Prompt: reader is Bruce’s daughter and she got her first period and since she’s living with full of guys they all freak out and don’t know what to do bc Alfred is not there

Words: 304

           “I’d really like to be alone right now.”

           “You’re my daughter and you’re sick, I’m not leaving you alone.”

           You want to scream. Your love your dad, you really do, but sometimes you’d really like some privacy. Especially at this moment in time. You clutch your pillow tighter to your stomach. “Dad, I promise you, I’m fine.”

           He raises an eyebrow “You haven’t got out of bed all day, and Alfred let you stay home from school. In this family, that means you go to a doctor.”

           You grit your teeth, “Dad, I’ll be fine in a couple of days.”

           “You don’t know that.”

           You meet your dad’s eyes “Yes. I. Do.”

           “And how do you know that?”

           You can feel the mood swing coming, and your voice raises “What’s happening is completely normal dad.”

           “How is being sick normal?”

           Your voice raises a bit, and you say “Think about it.”

           Dawning crosses his face a moment “You mean?” You nod, and there’s a moment of silence before he asks “Do you need anything?”

           You shake your head “I have Tylenol, a heating pad, pads, and chocolate. I’m good.”

           He just nods before backing slowly away. “All right then, I’ll talk to you later.” You watch him go, before curling into a ball, and letting yourself fall asleep.

           Bruce just stares at Alfred. “How in the world did that slip my mind?”

           “Well, this is a primarily male house hold, I suspect that it slipped all of our minds. I only found out, when she simply asked me to pick up a few things for her.”

           “So what do we now?”

           “I suppose we stumble our way through this like any other family.”

           Bruce just sighs “I don’t like stumbling Alfred.”

           “Well, in this case Master Bruce, I don’t think we have a choice.”