This will be the first real post. I’ll delete the others as it’s just to see what edits in the html will look good when I eventually do start posting. I know shit all about this so this will go very slow hah.

Hey there! It is 11:13 pm on the 20th of July, 2012, as I type this. Currently, I’m trying to improve upon this theme as I really like it. Anyway better get back at it.

I will try to make a post everyday as this is primarily to track my attempt at weight loss and will double as my journal/diary/log. I should stop being a little cunt and actually maintain portion control. I should also get another gym memby. I think it’s going to be nearly 1 month since I’ve worked out at one. Brb going catabolic here bro.

Halloween contest prize 1rd place live to game

First place of my halloween contest. I know it’s way past halloween, but damn, it’s been some busy months ;w;

First place belongs to http://dyblu.deviantart.com/ Who asked for his character “Loohmsteh” along side “lacey shadow” (from the pilot the modifyers) alongside my character Amber, coming out of a drawing to play video games on a tablet with controllers… by far the most creative and weird request for a drawing I’ve ever had o___o

Hope you like it ;w;