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It Only Takes One Time (Part 44-ENDING)

honestly I don’t want to write something super long bc I’ll cry but thank you so much for this adventure with this fic, it’s been moist you guys. 

also PSA it’s not edited so…

Warnings: swearing

Part 43

It was Monday.

Today, was the day.

The day where I was completely ready to implode and fill up with the drama that would surround me and corrupt each and every cell.

Today was the day where Dan was finally going to end his relationship with his horrid fiancé, Marie.

Now, it may sound completely terrible when I mention how it brings me joy to see this relationship crash and burn, but the past year of my life has been a pain in my ass.

Accidental pregnancy, mixed with unintentional love can fuck with you tremendously especially when it was not something I was exactly prepared for.

If someone would have told me two years ago that this would happen to me, I don’t think I would’ve believed them. It was too unrealistic for me because before I became a mother-I didn’t understand how dense things were able to become.

“You nervous?” Dan whispered to me, scratching the back of his neck as I sat on the couch, holding my legs to my chest. Phil had taken Liam out for the day just so he could avoid hearing any conflict. Marie was basically sociopath so I wasn’t interested in her acting out around the baby.

“Nervous? Why would I be nervous?” I raised an eyebrow and looked up at him, where he sat next to me with his arm wrapped around my shoulders.

“I don’t know,” He closed his eyes and sighed. “I’m guessing it’s because I’m nervous? This is a lot for me and I’m scared I’ll say the wrong thing.”

“You’ll be fine.” I nodded. “I’ll be here to help you…” Just as I spoke, the doorbell rung and that startled both of us. The last time I saw Dan so anxious was when Liam was being born, and he was so frigid and basically shook as he realized what was happening.

“I’ll get it.” Dan got up quickly and went out of the living room. I remained where I was, mentally giving myself a pep talk to make sure I wouldn’t let her get in my head. This had to be done as quickly and maturely as possible because it was over. She needed to leave.

Dan said that he would be fine on his own to handle the situation, but frankly I wanted to be hear. After hearing what he said she did to him, I wanted to be here to turn her the fuck down if she tried anything stupid with him.

They both awkwardly entered the lounge. Well, Dan was awkward. Marie looked like her usual ‘confident’ self, but that was going to change very soon.

“Are all three of us are wedding planning? Wonderful.”  Marie smirked, sitting adjacent to Dan on one of the other couches across the room. Dan and I exchanged glances before he inhaled a sharp breath.

“Not quite… I’m just gonna say it so… Marie, I’m breaking up with you.” Dan messed with his hair and then wrapped his hands around his knee. He was feeling really tense now and he was in the state of mind where he didn’t know what to do with his hands.

“What do you mean?” Marie’s jaw dropped down so far it could read her toes. It was slightly satisfying but as I was in preparation of what was coming next, I felt bad for her.

“I mean that this relationship is over…” Dan mumbled, looking down. “It’s been over for awhile… to be honest, I didn’t even know that it started at the time.” I was in a bit of an awkward situation as I wasn’t sure if I could say anything yet. Not until he introduced our relationship.

“But… what? What is happening?” Marie was in denial. There wasn’t much that could be done for her in terms of helping her cope with this, but making her understand (or just barely understand) had to be done.

“You and I aren’t together anymo-“ Dan began, but was cut off.

“Yes, I’m not fucking stupid, Dan. I know what the fuck it means to be broken up with. Why the hell is the actual reason? We’ve been together for so long. We’re engaged! I just booked an appointment to shop for my dress-I can’t believe this.” Marie buried her face in her hands right after she finished. Dan and I exchanged another glance. He looked so distressed and looked oddly pale. He gave me pleading eyes to help him continue on, so he could officially get through this once and for all.

“Marie, you need to calm down. It’s over. He isn’t committed to you, and it’s better to do this now than later when you’re about to walk down to aisle just to not have your groom standing there.” I bit my lip.

Marie slowly looked up and shook her head, removing her blonde hair out of her face.

“I get it, you two are together now.” She stood up. “So fucking incredible! Even after all the shit you two have said and done to each other you still managed to get together? What’s that about? I thought you actually wanted to be with me for so long-I can’t believe this…” She put her fingers in her hair and slightly pulled at the strands.

“I don’t know what more you could have expected from me… I tried really hard and I prioritized our toxic relationship half the time, over my living and breathing son. You’ve been really horrible for me and I-I can’t do it anymore. I don’t want you. I don’t love you, hell I don’t even like you. You twisted so many things around and fucked me up to the point where none of my family or friends could look at me the same.” Dan reached and took my hand in his, squeezing it slightly. “You should go now, Marie.

She stiffened and for a split second I expected her to pick something up and throw it at Dan’s head, but she didn’t. Instead; she started crying.

“I hate you! I hate you!” She sobbed, her voice shaking rapidly. “I fucked up and I don’t know what to do. When we met I was so convinced that you actually liked me but when you didn’t, it was too late. I was so convinced it could work and when Y/N came into the picture it scared me. You were so close to being real and I-I acted out. I wanted to see if I could find something that helped my shitty ass life be a little better.”

