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10 songs you've heard if you listened to Hardrock/Heavy Metal radio in 2006 (Whether you remember or not)

1. Bat Country (Avenged Sevenfold)
2. Scars (Papa Roach)
3. I Hate Everything About You (Three Days Grace)
4. B.Y.O.B (System Of A Down)
5. Happy? (Mudvayne)
6. Breath (Breaking Benjamin)
7. Stricken (Disturbed)
8. Moon Baby (Godsmack)
9. Duality (Slipknot)
10. Bring Me Back To Life (Evanescence)


Happy Scarlet Vision Appreciation Day!

There is a reason why I brought images from Uncanny Avengers #5. Most of you know our ship has a tragic history. But still Wanda and Vision are connected. That’s why I take them here. Firstly in Uncanny-Avengers Visioon is quite bitter about Wanda. He is lost. But at the end, when  he could be in society where he woulld be loved, where he could be happy - he chooses his team. And he chooses Wanda. She needs him - He stays.

Of course, MCU history differs and will be dfferent. But I love this ship in both universes.

And yes. We are family, dear shippers! I am happy to see you on board!

Parental Advice (Tony Stark X Daughter!Reader)

Characters: Tony Stark X Daughter!Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengers

Warnings: Teasing


Request: HiEEEE! I came across your blog and fell in love with very many of your stories! (one of them being feeling loved again and wheres nat and what is kindness). I had a request that somehow came to my insane fangirl over star trek and avengers and doctor who. I was wondering if you could do a request on it’s everyday life kinda for Tony and his 13, 14 year-old daughter. Tony goes on with his life as an Avenger and all and it’s getting harder on him with all the past memories of the 1st Avengers movie, almost loosing you in Iron Man 3, and the danger you get in during Age of Ultron(takes place before Civil War). Meanwhile, you’re struggling with your social life and it’s slowly dropping your grades bit by bit. You have had friends before, but you can’t keep one friend or group for longer than a month or two because they somehow drift off into the popular group of girls. So you become pretty lonely and your favorite place is the tower with the avengers (let’s pretend everyone lives in the tower, I like the tower better than the compound). And a lot of your social troubles is because you’re more mature than everyone else, and you get along with the team the best more than anyone you’ve ever known. Finally, one morning, you and Tony are both up early(like, 4 am) and you talk to each other about your troubles. Whooh! Sorry it was lengthy! Hopefully, there’s no pressure if your inbox full of requests.

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Tony loved you with all his heart. You were his world. His baby. If something happened to you he wouldn’t know if he could holding himself from killing the person who caused you harm. This kind of started after the Battle of New York and when fighting Ultron. Being his daughter, during New York, Loki nearly killed you in front of him in the tower, where you were hiding, and before the twins joined their sides, they targeted you, and seeing you crying and shaking, and being unable to help you from your mental distraught pained him. The twins might have sided with them in the end, but Tony kept you separate from Wanda until you were comfortable.

If someone harmed you, he’d hurt them ten times worse.

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avengers prefences book 1: his mom died


When he gotten the call that his parents were in a car crash. And died, you were there supporting him, holding him or hugging him. Listen to him as he cry and let it out, when the funural comes around. You hold his hand during whole thing, never leave his side


When friggia died, she died while proceting you aginst the dark elves. First you blame yourself, but thor told you it wasn’t your fault. That night the sky, was cover with lighting, that night you were both crying. You had grown close to friggia, next day was the furnal. It was the saddiest day of your life, thor held your hand within his hand. You support thor and he support you also during the furnal.


A messager was sent, you had gotten the message. That loki mother died, your heart had drop for loki. You went to find him, he was in a royal meeting, once you went. Inside, you dismissed the meeting, loki was confused at first. Than you told him, at first he was in shock. Than he slowly became from shock into panic attack. He sat on the ground started to cry, than you sat next to him, just hugged him. As he cry and let everything out, you just held him.

