1p or 2p


“Look within yourself..
What do you see?
Is it truly what is given to you right?
The little seed of future planted in your palm
Watered by the unchanging fate.
Growing from the very depths of your body feeding on your soul
And then ,as the flower blooms and is reaped, so will the new ‘you’ will be created.
Changing your nature,changing your mind,changing your soul.
Giving you..a new color..
Look within yourself…
What do you see?.. ’

I was doodling between classes and I particularly liked this sketch so I attempted (and failed) to colour it in Photoshop.

ask-waiter-alfie  asked:

Oh my god, you're so small and adorable! I could just cuddle you all day! *latches onto the poor boy* Oh my god i wish i was as well dressed and cute when i was little! *is literally like 5'11 and terrifying*

‘’Personal space— It is not nice to cuddle strangers–What are your intentions Mr.America–.(Now I am small so the other countries can kill me easily shit- ) .’’
*nervous laugh*Hahahawhycan’tIbethattallhahaha.


Child MA! : 2/7

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What's the 2ps reaction to their 1ps trash talking them?


2P!China: oh how cute!! yao are you trying to be mean??? you know you love me!!

2P!England: [sniffs] Artie you are always so cruel to me *5 seconds later* oh by the way i sewed us matching sweaters because i love you

2P!France: [has already built a mental wall to tune out his counterpart’s constant whining]

2P!Russia: ivan i thought i raised you better than this

2P!Italy: w h a t did that little wimp say about me……….. [cue the Bloodythirsty Raging Rant of Ungodly Wrath of Death™]

2P!Germany: awwwwh he says that but he don’t mean it! he’s actually a real sweetie i shit you not

2P!Japan: so is that how he really feels? [plays it off coolly but is a wreck of frustration on the inside]

2P!Canada: hey man ready to get fuckin decked

2P!Romano: he’s just ~jealous~

2P!Austria: as always, u fail to match this level of grace and sophistication

2P!Prussia: [locks self in room and cries for an hour]

1p & 2p Reaction to American S/O and 2016 Election result
  • 1p & 2p America: So, I've made plans for you to stay in Canada for the next 4 years. He'll keep you safe, babe.

anonymous asked:

If Germany's s/o managed to escape but got kidnapped by his 2P and was horribly abused before he managed to rescue them, how would he treat them after that? Would he be angry with them for running away and punish them? Or would he be gentle with them because of the abuse they suffered?

1p Germany:

He wants the best for you , he wants the best for you both , he just wants to be happy together with you but it breaks his heart that you tried to run of from him. He will go mad , he will break the stuff in his living room as he found out that you escaped from him. He will go looking for you but when he found out that his 2p found you and they been doing stuff to you , oh he will be furious. How dare he touch his (s/o)?!He claimed you and no one else could have you then him , he will grab his 2p and will be beating him up , luckily Luciano and Kuro come by and try to push Ludwig away from his 2p as they try to throw you both out .God he will be furious , and when you both are left alone …….he will hug you…no punishment , he really was worried sick for you. He couldn’t face your bruise that you had or bite marks you had , he just wanted to be there for you when his 2p was doing stuff to his (s/o).He will just hug you tight to his chest.

“You should’ve of stayed ……. this never would of happen.”

So, this is an announcement for my (first) ask blog, featuring Francis (1pFrance) and Jean-Louis (2pFrance)!

Some random informations about the “history” behind what’s happening underneath!


-Human AU

-Francis is kind of a celebrity 

-Louis has recently been kicked out of his last job

-Under some circumstances, they ended up being roommates (but are not dating. Nor friends, really)

-Both the FACE fam and 2pFACE fam is present, and will appear

-They currently live in Le Havre, although both were born in Paris.

-They share the same last name, but are not related. 

-Louis’ full name is Jean-Louis, but he hates it and simply goes by Louis.

-While Francis is perfectly bilingual, Louis is pretty bad in English. This will most likely show whenever he answers something in English (but at the end of a post, there will an authors note explaining his answer)

That’s pretty much the important part I suppose >u<

jade-the-lizard  asked:

I came up with am au where 1p and 2p France are twins from New Orleans, LA and are from a family the practices magic. What do you think of it? Just curious.

Headcanon accepted!
I think 1p france would use the magic for cooking, designing clothets etc and 2p france would use it for picking up girls at bothels