1st anniversary gifts

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Hi, I really love your art and was wondering if you are going to continue doing the Haikyuu Atlantis AU or if you've stopped . Thank you !

Hey there sweet anon! Thank you soo much for your kind words and interest ;; *DRUM ROLLS*

YES I AM CONTINUING THE HQ ATLANTIS AU +_+)/ I can’t believe you all still support me continuing this AU even after more then a year of its creation! 

There were soo many times when I wanted to get back to it, like back in August 1st (when I realised it was the 1st anniversary already but so much work was piling up for me and I was back home during that time ;;) But I’ve been thinking of an 1st anniversary event/gift for you all but I’m not sure hmm… What do you all think?

I’m sorry I haven’t gotten back to this AU in ages .. I’ve been very busy with finding work and occupied with other AUs… BUT HQ ATLANTIS AU WILL BE COMING BACK SOON this time with all the hq atlantis crew characters introduced ;) So everyone.. get ready~

[V LIVE 1st Anniversary]
Result announcement for V Star 1st Anniversary gift event!

Dear fans around the world, who love V LIVE and V stars!
Here we announce 5 final V star teams who got the most recommendations!
(Team names are listed by alphabetical order)

Congrats for final V star teams and fans!
Gifts will be revealed later.

Thank you for your love and support once again.

(thank you to all those who chose bangtan and suggested a vacation as a gift I wonder what naver would give them)