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Important fandom question: Who would you cast in your own live action Beyblade movie?, since Hollywood will mostly fuck that up

Important question indeed! :D
I know almost no kid/teen celebrity, so I can’t give you a proper cast for the movie. But I can share who I use as reference when I draw realistic portraits of the characters (and I never draw them as kids.)
My “cast” includes actors as well as singers, models, voice actors and rugby players.
The age range is quite wide, I hope you don’t mind :3

Fair warning: don’t go through the whole post in public/at work, unless you don’t mind drooling in front of people. I’m dead serious. Don’t.

Team BBA / BladeBreakers

Rei Kon Godfrey Gao

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Brothers &Sisters

A serie on tv that I’ve seen casually. It’s amazing, I mean it’s funny, romantic, tragical at the same time :)

So I looked for the 1 episode on the internet but I’m a genius and I watched the 23rd ahahaha where I found this scene. 

I was dying because they hate each other and one of the two is a sort of priest XD

Ps. maybe the words aren’t those because I saw it in italian and on youtube there’s no subtitles :/

I’m sure that the meaning is that ;)