Seeing her cry the first time filled me up with guilt as the was when she was begging me to quote on quote “not take him away from him”, him being Dan. The second time, I didn’t feel guilty but I felt sympathetic. I would never know whether or not she ever genuinely loved Dan, as she gave mixed signals when they were together but even if she did, I could understand that feeling of losing him.

Dan was a joyful person who generally could make anyone smile or feel better about themselves. I adored that aspect of him and to think that she really hadn’t appreciated that he was kind and so aware of other peoples problems made me feel upset. Even though that after all this time I had only focused on how I felt about the romance situation I came now to the conclusion that Dan was only with Marie because he thought she was the best he could get.

“You treated him terribly and you treated the rest of us terribly. You have no reason to be crying over someone you didn’t even try hard enough to succeed in a relationship. You can’t push feelings on to somebody so vastly and expect results in a short amount of time, love doesn’t work that way.” Dan squeezed my hand once more, before getting up and standing in front of Marie and holding his hand out.

“Shake my hand.” He nodded slowly. “Then go.”

“Why the fuck would I shake your hand after you both trashed me?” Marie wiped a tear away and sniffled.

“To have closure. We shake hands, and it is over. We will be finished and we can forget that this whole relationship ever happened. To be honest, it’s best that we forgive and forget.” Dan said in his usual hushed tone, still with his hand held out.

He stayed like that for a few minutes, just staring her down before she gave in and gripped his hand; shaking it very slightly.

Then, she left.

It was done.

“You did it.” I smiled, looking at Dan. He was staring at the door with a neutral look, leaving me with no idea of what he was thinking.

“Yeah.” He whispered back, not making any movements other than flinching when the door slammed.

“Do you regret it?” I mumbled out. I felt as if I should have maybe asked him another question first but I just couldn’t find in me. A curved tugged at the corners of Dan’s lips and he shook his head, finally turning his head to me.

“Never in a million years, Y/N.”



I was back at school once I needed to be. I was fortunate as I had so much help with everyone around me to be able and go back so soon after having a baby and it really made a difference.

I lived on my own, just around the corner from Dan and Phil’s apartment. It was still close to them, but it made it easier for me to be more independent and learn how to become responsible and skilled as a mother. Not to mention, it made exchanges over Liam with Dan way easy as I could walk up. Even if most nights Dan and I had sleepovers alternating between each others places anyways, that was fine.

Living alone also benefitted when Dan and I first started really becoming a couple, because it gave space to test the waters between us just in case something went wrong. So far, nothing really had. Of course, we argued here and there but that was the extent of our huge couple catastrophes.

Really, everyone had gone back to being on good terms with one another. Marie called a couple times just to ask how we were doing and to formally apologize for causing all the trouble. Although I don’t think I could ever fully forgive her, it was a nice way to start.

Phil and Stella started hanging out on their own time after having casual get togethers with friends and it seemed as if they were brewing up a little fling. In classic Phil fashion, he wouldn’t tell until it was official as it wasn’t anybodies business but theirs.

Currently, though, we were cleaning up after celebrating Liam’s 1st birthday. We invited all of our family members and friends to come and have some cake at Dan’s apartment. Liam managed to basically sleep through the whole thing besides when we cut the cake (which was a mess in itself). Everyone had just gone home after a night of laughs and drinking wine, which was wonderful. We were all in good spirits.

“You almost done on the dishes there?” I asked, entering the kitchen with a garbage bag whilst Dan was drying up the last plate.

“Yeah.” He nodded, setting it up in one of the cupboards and leaning against the counter to look at me. He had a grin on his face as he watched me set the bag next to the trash.

“Tonight was fun, right?” I sighed, loosening my hair from the ponytail it was in.

“It was. I can’t believe Liam’s one, though. It literally feels as if he was in your womb yesterday.” Dan blew some of his fringe curls out of his eyes and shrugged.

“Wish I could say the same. It’s been a year since I went through the most pain I will most likely ever feel.” I chuckled.

“It was worth it though.” Dan approached me, and scooped me up in his arms, kissing the top of my head.

“Definitely. I love him and you so much.” I stated, but it was muffled as I was pressed against his chest.

“I think since we’ve gotten together and we’re an actual family that this is the happiest I’ve ever been. I’ve kind of always really hated myself but now… I don’t know what I was thinking. I have a son and a fucking amazing girlfriend and I’m ecstatic. I could never wish for anything I’d treasure more than this.” Dan patted my back but then pulled away, smoothening out all the fly aways in my hair.

“I’m glad we met, Dan Howell.” I poked his nose. “You mean a lot to me.”

“You mean a lot to me. Even if whenever you make a statement directed at me, you use my first and last name.” He moved his hands to me hips and I shrugged.

“You love me and my little quirks, shut up.” I put my hands on his shoulders and smirked.

“I do, I do. How about we go and have a little mom and dad time now, though?” He wiggled his eyebrows at me and I laughed.

“You’re such an idiot. Do you think that’s what turns me on?”

“My eyebrows? Yeah.” He pressed his forehead against mine. I laughed once more and nodded.

“Let’s go then,”

That’s how it all went. We managed to stay together snd be happy about it. And I am able to say that I’m happy it only took one time.