1rst time this happens

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your writing is so awesome!! How would revali react to his s/o saying they loved him? And how would he say it back??


-Mod Pinks

Being told I love you for the 1rst time (Revali)

  • Y-you.. what?”
  • It would happen when Revali and s/o were at home, and Revali was being a stubborn butt about getting into so much trouble.
    • Please, you clearly don’t remember who you’re talking to. This is me we’re talking about, I never get hurt-”
    • “ooooh you’re lucky I love you Mr. I-don-t-care-if-I-get-(name)-all-worried-again.”
    • “…Y-you…what?”
  • They honestly hadn’t meant to say it outloud, and they look at him all flustered and nervous because shit, this wasn’t the way they had wanted to tell him.
  • And this was not the way Revali had ever imagined it coming out.
    • He’s absolutely flustered, and tries to regain his cool, unable to look them in the eye
    • I… You’re…You’re lucky that I love you too…”