1st a.d

So I have two ideas for another Ultimate skin, this one for Zac. 1st: He’d get a color wheel, and you’d be able to shift his color and shades whenever, in the middle of the game. 2nd: According to his new lore, he seems to absorb emotions, so he could shift according to what happens to him. If your team is doing well, he becomes cheery. If your team is doing badly, He’d become saddened. If your allies keep getting killed repeatedly, he could become furious.

Confession by @frostyforsyte

Artwork by @chesschirebacon


pew pew pew!!

((ALSO!!! thank you guys for 1.4k!!! ;u; what the heck where do y’all come from ;;; big thanks to the ones who are still with me and welcome to the new peeps!! i hope you enjoy your stay and talk to me sometime! <33)))


“It is always difficult with Poirot to know when he is serious and when he is merely amusing himself at one’s expense. I judged it safest to say no more.”
- Agatha Christie, Double Sin

when hoseoks mixtape drop i dont know what ill do, ive been dying to see what goes on in his head on a deeper level + what beats hes whipped up like… this been in the works since like 2014 its gonna be monumental


The sweet Sophie Hunter/Cumberbatch in Friends and Crocodiles (2005)


The 1st Special Service Brigade goes ashore at Sword Beach, 1944. The Lord Lovat Simon Fraser is visible to the right of the column wading ashore in the first photo, and is the one standing and addressing the brigade. After losing several men to sniper fire the unit switched from their distinctive berets to helmets shortly after coming ashore. Also visible in the first photo, closest to the camera, is the “Mad Piper” Bill Millin, who famously piped the unit across Pegasus Bridge.