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I think I’ve made up my mind, and I’m going to leave the blog.
I created it however, and don’t think I can just leave without it being deleted. I’ll keep the blog up so mod Lafayette can post. If I really wanted to, I could still post. But I really don’t think I will.
This was a lot of fun in the beginning. I enjoyed interacting with everybody, writing for this didn’t seem like a chore a year ago.
I’m not going to go much into it again, but an abusive relationship has sort of deterred me from hetalia. I now have warped thoughts about 2p and 1p England that being back a whole lot of bad memories, and thinking about writing for these characters that gave me so much joy in the beginning makes me feel…bad.
On the small chance that I do find a way to deal with the feelings I have towards this fandom now because of one bad person, I might be back to post again in the future. But if I still decide to not post, I’d like to thank everyone who has been supporters of this blog back when I first made it, as well as others who found it a little later. And thank you Mod Lafayette for keeping it up when I was dealing with the feelings I had towards this all. I’ll miss all of this a lot, and I honestly really do hope that one day I’ll feel better enough to come back, but now I need to go.

If you really want to keep/stay in touch with me, my main blog is @g0rog0ro

-Mod Oliver. Thank you for everyone’s support over the past year+few months.


Woah, that is a lot of questions! Don’t get me wrong; I’m glad to hear you’re excited about this, but golly gee-! Here, I’ve created a little chart on how these classes work so hopefully this makes sense?

Class S is the highest class in this program! It contains government officials, whom were previously time travelers (like myself), and just time travelers in general! They’re the ones that assign missions and the like to Class S Travelers! When you graduate or retire from the Traveler class, you can either go up to be a government official or an instructor for Classes B or C!

Class A is the second highest class! It contains engineers, whom have gone through the general studies and have accelerated pass Class B and C. They’re the ones who operate and create the equipment necessary for time travelling! When meeting the requirements for graduation from this class, you may either stay in Class A or move up to Class S! (Occasionally, when Class S is low on Travelers, they will pick the most elite of the Class A to accompany a Class S Traveler on a mission.)

Class B and C are the third and fourth highest classes! It contains students that are new and being introduced to the program. In this class, they’ll learn the basic rules, mechanics, and science behind time travelling, how it works, and why it’s important.

Anything below these classes would be considered intro-camps where people can spend a week in summer to get a taste of what this program is all about! So yes,  you can enroll but I suggest checking that summer camp first just in case! Happy traveling! And sorry, I’ll answer the other questions later. For now, I gotta blast! >vo)/ 🌠

Sibling crush

When the siblings fight over (s/o) because they have the same crush on her.

America vs Canada:

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Prussia vs Germany:

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Italy vs Romano:

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Japan vs China:

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Iceland vs Denmark

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Other extras, not siblings some and others are.

Spain vs Romano

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Belarus x Ukraine

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England vs America:

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Lithuania vs Poland:

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Russia vs America:

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England vs France:

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1!P England headcanons for the win, yay 😁

♥  Type: Crazy Possessive

♥  Since Arthur was a tsundere to begin with, I can’t see him being the typical yandere who is very affectionate and romantic. Let’s also add that he was once a pirate, so given that, there will be times when he can be rough. Maybe too rough, but that’s all up to his mood.

♥  He has been called the “The King of Losing Things.” Would you eve think for even just a second that he’d be dilly-dallying as a yandere?

After he lost nearly everything he had as a powerful empire, it shouldn’t be surprising why he has such a tight grip on your life.  (You would think he has learned a thing or two from the American Revolution.)

♥  You have no idea how terrified he is of losing you. You will never understand. Because to you, he just seems like he’s trying to control your life. You can’t go, you can’t wear that, you can’t be with that person, etc., etc. And if you so much as rebel, you’ll find freedom slowly slipping away from your hands.

Yes, it is unfair. But what else can he do to make you stay?

♥  But hey. He can be a gentleman. As long as you abide by his rules, then he will treat you fairly and gently. After all, what you give is what you get. You can only see that side of him when you are “behaving.”


♥  Art:

    ♥  Emerald Tears by  コップ

    ♥  American Revolution by lovehunter

♥  Other people who made the same requests:

Collab with @rrururuu to celebrate pride month! She did the lineart and I did the colouring, also sorry this is super late compared to when we first began lol I procrastinate way too much and it feels like a sin
the colours are blinding me and I feel that I ruined it tbh eek,, but to be fair I accidentally deleted all my brushes at this point so I had to work from scratch with things I don’t normally use lol

Allies&Axis x (s/o):Mommy and Daddy

I thought about this, sorry I enter it late.

