1st attempt

A collection of ancient Roman statues from the Carlsberg Glyptotek. The first three statues from the left likely date to mid to late Nerva-Antonine period (117-192 CE), while the last likely dates to an earlier period in the 1st century CE. Photo taken by F. Tronchin

[1st attempt]

Peter: Hey, dad can we do this thing that you probably won’t approve of? 

Bucky: Ask your other dads. 

[2nd attempt]

Gwen: Hey, pop? Can we do this thing you most certainly won’t approve of? 

Steve: Ask your other dads. 

[3rd attempt]

Miles: Baba? Can we do this thing? 

T’Challa: Ask your other fathers.

[4th attempt]

Gwen, Peter & Miles: *collected the trio in frustration* Can we please do this? 

Steve, Bucky & T’Challa: Ask your mother. 

[final attempt]

Gwen, Peter & Miles: *surrendering* Can we -

Tony: No.


I can’t tell you how touched I am by your concern for my welfare.

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I wonder maybe one day I’ll wake up and not have my art style changes every 5 minutes

venus in the first, tenth, or eleventh house is an incredibly underrated placement to me. of course, venus is the planet to observe if we want to look at romantic patterns or what (or whom) we desire out of a relationship, but venus abilities go much farther than that. in these houses in particular, we can observe a very charming & amiable individual. these placements are what you’d find in a person you know has a keen ability to make others feel comfortable. even the shyest introvert can feel more at ease in a social setting when venus in 1st is happily attempting to make them laugh. venus in tenth finds you when you’re in group projects, school, or work settings. they love to poke fun with their classmates and make studious settings enjoyable. venus in 11th seems to make friends in their sleep; their understanding of how to attract and keep people close and happy is incredible. i feel that these placements are just as important to look at for platonic interaction than romantic because of how all-encompassing their charm has the capacity to be.