we all sucked in our breath at the same time facing upwards we might deflate the ceiling of the Tokyo dome and it might fall. And then dai-chan said ‘if it does fall please protect yourselves with ur uchiwa’ and Yabu was like ‘No we’ll go and protect them’ and the whole dome was like ‘Fuu~~’. The members were like wow Yabu you’ve changed this year and Dai-chan said, ‘Did you change to a new face?’ (え、顔変えたのかな?)following on from the Anpanman joke >< We sucked in our breath on the count of 3 2 1 and obviously nothing happened as they quickly pointed out. Then they went on to promote their upcoming movies. Dai-chan talked about ‘Kodomo Tsukai’ and Yuto talked about ‘BokuGoha’ and Yama talked about ‘HagaRen’. He said the poster was released on that day in the morning and he asked the audience who’s seen it already and a lot of people put their hand up (including me :)) The other members haven’t seen the posters yet so they asked Yama to recreate it and Yama made a weird-serious face and the others were like what?? He’s like I’m just standing and there’s my brother who’s really big behind me. Then Yuto went behind Yama to be Al from the movie and Yama ducked to his knees to become really small ><  Chinen promoted his movie ‘Shinobi no kuni’ and it was Inoo’s turn to promote his and Hika was like ‘Momo onna’ (peach girl in Japanese) and Inoo was like yes peach girl. He says he gets really embarrassed remembering the filming and all the kyun kyun stuff he did and Hika was like ‘yeah I wore really long hair and my heart was skipping’ Then everyone realised he was talking about cross-dressing as Yamamoto Mizuki and Hika was like ‘I’m actually dressed up as a boy now’ Then Yuto said ‘You got addicted to it (dressing up as Yamamoto Mizuki) after Itajyan’ They also talked about the count down concert and Keito singing with his Dad, they were like you copied your Dad with tying you hair up or your dad copied you :P

The MC ended and they went back to singing starting off with ‘My Girl’, Ariyama’s dancing and singing was beautiful. For ChikuTaku it started off with the spotlight on Inoo and he played a beautiful piano solo and then the spotlight went to Yama and he sang his solo beautifully then to Yabu. Then all the lights came on and the whole JUMP band joined and played. For ‘Your Seed’ the JUMP band also played and it was a new rock version and Dai-chan was rapping and it sounded so unfamiliar to the original song I had no idea what he was saying but apparently when I checked twitter it’s completely new (not 100% sure on this info) There was fire blasting during the song and you could really feel the heat from it even from the seats! For Mr Flawless they came on the trolleys and were saying ‘who will it be tonight?’ I had no idea what they were talking about and then Yabu was like STOP and they went off their trolleys and they each gave a bouquet of roses to a fan. One of the fans had a uchiwa that said Dear Yabu… something something (didn’t have time to read it all but it was some message to him) and yabu gave the bouqet to her. Yuto gave it to a girl holding his uchiwa and Takaki threw it backwards to the audience wedding style. (The girls were really vicious in fighting and getting the bouquet). During school girl the members linked hands to make a circle except for Yama who was in the middle and covered his eyed with his hands. The members skipped around him in time with the song and Yama had to guess at the end who was behind him. He said ‘Yabu!’ but it was actually Yuto behind him J Yama covering his eyes looked really cute and the other members happily going around in circles looked really cute too >< They ended the concert with DEAR and afterwards Yama leaded saying their thank you’s and that JUMP’s New Year’s Resolution will be to become very close to thier fans. (Pls do esp for us int fans ><) Hika yelled at the end 9x9 is 81! The members were like wow you remembered one thing right. :P

After they went back backstage the fans calling for an encore started. This was a real struggle. Half the people were saying Jump! Jump! And the other half were saying Encore! Encore! My friend and I really didn’t know which one to say and it was a mess but Jump quickly came back on again on the trolley with thier con t-shirts and sang Baby I Love You. Afterwards in Aisureba Motto the part were they sing ‘Gyu gyu gyu~’ Dai-chan was squeezing Ino-chan’s butt :P Also they threw sign balls during the encore. At the part were Yama asks for thier name and the audience says Hey! Say! JUMP the sparkly concert tape came out and everyone reached out thier hands to grab them, unfortunately if your at the back you can’t get them. The front bit of my section were able to get tape but I didn’t get any bc I was in the middle ^^; But after I went out of the dome I saw two fans holding out signs that said ‘Please share some tape’ So if your really desperate to get some prepare a sign or bring a notebook to write ‘銀テープください’ (please give me sparkly tape)

Overall thoughts:

- JUMP in real life was exactly the same as they seem on TV :)

- the concert was different from what I expected, it was during the day so the dome was really bright since the ceiling has holes and the scenery was not what I was used to seeing in DVDs since it wasn’t dark. (I thought there would be some way to make it dark but apparently not lol JUMP talked about it during the MC).

-  They’re member ai is so strong and they’re so cute, from a far they looked like girls!

-  The concert feels like a dream I can’t believe I got to see them in real life and realise that they’re actually real and human!

-  The concert was really fun I want to say thank you so much to Hey! Say! JUMP for the great time and the hard effort they put in.

If you have any other questions feel free to ask me and I will try to answer them as best as possible! Sorry my con report isn’t as detailed I’m writing this on the 5th of Jan after I came back from Japan since I was really busy ^^; Here are more photos I took :) 

The Give Me Love tunnel!

I saw a lot of fans have these colourful clear bags (you can buy these from WEGO) and put thier bias’s shop photos, pictures of members with snapchat/snow filters and other little pieces relating to the member :) I thought was a really cute and smart idea :D Also heaps of fans had cute ribbons in thier hair and the colour of the ribbon corresponding to thier bias :)

One final tip is that there is a certain size limit for uchiwas! it has to be less than 28.5 x 29.5 cm, there is a size fitting thing at the ticket place to check if your uchiwa isnt too big. Also this is not an offical rule but around je fans it’s accepted that you can’t use holo paper/sticker on your ucihwa, apparently they reflect really strongly on other people (namely the idols) eyes.


170513 K-Stage O 1st concent in Tokyo | gomafufu


KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! I’M SO HAPPYYYYYYY! Last Thursday, I went to Mid Valley and went in Rock Corner. Guess what I found?! Well, obviously the tittle gave away your guess :I BUT THAT’S NOT IMPORTANT!! I’m happy, really, but when I watched all of it, I noticed, they didn’t put the solo acts and when they played with balls (No, not that kinda balls. Perverts.) I’m dissapointed on that fact. But other than that, I LOVE IT! It’s in full HD. I really wished that they put the acts :( Hehe, who knows. When I play it again, the solos are suddenly there. Did that make sense? Mehh, whatever. Just wanted to post this :)))))))