XIII-4: Vexen

Vexen has clocked in! Can you help the chilly academic with his research? Or will you be left out in the cold?

The Medal: To start, this medal is not good for 1-turning, but is a very good medal after that. 1SP Dark Magic, AOE. First turn, it hits about as hard as Musketeer Donald (harder than Xmas Sora), and slowly increases with strength each turn; after the ~fourth turn he caps at hitting a bit harder than Ice Titan. In addition, it gives SMDef+1 for 4 turns, so you can stack to get up to SMDef+4… and if you get Double Attack, that’s SMDef+7! It does not have Power Def+, which is sad, but it can basically be considered two medals in one: it’s a damage medal for a magic deck and a defense medal for a speed/power deck. 

Other Rewards: Hairstyle from Quest #9, “No. IV” title from Quest #13. Magic Mirror from #2, #6, and #7; Ducklings Triplets from #1 and #4.

Quest Types & Tips: The main quests are defeating tanky enemies, avoiding enemies, and research.

  • Tanky Defeat: Quest 1, 5, 8, 10, 13
    • 1, 5: not too hard
    • 8: prepare for a long fight, be sure you have healing medals, Def+, and Alice or similar
    • 10: bring Alice or similar, bring single-target medals
    • 13: awful, but quite possible if you got Malef B last event. There’s 4 enemies, two +6 Armed Warrior and two others
      • my setup on +27 Three Wishes was: iKairi1 (Seb works) > Zero (Belle is better) > iKairi2 (I NEEDED it due to Zero’s cost, you might not if you have Belle and SP+) > Moana > Malef B (Atk2) > partner medal
      • partner: iKairi2 (preferably w/doubleAtk), Malef B, World of Chaos; normal Xion wasn’t enough for me
      • if you got iB&B, this is probably a breeze, as it combined iKairi1 with Belle… but I assume most of you don’t have this
  • Avoiding Enemies: 3, 4, 9, 11, 12
    • 3, 9, 12: find the Neoshadows with low HP. Just destroy everything for 3, you can probably do the same for 9 (one are behind the arch, one is in the bottom corner after the arch, one is the target), and for 12 it’s the ones that AREN’T in groups of 5.
    • 4, 11: follow the materials to avoid the enemies. You can’t afford to run into very many of them due to the time constraint.
  • Research: 2, 6, 7
    • 2, 6: Gather Materials, avoid enemies if they’re a threat to you.
    • 7: Defeat all the Gold Tricholoma, they all have 4-medal counter; one group has two of them. A boost or two and Moana should take them out w/o concern.
Best use of 1sp ever

Context: my bard usually has amazing rolls, but he has never ever rolled above 10 in athletics, which had led to him being unable to scale even the simplest ledges and being carried away by rivers for hundreds of meters. Tired of this, i had visited a general store and bought half of the “adventuring gear” list. Then this happened.

The party is in a cave when a wild ledge appears. Everyone easily scales it.

Me (ooc): DM, what is the height of the ledge?

DM (ooc): 10 feet, why?

Me (almoust crying from happiness): I… I reach into my bag of holding and take out…

2 buff Monks and a Paladin, almost simultaneously: We reach down to haul him up!

Me: No! I don’t need your help, I can do this! I have been preparing!

(Monks flex to inspire me)

Me: I reach into my bag of holding and take out a 10 foot ladder. I put it against the ledge and climb it.

DM: You… have climbed the ledge, congratulations.

Me (ooc, still crying from happiness): I’m so happy now

Needless to say, monks were disappointed