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Have you ever watched the TV series weeds? And if so, are you excited as I am for the 8th season?

Man July 1st is NOT coming fast enough! so yes. i am, and yes i do, but im also super sad, cause its the finale season!

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i've always wondered why people feel the need to go on anon and try to make others feel bad about themselves. fuck what the anon's say. also I love how you just tell them the fuck off :)

Thank you darling :),

i wouldnt tell someone something anonymously. I dont want cowards following me. My blog is a positive space.

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why do you think it looks so bad? it looks great :) make sure you show us when it gets color! gonna be dope AF

i dont know. i just really entirely and truly hate it. and ill make sure i do :3 i wanted to do it tonight,  but my mother doesnt want me corrupting 8year olds with my soon to be blue hair…but they saw me with green hair >.>