1p Allies:

1p America: He was back from the meeting, he whistled happily as he went back to home to check on his beloved wife, (s/o).He enters his house as it was a magnificent huge house, big enough to have little kids running around.He walked upstairs as he had hired a doctor himself privately. “Hey Doc, how’s my wife and my child?”, Alfred asked as he walked in with a big smile on his face.The doctor just stood up and look at his papers as he looked at (s/o) and back to Alfred. “She is doing fine Mr.Jones, your wife is in good health and your child will be born sooner, great news Mr.Jones you will become a father now then”, the doctor smiled but felt nervous of this of how he found (s/o), a chain tied to her ankle. “That’s fantastic!”, Alfred yelled as he walked to (s/o) who was sleeping as she breathe slowly. He leaned to her stomach and lay his head on her stomach and put his ear to hear his child moving.He rubbed her stomach with his hand as he smiled big. “Thank you Doc, you will be pay gratefully for this Doc, you can go have a break for a bit now”, Alfred said as he looked at the Doctor.The doctor nodded and he was about to leave the room as he heard Alfred call. “Oh and Doc, you tell someone about this and try to get between my family, there would be consequences, so it’s better to keep quiet, ok.”The doctor felt his blood go cold as he nodded and left the young blonde man be there for his wife and child.


1p England: “Come on love, give me the results”, Arthur demanded as he couldn’t handle it, he wanted to make a family and what he wanted he will do it and now that has been settled and done.“It’s p-positive”, she said as she shows him the pregnancy test, his heart beat fast as he grin.A child at last, he will have a child with (s/o).He hugged her as (s/o) smiled a bit with tears, yes a child she would like to have but what he has done to the people she had around who loved her and what he did to her is something that was taken by force. “Oh love, I wonder if it’ll be a boy or a girl, I don’t mind really, I just can’t believe  I would be a father!”, he was excited as he dragged (s/o) to their bedroom as he laid them down. “Now rest my love, you and the baby need to have lots of rest”, he smiled as he rubbed her stomach and hum to it.He kissed her stomach tenderly as he smiled.(S/o) was frighten a bit as she didn’t knew what to do or say but just watch Arthur massaged her stomach as she knew the baby was still developing but she did felt something small growing in her.She closed her eyes as she felt a kiss be placed in her cheek. “I promise love, I’ll do anything to be the best husband and father of our child.”

1p France: “Mon cher, I’m back from the store, I brought you some sweets for your cravings”, Francis said as he closed the door behind him as he hum a bit as he saw (s/o) laying in the sofa.She had hers hands on her stomach as she rubbed her stomach, that was round and plump.Francis gave her a kiss in the forehead but (s/o) look away as she didn’t want to be kissed by him.He smiled more as he kneeled down to her and kissed her stomach, it was going to be a boy and he was so happy. “Mon petit, you will become big and strong as Papa”, Francis giggled as he felt kicks. (S/o) moan a bit as she push Francis softly as she held her stomach as the baby gave more kicks. “Oh my little one is kicking”, Francis giggled as stood up and looked (s/o). “How about you give me a kiss (s/o), I am your husband after all”, he lean for a kiss but she raised her hand and slapped him across the face.His face look at another direction as he felt his cheek stung with pain.He rubbed it as he looked back at (s/o). “(S/o) that was rude, you should respect me now on, that we will have a child here in this house”, Francis said with a smile. “I don’t want my child to have a father like you”, (s/o) said with disgust as she shifted away. Francis sighed as he looked at her feet, that had two chains connected to each other connected to the foot of the sofa. “Mon amour, if you even behaved well I wouldn’t have to this “, Francis got close to (s/o) and grasp her face harshly and kissed her in the lips as he pulled away leaving a saliva trail. He smirked as (s/o) blushed and looked away as she felt disgusted. “I’ll go make food for us and our little blessing~”

1p Russia: “Sunflower~”, Ivan enter their bedroom as he saw her in the corner in the rocking chair rocking as she fed their baby.The newborn baby boy ate as it moved its tiny hands around a bit.Ivan smiled at the sight as he closed the door behind him and walked towards them. “How are my wife and child?”, Ivan asked as he brushed his child’s cheek gently. (S/o) never took her gaze of the child as she muttered an ok as she looked at her little boy.He had the same hair as her but had Ivan’s eye color, even his skin color.She felt her son pull away from her breast as she knew he was full and put him on her shoulder as she patted his back.Ivan just watches as he smiled and kissed (s/o)’s forehead. “My sisters have made some clothes for him”, Ivan smiled as (s/o) nodded as she sighed as she felt her son cuddle his face in her neck and fall asleep there.Ivan helps her out as he slowly grabs his son gently as walk him to his crib and lay him there.He smiled as he watches his son sleep and turn around to (s/o), he smiled more as he walked to the bed and patted his lap.(S/o) knowing what it meant, she walked as a tracker was revealed in her ankle as it had a flashlight flash in seconds.She sat on his lap as she looks at him as he rubbed her cheek and kissed her. “Isn’t this nice (s/o), we have a family, I have a wife and my son.”

