Star Wars Rebels -- German Episode Titles

They are very interesting, but sometimes so spoiler-y…

(Note: I’m not a German speaker, I use Google Translate. Feel free to correct me…)

((Note 2: Translation in () parens, unless the translation is exactly the same as the English title.))

Season 1 Shorts

The Machine in the Ghost = “Chopper in Aktion“ (Chopper in Action)

Art Attack = “Die Kunst des Angriffs“ (The Art of Attack)

Entanglement = “Verstrickung“

Property of Ezra Bridger = “Eigentum von Ezra Bridger“

Season 1

Spark of Rebellion = “Der Funke einer Rebellion“

Droids in Distress = “Gefährliche Ware“ (Dangerous Goods)

Fighter Flight = “Kampf mit dem TIE-Jäger“ (Fight with the TIE Fighter)

Rise of the Old Masters = “Der Aufstieg der alten Meister”

Breaking Ranks = “Ezra undercover“ (Ezra Undercover)

Out of Darkness = “Verlassen“ (Leaving)

Empire Day = “Der Tag des Imperiums“ (The Day of the Empire)

Gathering Forces = “Mit vereinter Macht“ (With United Strength)

Path of the Jedi = “Der Weg der Jedi“

Idiot’s Array = “Ein unfairer Deal“ (An Unfair Deal)

Vision of Hope = “Die Stimme der Freiheit“ (The Voice of Freedom)

Call to Action = “Aufruf zum Widerstand“ (Call for Resistance)

Rebel Resolve = “Die Rettungsmission“ (The Rescue Mission)

Fire Across the Galaxy = “Galaxis in Flammen“ (Galaxy in Flames)

Season 2

Siege of Lothal = “Die Belagerung von Lothal“

The Lost Commanders = “Die verschollenen Krieger“ (The Lost Warrior)

Relics of the Old Republic = “Relikte der Alten Republik“

Always Two There Are = “Doppelte Gefahr“ (Double Danger)

Brothers of the Broken Horn = “Die Bruderschaft“ (The Brotherhood)

Wings of the Master = “Ein Meister seiner Kunst“ (A Master of Their Craft)

Blood Sisters = “Blutsschwestern“

Stealth Strike = “Undercover beim Feind” (Undercover at Enemy)

The Future of the Force = “Die Zukunft der Macht“ (The Future of Power)

Legacy [Prod. Title “Secret of Prisoner X10″] = “Das Geheimnis des Gefangenen X10“ (The Secret of Prisoner X10)

A Princess on Lothal = “Eine Prinzessin auf Lothal“

Protector of Concord Dawn = “Der Beschützer von Concord Dawn“

Legends of the Lasat = “Die Legenden der Lasat“

The Call = “Die Reise der Purrgils“ (The Journey of Purrgil)

Homecoming = “Der Freiheitskämpfer“ (Freedom Fighter)

The Honorable Ones = “Eis und Ehre“ (Ice and Honor)

Shroud of Darkness = “Verborgene Dunkelheit“ (Hidden Darkness)

The Forgotten Droid = “Der vergessene Droide“

The Mystery of Chopper Base = “Das Geheimnis der Basis“ (The Secret Base)

Twilight of the Apprentice = “Ezras Versuchung“ (Ezra’s Temptation)