What she means: Kinda annoying how people keep saying the DCEU is a flop compared to Marvel. Especially when the the first 5 MCU movies only generated an okay response upon release and only really gained huge mainstream excitement when the 1st Avengers was released. The DCEU’s only has 3 movies released (as of just now) and they have been influenced by from Marvel’s missed opportunities with female led movies and poc characters taking centre stage. It’s been more daring in its risks and sure some have been misfires, but it’s still in its infancy and true fans of superheroes should be willing for both companies to succeed as that way we all get to enjoy better movies, instead of just trivialising it down to a dumb “DC vs Marvel” sports mentality.

What she says: I’m fine :)

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I honestly don't get why people dislike Lotor?? He hasn't officially appeared on the show?? We have no idea what he looks like or acts?? Didn't the creators say that they're trying to change some things up from the original show?? Like?? wtf you doing @fandom.

It’s just that he was a terrible person in Golion, tho he was a typical 80’s villain in Voltron. They don’t expect change, they do a quick google search and wham, problematic.

For some reason we aren’t allowed to like evil characters anymore. Man, imagine if the 1st Avengers movie came out today. Imagine the hate Loki would’ve gotten. Like, he’s a terrible person because he murders people, but that’s not why people love him, he’s entertaining to watch.

What’s strange to me is how antis really don’t want Lance to go through this character arc fans came up with. I’ve seen them be upset at the idea of someone using Lance’s insecurities to manipulate him. But, that is a thing that actually happens to people???

I feel it’s good to portray that in fiction so people in that type of situation can realize that they are being abused and it’s not their fault.

It bothers me that it seems antis don’t want Lance to get better at all, have they offered any alternative arcs or are they just hoping it can be skimmed over with some klance moments?(dont get ne wrong i like klance)

Like insecurities just don’t go away but facing them and learning to accept yourself is a step forward and I want to see the team see Lance as an equal rather than a class clown through an amazing and satisfying character arc.

Sorry I got off topic but I have adhd and autism and once ny mind starts going it doesnt stop.

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U know what bothers me? Th avengers didn't see the whole alien army in the 1st avenger movie. But tony did. He saw all of it. The avengers saw so l i t t l e of it compared to what tony saw. That's why tony risked his life bc he knew they couldn't win if the whole arm got to earth. And now no one will believe him about it and I'm :'(

y e a h………yeah

like it’s super hilarious because the avengers were definitely not winning the battle of new york until Someone Sent A Nuke and tony was like “ok well. i guess flinging this into a wormhole Along With Myself and dying is.. a thing i can do” and then that one nuke HAPPENED to take out not only the army on the other side of the wormhole, but also every alien already on the ground,,,,like steve is an incredible tactician he has seen war he’s won battles he should definitely know how fucked they were??? 

and yet marvel really wants me to believe that the only guy who saw what was waiting for them on the other side of that wormhole saying “yeah holy shit there was. a fuckton of other aliens on the other side of that thing…if that nuke hadn’t happened to kill them and all the aliens already on earth we would have for sure died” is a ridiculous and super unbelievable thing that absolutely none of the avengers would take seriously

and by “it’s super hilarious” i mean “it’s super fucking awful, fuck age of ultron, i’m going to launch myself into the sun”


Young Avengers Icons 

1st Row = Patriot (Elijah Bradley), Hawkeye II (Kate Bishop), 

2nd Row = Wiccan (Billy Kaplan), Speed (Tommy Shepherd), Hulkling (Teddy Altman),

3rd Row = Stature (Cassie Lang), Vision II and Iron Lad (Nathaniel Richards)

- - - - - -

Marvel Character Icons - Link

@acrossthetallgreenriver (and the enabler that is @owlgirl1998 ) I’ve yet to decide on an idea, there’s a prompt list and the - not taken - ideas I like are.


Peter has been sending Tony fanmail once a month ever since he was little. Since Tony makes a point of keeping all the mail he gets from kids, he eventually notices and starts getting invested in this kid’s life. He can’t reply (Peter doesn’t sign his real/full name, no return address or identifiable info). Peter keeps sending them even after meeting Tony, not realizing he reads them. Eventually either Peter finds out Tony does read them or Tony figures out Peter’s the one writing them. 