1p China:  “I made you more food and treats, (s/o)~”, Yao said as he carried a plate filled with tasty good food.He saw her sitting up in her bed as she was holding on her stomach, twins,(s/o) was soon to give birth to twins and this made Yao happy.He’ll be a father of twins but most important he will be a great father and husband for (s/o) and his two boys. (S/o) looked at him as she was munching on the last treat he made earlier for her.She watch him as he got close to her and sat near her as he gave her a big grin.He wiped her crumbs of as he kissed her cheek as he placed the tray in her laps as he rubbed her stomach. “You must be tired (s/o), carrying our little ones around”, Yao sighed as he had a happy smile he just couldn’t help it, he had (s/o) as his wife and everything got better when (s/o) was going to give birth of his boys. (S/o) stood there quiet as she raise her hand as it reveal a cuff with a chain in her wrist, as she brushed hair aside and nodded as she didn’t want to talk to him. “Why won’t you talk to me (s/o)”, Yao kissed her hand as he tried to get something out of her. (S/o) ignored him but that made him get more intense as he bit her neck harshly, leaving a bite mark, making her yelp. “Well you can talk like that or real talk~”, he said as he smiled with his eyes half close.He stare at her as he kissed her again but gently in the neck.(S/o) jump a bot as she expected to be harsh but she relaxed as she blushed. “S-stop i-it Yao”, (s/o) said as this made him happy to hear her call his name. “That’s what I like “, Yao said as he grabbed a piece of food and fed her, she took it as she didn’t hesitate, her cravings came back as she felt hungry and ate. Yao smiled, “Eat my dear, you need to be strong for our little ones.~”

1p Canada: “Papa is taking you to bed little one”, Matthew said as he cuddles to their his son’s nose, he giggled as Matthew smiled.His son was 3 and his wife,(s/o) was pregnant again with another since Matthew found out it just made him happy.The baby was going to be a girl and that made him happy, he will have a little princess, same as her mother.Matthew took his son to his room and lay him in his crib. “Go to sleep my little maple”, he said as he watches his doze off, he put a little lullaby player on as he turns off the light and turn on the little night lamp for kids.He smiled as he closed the door and sighed, he smiled more as he walked to their bedroom where (s/o) lay there asleep.He walks to her and lay next to her as he wraps his hand around her waist, feeling her stomach. “My two princess”, he said as he kissed the back of her neck making her shift in her sleep and make little noises.Matt smiled as he snuggled his face into her neck as he kissed her more. “I love you (s/o), I love you with all my heart, these are the happiest moments in my life, I’m your husband and I’m a father too, I love you.~”


1p Axis:

1p Italy: “Bella~ We’re back!~”, Feliciano yelled happily as his 5-year-old girl who smiled at him as they looked at (s/o) who gave them the back as she was cooking. “Mommy!We bought some snacks”, her daughter said as she skipped to the table in the kitchen as she pulls out the snacks out of the bag.(S/o) turn to reveal to be pregnant again, she smiled and walk to her daughter and brushed her hair as Feliciano wrap his hands around her stomach. “Bella~ You looking beautiful as always~”, Feliciano smiled as he kissed her cheek. (S/o) nudge him to leave her alone as her daughter look up to them to see them staring at each other but uncomfortably. “Daddy?Mommy?what’s wong?”, she said as Feliciano looked at her daughter. “Mommy is just happy and daddy too, daddy is happy for mommy being daddy’s wife and making him a daddy”, he smiled as he brushed her daughter’s cheek. “Daddy is the best Daddy!”, she said as she smiled and kept eating her snacks she got. Feliciano and rubbed (s/o)’s stomach. “See bella~ You make all of us happy, I love you, I love you (s/o).~”


