1st blunt

astro interpretations ☾☾☼ 04.06

sun in virgo in the 10th house- vital energies focused on gaining recognition and having one’s skills and efforts acknowledged. Personal expression is closely related to what’s been accomplished, and how much appraisal you get

sun in pisces in the 6th house- serving others & being useful, but you give too much. applying your creativity practically, which translates into crafting abilities. personal expression connected to (artistic) production 

moon in aries in the 12th house- absorbing the emotional energies of others, so there’s a lack of emotional identity but keen intuition. self-protection impulses but your true intentions are clouded, unknown. defensive nature

mercury in sagittarius in the 1st house- bluntness and curiosity. mental energy is focused on expressing the self, and communicating what the native has learned…which translates into teaching/guiding abilities

venus in gemini in the 12th house- simply put, you don’t know what you want. your cravings are ever changing, and seems like you never really know why you need these things. you tend towards secret romances, affairs and hobbies

venus in aries in the 8th house- passion is a big thing here, you desire thrilling and meaningful bonds, the joy of living lies in how soulful your experiences are. you’re drawn to mysterious and unpredictable types

chiron in scorpio in the 1st house- self understanding wound, as you will never really know the real you, or how to express yourself. how you view yourself brings pain, and you need to really get to the bottom of problems before moving on