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Woah, that is a lot of questions! Don’t get me wrong; I’m glad to hear you’re excited about this, but golly gee-! Here, I’ve created a little chart on how these classes work so hopefully this makes sense?

Class S is the highest class in this program! It contains government officials, whom were previously time travelers (like myself), and just time travelers in general! They’re the ones that assign missions and the like to Class S Travelers! When you graduate or retire from the Traveler class, you can either go up to be a government official or an instructor for Classes B or C!

Class A is the second highest class! It contains engineers, whom have gone through the general studies and have accelerated pass Class B and C. They’re the ones who operate and create the equipment necessary for time travelling! When meeting the requirements for graduation from this class, you may either stay in Class A or move up to Class S! (Occasionally, when Class S is low on Travelers, they will pick the most elite of the Class A to accompany a Class S Traveler on a mission.)

Class B and C are the third and fourth highest classes! It contains students that are new and being introduced to the program. In this class, they’ll learn the basic rules, mechanics, and science behind time travelling, how it works, and why it’s important.

Anything below these classes would be considered intro-camps where people can spend a week in summer to get a taste of what this program is all about! So yes,  you can enroll but I suggest checking that summer camp first just in case! Happy traveling! And sorry, I’ll answer the other questions later. For now, I gotta blast! >vo)/ 🌠

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What if England and France are after the same person?

A love triangle with Yandere England and France? Well… The two have a “history of deep-rooted rivalry,” so it won’t be anywhere near nice. I imagine it would be somewhat similar to how America and Russia would be like if they were after the same guy/gal.

(Zerochan post by: rennasakura)

Love Triangle Headcanons: France → S/O ← England

  • Both of them would be giving each other the blank stare when they realize that both of them were after the same person. Then, there’s the intense atmosphere…
  • They’d constantly threat each other. “Give up now before I do something.”, “She’s mine. Go find someone else.”, etc. But of course, they’ll do this without you knowing.
  • I can imagine them still fighting over the most trivial things, like, “No, she likes this ice cream flavour.” “No. She likes this one more.” and so forth.
  • I can imagine Arthur abusing his magic to mess with France. Busby’s chair isn’t the only weapon he has up his sleeve.
  • In return, Francis would act very affectionate and touchy towards you. Just to make Arthur jealous. Because he has to admit. The frog’s charm shouldn’t be underestimated.
  • This would keep on happening until one of them snaps. Then, this would no longer be a fight for your heart, but a war. A real war.
  • Francis and Arthur will finally show their true colours. I mean… It’s too late now. There’s no more point in lying if you already know about what is happening.
  • They’ll let you run away… For now… Once one of them gets out of this alive, your fate will be decided. Although one of them has a chance to survive, it will be very slim. Their healing abilities alone might not be enough.
  • Once the war is over, don’t even think about resisting him. He didn’t go this far just to get nearly killed. It wouldn’t matter if you like it or not. You are his now, and no amount of protest will change that.
  • You won’t get killed if you fight against him or anything, but you just need to accept the fact that there is no point in doing it.
1p & 2p Reaction to American S/O and 2016 Election result
  • 1p & 2p America: So, I've made plans for you to stay in Canada for the next 4 years. He'll keep you safe, babe.

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Can you create something with the sentence starter "It'd be a shame if your friend was hurt..." with 1p England and a female s/o, please? I'm really sorry if I'm bothering you, I just love your blog!

No, you’re not bothering me at all, and thanks I’m glad you do!

1P! England X Reader: (Arthur)

~ Yandere sentence starter!

“Be quiet, Y/N.” Arthur demanded, you were sat in the corner of the room sobbing. He stood and approached you.

“I said be quiet.” He repeated, you looked at him through your tears and he grinned, sliding the knife up along your arm.

“It’s be a shame if your friend was hurt…” He whispered, your eyes widened.

“N-no!” you shouted, he raised a brow.

“Oh, so you are going to co operate then, yes?” He replied, you weakly nodded your head.

“Ah, that’s great, it makes things a lot easier for me.” He continued, you watched as he withdrew the knife and held it near his mouth.

“Hmmm, what to do, what to do…” He said thinking to himself.