1p Germany: “A nice walk will keep you and the baby healthy”, Ludwig held her hand as he was overprotective of her.He didn’t take her out for some reasons, but now (s/o) was pregnant and he needed to anything to keep them healthy so nothing can go wrong.He will cold glare at men who pass by them who will look away scared and walk faster.He looks around as he watches (s/o) look down at the sidewalk, they looked emotionless, this made him concerned. “Are you ok, do you feel tired?”,he watched her more as she hooked her head. “No….”, that’s all that he got from (s/o). “No, something’s wrong, do you want to sit down ?”, he held her hand close to his chest as (s/o) looked at him. “The only problem.Is you.You.You are my problem”, she gritted her teeth as she tried to pull away from her hand but Ludwig wouldn’t let her go. “Let me go you damn maniac!”,(s/o) kept struggling as she looks around to her bad luck, no one was around.She felt tears as she tried to run, maybe he will loose the grip but he didn’t.He pulled her close to his chest as he hugged her.She cried as she hit his chest but he just hugged her tight and shush her. “Now, don’t get mad, it’s bad for the baby, you need to accept that we are something now.A family and I love you, you gave me the bestest thing, a child, and I’m going to be a dad and you will be my wife and that’s it.”

1p Japan: “I made you some tea, this will relieve you from feeling dizzy”, Kiku placed the cup on the table as (s/o) laid there with pillows on her back, hand .helping her sit comfortably. Kiku sat next to her as he smiled happily as he took her hand. “We should try finding names for the baby”, he massages her hand.She glared at him as she spoke, “How about taking the cuff out of my ankle and stop keeping me sealed up from the world”, she disgustingly looked at him but he just smiled and patted her hand. “You’re so cute when you’re grumpy, but don’t be like that, it’s bad for the baby silly.”This irritated her, slaps the cup out of the table. “FUCK YOU!I HATE YOU!”,she cried out.Kiku sighed and went to clean the spilled tea as he picked up the cup.He walked to the door as he was about to close it . “(S/o), there’s no way out.So get used to accepting me, I’m a daddy and your a mommy~”

1p & 2p Reaction to American S/O and 2016 Election result
  • 1p & 2p America: So, I've made plans for you to stay in Canada for the next 4 years. He'll keep you safe, babe.

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can we get Head canons for 1p England and kidnapped S/o

Honestly he has lost so many people he cares about that he could never handle losing someone else

Arthur Is very controlling, and enjoys having power over people

Kiss your freedom goodbye, because he will probably set up a single room for you that you can’t leave without him, leaving you completely dependant on him

Won’t be an overly glamorous setup, really just the necessities, He needs you to depend on him, nothing else. He wants to be your soul solace in life.

Very harsh, don’t test him or you will find yourself in trouble, feels that he needs to discipline you.

Not shy about torture, the English invented some really messed up ways to hurt people,

he isn’t afraid to leave marks, as long as you are alive and dependant on him he really doesn’t care

Will probably use magic to make you forget everything and make you love him

Honestly, you are a pet to him. Here at his leisure, gone when he gets bored of you.

That being said, he does still care about you, not that you are sane or happy, but that you are alive and with him.

Man and Wife: Allies x(s/o)-(2/??)