(as soon as I read this I started composing a letter bb!Peter wrote Tony about being “reely hapy ur bac mster starck” when Tony gets back from Afghanistan)


he 1st time The Avengers reunite for infinity wars, they are all sitting in the headquarters discussing a plan of attack and Tony, even though he is honestly scarred to even talk to The Avengers after how much they betrayed him, manages to be the 1st one to speak and just talk about what they should do to fight thanos but out of nowhere, Steve or pretty much any other avenger says a cocky comment about how “none of this would’ve happened if Tony would have just agreed with them” or that “there would have been more time if he said something sooner” and Peter is sitting down on the couch, his eyes wide just staring at those who are saying these comments and as one person (they will most likely be team cap) says these comments another chimes in then another and they are all just pushing the blame on Tony and Tonys just looks at them and takes it, not saying anything to defend himself and peter is absolutely furious at this point, stands up and walks right up close to them and just goes off on all of them saying how wrong it is for them to be blaming this on Tony when he has been the only one who has tried the most out of all of them to prevent this and that he was the one who said that it was a threat in the first place and that he was the one  who has financially grounded them and been there for them throughout everything and that they have taken that all for granted and that Is it wasn’t for Tony none of them would even be alive right now seeing as Tony launched a nuke up to the wormhole which was a complete suicide mission and an act of God that he is even still alive, and Peter talks about how Tony has suffered more then they could possibly have imagined from these battles because no one was there to pick up the pain that the avengers left for him and no one listened to him when he warned them about what was coming and that when he is clearly upset everyone turns the other way and continues to care about themselves when Tony would get up or any point in time and help them no matter what it was about 

(I really just love the idea of Peter yelling at Team Captain America)


I come up with a different idea - like the one where The Amazing Spider-Man’s Spidey winds up in MCU during the Civil War and Tony winds up with two spiderkids.

WIP Wednesday

In which there is a trebuchet to be built, but never enough time.

………. “This was my idea, and I want a wooden trebuchet.” Kneeling on the workbench next to Tony is a girl in shiny, red shoes, who punctuates her statement by slamming her hand down onto the table, the plastic band around her wrist clacking against the steel.

“You didn’t even know that word until I said it.” There’s a rustle of paper, then Tony leans down to skritch at it with his pencil. “Okay, pop quiz. It’s 827 AD and we’re all eating turkey legs and dying of paper cuts when, suddenly, we’re being invaded by big guys in metal skirts. We’ve got a trebuchet, which is made of wood, because we don’t know any better and you can’t swing a plague-ridden cat without hitting a damn tree. We’ve got our payload in the sling. Then what?”

The girl’s feet rock like metronomes for a few beats before she answers, “The weight box falls.”

“And that…?”

“… Uses gravity to make rotational acceleration,” she begins slowly, her voice picking up speed, building on her excitement, until the last few words tumble over themselves to get out, “And all the energy building in the throwing arm goes into the sling, and the payload flies!”

Tony bangs his fist down onto the table twice, like a gavel, and sits back with a proud grin. “Close enough! What are we gonna use for a counterweight?”

She shrugs. “Oh, right. Uh…. I dunno. A big rock. Or we could tie a bunch of dead people together.”

Whatever Tony had been expecting, that wasn’t it, and Tony shows it by throwing his head back and cackling. His mirth rides a line down his throat, a strong swipe of charcoal on a crisp, new canvas. “I appreciate that cutthroat attitude, pangolin. Ten points to Slytherin.”

The girl smiles brightly and lifts her chin, a little cocky under the praise, preening, but her victory visibly falters when she catches sight of Steve standing there, staring like an idiot. Tony follows her gaze; the open, genuine smile on his face couldn’t have hardened into plastic faster than if Steve had been holding a camera and shouting that he was from The Daily Bugle.

For lack of anything better to do with his hands, Steve lifts one in an awkward greeting. “Uh, sorry to interrupt.”

“Cheese it,” Tony whispers to the girl. “It’s the fuzz.”