“Ah, I know!” He said, he smiled and turned walking to a chest near the bed, he opened it and pulled out a skimpy pirate costume. He held it up and smirked.

“Here, when I get back you better have this on.” He said throwing it onto your lap, you looked at it and then to him.

“No, I’m n-not wearing this.” You replied, he twirled the knife around in his hand.

“Hmm, such a shame for your friend then.” He said, you jumped to your feet.

“No, I-I will put it on.” You said shakily, he smiled.

“Good, now I will be back in a few minutes.” He said walking out of the door, locking it behind him.

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How would the 2p or 1p F.A.C.E react to walking in on their s/o squealing/laughing at their child, who is dressed up as them (the 2p/1p). The child then notices them and shouts proudly, "Daddy! Look! I look like you now!"

Eeh, mind if I shake it up a bit and use 2p!France, 1p!America, 1p!Canada and 2p!England?

2p!France (François Bonnefoy): He’ll hear the squealing and laughter and feel a bit of pride rise in him. He has terrible self esteem and to hear his S/O and child laughing and squealing like this makes him so happy you don’t even know it. When he walks in, his child will really capture his heart. They love him so much they’re dressing like him! He’s not the best with his words, really, so he’ll go up to the child and hug them, “And you look so good, maybe even better than papa.”

1p!America (Alfred F. Jones): He looooves the squealing and laughter that comes from the two people he loves the most in the whole world. He always loves to see what they’re up to. He’ll just barge in, making a dramatic entrance. When he sees the scene unfolding before him, he’ll feel his heart skip a beat. They’re wearing his bomber jacket, which is waaay too big for them, but he falls in love. He’ll pick up his child and twirl them around, “Now you’re a true hero!”

1p!Canada (Matthew Williams): The laughter, like with François, it fills him with pride. He’s a sassy shit, but he gets a bit insecure about whether or not he’s doing well. He’ll check in on them only to see them wearing his bright red hoodie, which gives them the cutest sweater paws he’s ever, EVER seen. He’ll definitely snap a photo before laughing himself, kneeling down to ruffle their lil head of hair, “And papa loves it so much!”

2p!England (Oliver Kirkland): Squealing and laughter are like music to his ears. He loves it so much. It just makes him so happy! He usually likes to check in to see what it’s about. Normally he peers into the room before giggling softly and leaving his lover and child to play, but when he sees this his heart will melt. They’re wearing his favourite apron, and it just looks so cute on them! Even better than it does on him. Sooooo many pictures will be taken. “Ah, cuppycake you’re so cute! That apron really suits you!” This boy is just GUSHING the whole time.

Books vs Movies (1p's)

Books: England, Germany, Russia, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway

Movies: Italy, Spain, Prussia, Romano, Denmark, Iceland

Both: America (comics count as books), France, Japan, China, Hungary, Canada, Finland

Nordic and other fucks have been added.

2p and 1p Allies in.. Road Raging.



2p!England: Use your turn signal please! Oh goodness! oH DEAR LORD HELPM-


2p!France: *sigh* you piece of shit. You waste of fucking life you motherfu-

1p!France: oh come on! Your car can move faster then tHAT!


1p!Canada: please hurry! C-come oh-!! *is trying to stay calm*


1p!China: Forget this *cuts off everyone* hOW DO YOU LIKE IT

2p!Russia: *poker face* *pulls gun out from glove compartment* *exits car*

1p!Russia: *actually got out of his car to talk to the driver* I suggest you move your vehicle or I will remove your eyes from your head *calm smile*

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Headcanons for 1p + 2p!England? Thanks! ^_^ Looking forward to your blog!

Of course!))