“Come on love, one kiss ~”,Arthur said as he reeked of alcohol, he was towering on (s/o),she struggle and whimper as Arthur was pushing her down to the bed more.(S/o) cried in pain as Arthur yanked her hand as he kissed her neck roughly. The other five men watch as they smirk to the scene.Francis was in her right side as he brushed her hair  slowly as in the other side Yao chuckled as he listen to her whimpers. Front of the bed there was a sofa and an arm chair to the right side to it.Alfred leaning back as he watch the scene and his brother Matthew sat there with one of his leg cross as he hugged his bear,Kumajiro.In the arm chair sat Russia as he lean to one of his hands as he had that smile he always wear on. “Hey eyebrows I want to kiss her too”, Francis said as he smacked a bit Arthur’s back head. Arthur got pissed as he turn his head to Francis. “You damn frog! Can’t you see I’m busy here!”, Arthur said as he loose the grip of (s/o)’s wrist. “Well someone is acting selfish as always.Might be maybe you got someone now to love you.”, he chuckled, this irritated Arthur and Arthur launch at Francis as they were fighting again now.Yao sighed but smiled as he lean at (s/o) kissing their cheek, (s/o) whimpered as Yao lifted up her hand and kissed it to her palm to down as he gaze at her. Alfred sighed as Matthew gaze at Francis and England fighting , they sighed as they stood up and pull them apart. “Come at me again frog !”, Arthur said as he pulled away from Alfred. “Sit down now Arthur, you’re drunk”, Alfred said as Arthur sat where Alfred sat earlier. Matthew sat Francis too with Arthur as they glare at each other but they didn’t argue, they just look away from each other. Alfred sighed as he looked at (s/o), were Yao was gently giving her kisses. “You’re so cute when you whimper (s/o)”, he giggled as he rubbed her cheek. Alfred walked to the king size bed as he crawled on top of (s/o). “Don’t leave me out of the fun”, Alfred smirked as he kissed her neck making (s/o) moan. “S-stop”, (s/o) said as she struggled more. She gasp a bit as she felt Alfred go under her bride dress and squeeze her bum. “S-stop! Don’t t-touch me!”, (s/o) yelled as she was kicking her legs a bit. “Don’t be like that sunflower~”, Ivan said as he was at her right side now. He attacked her as he kissed her right side of her neck , she couldn’t handle this. This was too much. “Stop I said!”, she yelled again. “But you look so cute like that , maple”, Matthew join as he took out a camera. “I want join, Mon amour”, Francis said as crawl on the bed , lifting (s/o)’s dress, kissing her thigh , leaving hickeys there. “Don’t leave out of it you damn wankers”, Arthur said as he stumble to the bed and kissed (s/o)’s other thigh as she squirm. “Stop it! You’re all disgusting! G-get of me!”, (s/o) cried as she bit her lips trying to avoid from moaning. Matthew watch her by the right side of the bed and smiled as he lift up the camera. “Say cheese”, he smiled as he took pictures. Alfred lifted her up a bit unzipping her dress. As the other got it what he was trying to do as they all weared a smirk as they pulled of her dress and this caught (s/o)’s attention. She felt sick, afraid,she was screaming now of horror as she felt the dress be pulled of her. She was in her panties, white panties and bra. She felt embarrassed as she heard chuckles around her. “You look so cute in those panties”,Yao said. “Look how much I marked you up, sunflower", Ivan said. “God how much I want you now”, Alfred said. “Your moans are music to my ears , love”, Arthur said. “You’re skin is so soft, Mon Amour”, Francis said. It was driving her crazy, she moan more until her eyes landed on Matthew. “How about you scream more, for the camera, maple~”, he said as he lifted up the camera and the flash of light hit her eyes.

(S/o) awoke as she open her eyes slowly. Her neck sting as hell and her legs hurt too. She look up to see she was alone in the room, the guys weren’t there no more. “Hello”, a voice said, looked around and saw Kumajiro.(S/o) feel a bit nervous around the bear but calm down as the little bear climb in her bed and dat in her legs. “Who are you?”, the bear said. “I’m (S/o)”,she said as she smiled a bit as she found it cute of the bear. “Oh you’re Canada’s bride”, Kumajiro said as he looked at you more. You tried to deny it but he spoke to you first, “Why do you have bruises all around your body? “You tense up a bit as you stood up slowly letting the bear sit on the bed as you walk towards a huge mirror to look at your reflection from top to bottom. She blush as she was in her panties but she saw that she had bruises and bite marks from bottom to top. “I I um…..”, she didn’t knew what to answer to the bear. “Might be of what those men were doing to you yesterday”, Kumajiro said as he got down from the bed. She walked a bit. They only kissed her roughly, nothing else happen, she was relief as she looked at the bear. “Do you know where they are?”, she asked as she looked at the door. “Mmmm they might be doing breakfast right now, I’ll go tell them you’re awake”, Kumajiro said as (s/o) grew alert of what he said. “Wait don’t please d-, she was late to it, he already left. She looked nervous about the place as she looked around, they look fancy,nice place but she didn’t want to be here, they keep her like a prisoner and now she’s their wife. She looked at herself,god,how could she just let them but what else can she do. She wiped the tears that were flowing in her cheek as she looked at the closet.
“I should look if there’s any clothes for me”, (s/o) said as she walked towards the closet and grabbed the doorknob and open to reveal beautiful clothes. Her eyes gaze to a red short summer dress, it look nice and basic nothing fancy. She grabbed it and went to change as she twirl in her dress she looked at herself in the mirror. ‘It’s my size. They must of been preparing for this day’, she thought as she felt nervous as she looked at her neck,hickeys everywhere and her arms. They just got on top of her. They did what they wanted. But she was happy that it didn’t went anything more intense. She sighed as she heard the door creak open slowly, she froze as she heard a voice.

“Rise and shine (s/o)~”

2p as Diabolik Lovers (season 1) characters.
2p France: Reiji

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2p Canada: Subaru

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2p Japan: Shu

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2p England: Kanato

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2p China: Laito

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2p Italy: Ayato 

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1p Italy: Yui C:

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