“Is that Captain America?” The girl whispers back, eyes wide and tracking over Steve’s shoulders, narrowing critically. “He looks so tiny out of his costume.”

Tony clutches at his heart, grinning, and falls back dramatically against the worktable. “You have to stop being so perfectly brutal, gumdrop. My heart already belongs to another.” To Steve, he says, “Hey there, Cap. What brings you down to my level?”

Well, that’s bait dangling on the end of a hook if he’s ever heard it, and he can see the glint of anticipation in Tony’s eyes, but Steve doesn’t rise to it. He’s getting better at this whole ‘restraint’ thing. Buck would’ve been proud. “You invited me, remember? You sent me a message to come here whenever I had a free second.”

It actually said Oh captain, my captain! Our fearful fight is done! The quinjet has weather’d every rack, the assholes we fought are dead. I forget the rest of the poem. Get your stars and stripes to the lab, ASAP. STAT. PRONTO. OTHER TERM FOR RIGHT THE HELL NOW.

At the reminder, Tony perks up and snaps his fingers. “That’s right. I’ve got an upgrade to your uniform that I’ll need you to test, but I got a bit sidetracked. Made a new client.”

The new client can’t be more than three and a half feet tall, with large eyes made slightly dim by exhaustion and her dark hair twisted into neat plaits. He glances down at the plastic band around her thin wrist and spies the her date of birth—11/6/2004—and her first name.

“Nice to meet you, Eleanor.”

Ellie,” she stresses, sitting back with a defiant twist to her lips. “Only my Aunt Maite calls me Eleanor.”

There’s one in every family. Aunt Megan refused to call him anything except Steven Grant, and then would usually tack on a reminder that he was going to Hell for some reason or another. “Ellie, then.”

She gives him a serious nod, then abandons him altogether in favor of the workbench. He steps closer for a better look. The drafting papers scattered on top have surprisingly detailed diagrams of axles and constructions that look like catapults, all drawn with a steady, expert hand. There are even hair-thin lines made to look like wood grain. Hovering over every edge are brackets and numbers, inches and centimeters, calculations for volume and wind resistance. There are also doodles of robot arms playing catch with catapults; tiny Iron Men flying with little girls on their backs.

Steve looks up and locks gazes with Tony, who raises his eyebrows as if to say I dare you to open your star-spangled cakehole.

Having restraint is a work in progress, apparently, because Steve inhales to rise to the bait, then pauses. “Wait, are you Eleanor Gutiérrez from—”

She doesn’t even bother to lift her head. “From Make-A-Wish? Yup.”

“I thought you were here to see Hawkeye.” A fact that Clint’s been wearing like a badge on his sleeve for the last two weeks, crowing to anyone who will listen (or at least stand still long enough) that, out of everyone she could have picked, she chose him. Steve’s pretty sure he saw Clint wandering around the lobby just now in a nice shirt without any Cheetos dust on it.

“I had to tell them something to get me here,” Ellie says with exaggerated patience, like she can’t believe Steve’s so slow. “They said that Mr. Stark was too busy to meet me, but it needed to be Mr. Stark.”

“So you lied?” There are a lot of things about this century that he can abide—like Wacom tablets and Hot Pockets—but lying to achieve one’s goal is not one of them, especially when it’s also a huge security risk.

Ellie gives him a flat stare. “Yep. What’re you going to do? Call the Avengers?”

“I hope your mom isn’t too attached,” Tony barely manages through his laughter, starry-eyed. “Because I’m adopting you.”

To all my followers, What do you think if we make of June 1st “ScarletVision Appreciation Day”?

Because that day we will celebrate 41 years since Giant-Size Avengers #4 was released (June 1st, 1975), and with it, the Wedding of the Vision and the Scarlet Witch.

Who is with me?

You and I have memories longer than the road that stretches on ahead 🎶

Twitter stress sketches


The Avengers Resistance and Hydra Avengers are wearing restraints at the table? Hmmm…that reminds me of something familiar… 

- Secret Empire v1 #4, 2017 (1st pic)

- Avengers v1 #160, 1977 (2nd and 3rd pics)