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1p & 2p Reaction to American S/O and 2016 Election result
  • 1p & 2p America: So, I've made plans for you to stay in Canada for the next 4 years. He'll keep you safe, babe.

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What's the 2ps reaction to their 1ps trash talking them?


2P!China: oh how cute!! yao are you trying to be mean??? you know you love me!!

2P!England: [sniffs] Artie you are always so cruel to me *5 seconds later* oh by the way i sewed us matching sweaters because i love you

2P!France: [has already built a mental wall to tune out his counterpart’s constant whining]

2P!Russia: ivan i thought i raised you better than this

2P!Italy: w h a t did that little wimp say about me……….. [cue the Bloodythirsty Raging Rant of Ungodly Wrath of Death™]

2P!Germany: awwwwh he says that but he don’t mean it! he’s actually a real sweetie i shit you not

2P!Japan: so is that how he really feels? [plays it off coolly but is a wreck of frustration on the inside]

2P!Canada: hey man ready to get fuckin decked

2P!Romano: he’s just ~jealous~

2P!Austria: as always, u fail to match this level of grace and sophistication

2P!Prussia: [locks self in room and cries for an hour]

I was doodling between classes and I particularly liked this sketch so I attempted (and failed) to colour it in Photoshop.

1p + 2p Allies Headcannons (Canada)

 1p Canada: “Maple… Were you just about to leave me?”

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  • I can only imagine him as the male version of Yuno Gasai.
  • This guy is far more possessive than 2p America! Since no one really notices him that much (poor baby), he will make sure you will always do.
  • He will act really sweet and nice at first, but he becomes very controlling once you two start dating.
  • He will let you go outside, but not on your own. Well… At least, without you knowing that he is right there with you. If someone he doesn’t like even talks to you, he will step in between you and wrap an arm around your waist.
  • Also, this guy is one hell of a stalker (only going second place next to Russia). Most of the time, you won’t even realize that he is there (even though your instincts are telling you that you are being stalked).
  • If you guys haven’t dated yet, it’s possible that he hasn’t gotten the courage to ask you out yet. It’s possible that you also have other suitors, but you will never know for sure. If he finds out he has a rival, he will get eliminate them. He isn’t going to take the chance of losing you in the hands of someone else.
  • He will only kidnap you if he already had you and you try to “abandon” him. If he is going to take you, he will knock you out first with his hockey stick (of f*cking course).
  • No one will have a higher chance of beating him with his hockey stick (not even Russia!!). I advice to those who messes with this guy to just run!! (Even though you are probably going to get caught anyway.)
  • For every time you try to run away, the harder it will get. First, he would chain you up. It would go from there to putting up traps (not the kind that would get you killed) and cameras around the house. Still not enough? How about killing all your loved ones? If this doesn’t work, he will paralyze you. Hell, he would even cut off your legs, if he has to (maybe that is a little bit too gory, but oh well~).
  • Despite what he will do to everyone (even you) just so he could keep his maple leaf, he will never kill you. He would lose his mind if you ever died. You were the first person to ever and always notice him. Why would he ever kill his maple?

2p Canada: “If you don’t want to become Kuma’s food tonight, I suggest that you step away from that door, right now.”

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  • Oh, man. This guy is like the mini version of France (I’m sorry, but I think of them as the quote, “Like father, like son.”
  • Unlike France though, he will actually do some work in the house, because he knows that you are already working hard to earn money for the two of you.
  • He knows everyone is afraid to approach him, so it would surprise him to see you acting so normal and carefree around him. Well. At least not as much as the others do.
  • If you guys are dating, then you should know how terrifying it is to see him mad. He gets pretty violent (just like France). He’d be punching walls, throwing stuff, and anything he can do in the room just to calm down. There is now way he was going to hit you on purpose. The last thing he wants is for you to be terrified of him. You were the only person who lets their walls down around him (maybe asides from England, America, France, and China).
  • If you do get scared of him, he will leave you some time on your own. Luckily, he does let you out of the house, even without him.
  • But make sure you tell him before you leave. Otherwise, things won’t be so good for you.
  • If he can’t find you anywhere at your place, he will think you left him (even though you still have your stuff there). And once you get home, you’ll find your house trashed, like a wild beast came in and destroyed the place. And behind you, you will hear the beast ask, “Where have you gone?”
  • What I meant by mini version, I meant copy of 2p France, because he sure did inherit some of his traits.
  • Unlike him though, he has better coordination and tracking skills than any of the allies combined. He will find you even in the deepest parts of the woods (and of course, find the way back).
  • Let’s not forget about Kumajiro. He has a freaking bear to clean his mess up. But he will kill you first, before he decides to feed you to his pet. I can also imagine him acting as some kind of watchdog if you live in the woods. There is no way in hell he’s going to let you see him and then freak out.
  • Asides from Kuma though, he has his hockey stick. He can also add some stuff on it too, like barbed wire.
  • If you can avoid all the things that I just told you about, you two would be a lovely couple!!

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Can you do 1 + 2p prussia?

Kingdom Of Prussia (Königreich Preußen)

1p!Prussia: “Sucks to be you, because she’s too awesome to have a scum like you in her life.”

