As the weather gets hotter and the pools become more filled we hope that you all take time out of today to remember the real meaning of Memorial Day. Today marks a day where we say thanks and praise those who have given their lives (& are giving their lives) to make sure that we all have a safe place to live. We hope that you remember the lives lost due to protecting the home front and respect them not only for today but continually throughout the year. We would like to say thank you to all those who’ve done service for any United States military branch and we’d also like to say thanks to those families who’ve allowed members of their families to join the military and serve our country. Thanks for giving your all and showing true dedication and determination to helping those who can never truly pay you back. Happy Memorial Day everybody and may God be with you all.

1PRCNT would like to congratulate the cast of The Avengers for shattering the box office record set last year by Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2. The Avengers opened to a staggering amount of $200.3 million in U.S. box offices beating out Harry Potter’s $169.2 million. Worldwide, The Avengers, has grossed an amount of $641.8 million. Congratulations and great job on this film!

Doctors are now taking recognition of a new tropical disease that could be as worse as HIV/AIDS. The disease, known as the Chagas disease, is caused by an insect who bites you on your face. Known as the kissing bug, this insect is very dangerous and can create harm to your heart, intestines and esophagus. The bite can be fatal by causing an explosion of an enlarged heart or intestines. For more information click HERE.

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Do you remember the anti-piracy warnings whenever you watch a DVD? Well get ready for a new warning screen every time you buy a new DVD. The new additions will be a National Intellectual Property Rights logo and the Homeland Security logo. These logos will reflect the new powers of the organizations which have began seizing many sites whom engage in pirate activities.


1PRCNT is proud to announce its OFFICIAL launch date of 1PRCNT Clothing which is June 17th, 2012. We will have our OFFICIAL launch at the “Cheers Concert” June 17th, 2012 @ Empire (JAXX) 6355 Rolling Road

, Springfield, VA. A booth will be set up at the concert that night where you can purchase ALL 4 our these colorways. The basic Red, Black and Grey tee’s will be sold for $20 and the “Hornets” colorway will be sold for $25. Come out and support 1PRCNT by purchasing your tee along with listening to artist Black Cobain, Shy Glizzy, JABB x MORE! Sizes are LIMITED so be there early! (with each purchase you recieve a free 1PRCNT sticker)

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Matthew Stafford of the Detroit Lions donated 6 tickets to a Lion’s game in Chicago during an auction to benefit the University of Michigan’s Mott Children’s Hospital this past weekend. Then he did something amazing. He bid $15,000 to win the package and give it to a young family who had a patient in Mott Hospital. We hope this inspires you to be kind and helpful to those around you. Kudos to you Matt!