1p! England:

- quite the gentleman when he meets his s/o.
- once they get into a relationship though he’s a clingy mess
- he needs to know where you are and wants to be with you as much as he can, sometimes forcing his way into your plans.
- he wouldn’t kill infront of his s/o and would make sure to clean up every little spec of evidence before returning to his s/o
- it’s best not to be around him when he’s really angry but try to calm him down before hand
- i think he would tourchure victims and do anything in his in his power to keep his s/o with him, including magic.
- he has drinking problems so be warned.
- he doesn’t stalk….. Much but he still will if he suspects anything or just to get information

2p England

- expect this sugar addict to always have a knife on his person, always
- he’s a little sweet heart with a smile on his face but if he sees his s/o being taken he’ll turn more sour than one could believe
- he stalks a lot and if he gets caught he plays it off as a coincidence but that’s rare
- he has a shrine of photos and objects that his s/o had.
- he’ll be into them long before they even meet.
- I’m not sure if he tourchures but beware of that red velvet cupcake sweet pea.
- i could see him drugging his s/o from time to time and locking them up if they try to leave.
- he’d go batshit if his s/o gets hurt by anyone.
- highly protective sugar daddy because he’ll give his s/o anything they want besides freedom.
- you can bet your sweet ass that he will tag along with his s/o when he can and that’s often.

- anyone bothering you would be gone in a day
- pet names
- presents out of no where
- neither of them will ever lay a finger on you
- both will give you anything to make you happy but the one thing you might want the most, freedom from them.
- highly protective



  • <p> <b>1p England:</b> So I can either bake these cookies at 400 degrees for ten minutes or 4,000 degrees for one minute.<p/><b>2p England:</b> Arthur no that’s not how you make cookies.<p/><b>1p England:</b> FLOOR IT???<p/><b>2p England:</b> ARTHUR NO.<p/><b>1p England:</b> HOW ABOUT 4,000,000 DEGREES FOR ONE SECOND.<p/><b>2p England:</b> ARTHUR YOU ARE GOING TO BURN THE HOUSE DOWN.<p/><b>1p England:</b> I’M GOING TO HARNESS THE POWER OF THE BLOODY SUN TO MAKE COOKIES.<p/><b>2p England:</b> ARTHUR.<p/></p>

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How would 1P Allies (+ Italy/Romano ) react if the colony they are yandere for wants independence?

1p America: “How funny, I got my Independence too a long time ago and now you want it , I’m sorry dude/duddete but I will not let you leave , you belong to me , ONLY ME .” He would think its a joke but he if he finds out that you aren’t joking around than he will lock you up in his room for a while , and when he comes back he will start telling you , or lecturing you of who you belong to and if you resist than he will have to teach you a lesson of who you belong too~

1p England: “INDEPENDENCE ..AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA IS THIS A JOKE , YOU WILL NEVER DO THAT TO ME , STOP SAYING THAT?!SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP!.“ He will slap you across the face and he will fall to his knees and hug you and he will tell you how much he loves you and everything that he has done for you and he will make you remember your his.

1p France: “Independence………why would you want that ? aren’t you happy with me?!.”He will feel heart broken , he would have you locked up and he will bring you gifts everyday to show his love to you , mostly roses , he will shower you with roses , he will not let you talk about the independence thing and if you do than get ready for the punishment he will give you.

1p Russia: “why will you want independence …….do you want to leave me alone , PLEASE DON’T LEAVE ME ALONE SUNFLOWER. ”He wouldn’t leave you out of his sight and if you try to he will smack you across the face and he will glare at you and when he cools down , he will take you to his rom , he will try to help you to remember who you belong to.

1p China: “ leave , why leave , I can give you everything that you want , just tell me what you want and I will give it to you …….DIDN’T YOU JUST LISTEN , YOU WON’T LEAVE , YOU WILL NEVER LEAVE , YOU ARE MINE , NO ONE ELSE. ” He will lock you up and he will come visit you many times and he will try to convince you that its better of been with him than been independence and if you don’t learn than he just needs to change your mind with a punishment.

1p Canada: “WHAT?! MAPLE WHAT DID I DID WRONG ?! TELL ME PLEASE?! WHY DO YOU WANT TO BE INDEPENDENT ?! NONONO OTHERS MIGHT HURT YOU ! STAY!.” He wouldn’t want you to leave , he would be in a mess , he would be non stop crying and he will tell you how much he loves you and if you try to runaway than you made a big mistake because when he captures you , oh he is going to make you scream.

1p Italy: “Bella why don’t you love me , like I love you , why do you want to leave me ?!” He would be heartbroken and he would be begging you to not leave and if you don’t pay attention than he needs to take control in his own hands and he will make his , he will lock you up and he will teach you a lesson.