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  • I know he’s a comic relief and all, but he’s also scary awesome at being a yandere.
  • Possessive:
    • Although not to the point that he will cage you in his place, he does treat you like he owns you.
    • He’ll let you go outside in public… As long as everyone knows that you are his and his alone. So, public displays of affection are common.
      • Also, he proudly shows you off to other countries. But no touchie.
    • The only reason why you’re probably locked in a room, is because you broke up with him. But hey, anything is better if it means not getting killed. If you try to leave him again, the next thing he’ll do is a good reason why being kidnapped is a better option.
    • Killing you is still an option if you keep trying to leave him.
    • I’ll be honest, I think the only time he’ll hurt you is when he is trying to kidnap you or trying to keep you from running away.
      • …Or when he kills you.
    • How jealous he gets depends on who he is jealous of. Like if it was Germany, he doesn’t mind, because he can trust him even as a yandere. But if it was someone like Russia, then heck NO.
    • Also, he will try to avoid killing as much as possible, considering that he might get hurt while doing it, and it’s not like he can just heal immediately. He would have to take the long way, even if he hates it.

2p!Prussia: “I’m not enough. Not enough, not enough, not enough. Never fucking enough.”

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  • Possessive/Obsessive:
    • He worships you. Otherwise, why would he tirelessly eliminate anything that would hurt you?
    • He loves you so much. So much so, that he will kill anyone.
    • He cares about you, he really does. But you cannt leave him. He’ll lose his sanity if you do.
    • With his reputation, he can deceive people into thinking that he can never kill anyone. How can a smol bean do that anyway?
    • Bruh, if his sanity depends on you, then I’m pretty sure he’ll never think of hurting you for absolutely no reason. If he does, then it’s possibly because he is stopping you from escaping him.
    • Gillen is literally a precious cinnamon roll that can kill you. He is very fragile when it comes to you, but he suddenly becomes this ruthless sociopath when it comes to other people.
    • He is very clingy, possessive, and overall, easily jealous. Divert your attention to another person, and he’ll start sulking.
    • He’ll stay by your side at all times. He gets paranoid when he doesn’t know where you are, or when you are no where near him.
    • When you two are in public, he’ll get territorial, and hold you very closely. Just to indicate that you are already taken.
  • Remember. The most critical trait about Gillen, is that his sanity depends on you. Everything, I mean absolutely everything he does revolves around you in a way. Like if you leave him, it will cause the start of a new massacre.

Could I get 2p and 1p Canada’s reaction to their s/o running away from “home”?

1p Canada :

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Matthew will catch up to them , he will drag them back home , he just couldn’t understand why they did they tried to leave him , wasn’t he good enough , what did he needed to do to get their love , does he needs to FORCE THEM, nonono , that won’t do , where were they trying to run to , to their house , …..with their family and friends , oh my goodness , my maple was worry about them , how foolish of me , I .JUST.NEED.TO.GET.RID.OF.THEM, than she doesn’t need to worry , it’s not her/his fault , it’s them , I’ll get rid all of them , don’t worry my maple~

2p Canada:

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Matt will be dragging her/him back home as he tells himself , why , wasn’t he enough for them , does he needs to kill her/his family and friends , is that what she/he want than , that’s what she/he will get , but first a punishment must be done , I will teach her/him who she/he belongs to , ME, NO.ONE.ELSE, CAN’T SHE/HE SEE , HE HAS DONE SO MUCH FOR HER/HIM AND RUNNING AWAY FROM HIM  IS WHAT SHE/HE PAYS HIM BACK ,WELL THAN , A PUNISHMENT MUST BE DONE THEN , Matt looked at (s/o) and grabbed her/him and threw them in the couch and he locked the door behind him , he walked right up to (s/o) and he got on top of them and whispered in their ear , “Imma make you scream my name and make you mine.”

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I am new to your blog but your art is so cute I couldn't resist to ask! I was wondering if you could draw 2p! Fem! America?

This was actually my first time ever drawing her. I hope this makes the job!

2p and 1p Allies in.. Road Raging.



2p!England: Use your turn signal please! Oh goodness! oH DEAR LORD HELPM-


2p!France: *sigh* you piece of shit. You waste of fucking life you motherfu-

1p!France: oh come on! Your car can move faster then tHAT!


1p!Canada: please hurry! C-come oh-!! *is trying to stay calm*


1p!China: Forget this *cuts off everyone* hOW DO YOU LIKE IT

2p!Russia: *poker face* *pulls gun out from glove compartment* *exits car*

1p!Russia: *actually got out of his car to talk to the driver* I suggest you move your vehicle or I will remove your eyes from your head *calm smile*

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I am soooo sorry I am bothering you with this stupid question, but I just started following you blog and I don't know what Nyo! means? And there are a whole other stuff I keep seeing but I don't know what it is... Could you possibly explain? (Btw U R AWESOME!!!) XD

Nyotalia is the same thing as Hetalia except all the characters’ genders are switched. There are canon designs for the main characters, but I’ve seen other people make their own designs.

Nekotalia is Hetalia but all the characters are cats.

2ptalia is a little more complicated. It’s like Hetalia, but all the characters have completely opposite personalities and colour schemes. Essentially, it’s like when you’re playing a video game: there’s 1P (Player 1) and 2P (Player 2). Some people like to think that all the 2p characters are dangerous and/or murderous, others don’t agree. I’m like 90% sure the 2p personalities are all fan-made but I might be wrong.

And yeah, those are the popular AUs.

Similarities between 1p Canada and 2p Prussia

• Both, when pushed far enough, are the scariest out of all the others

• Both will eventually decide to just take what they want, for they feel they have suffered enough heartbreak, and are always being told to be more assertive

• They both will make it quite easy for you to love them on your own

• Both are moderately possessive

• Very gentle and sweet… At first