Sehun - 150611 Weibo account update: “#反手摸到肚脐身材好#”

Translation: “#He who can touch his belly by reaching around his back has a good figure#1

Credit: wu世勋-EXO. (1Note: This hashtag is currently trending on Weibo, and is attached to photos of people trying the pose shown above. Sehun appears to have decided to try it for himself, upon observing the trend.)


Lay - 141221 Weibo account update: “穿很安全去买了肯德基 找了3家店 找到我的玩偶 谢谢大家的支持”

Translation: “Dressed safely1 to buy KFC, found my toy after looking in 3 stores2, thank you everyone for your support.”

Credit: 努力努力再努力x . (1Note: so as to not be recognised, 2Note: presumably the toy was sold out in the first two stores he visited)

Beneath My Wings

Pt. 2

Pt. 1 is here, requested by anon here and based on this imagine  from @imaginexhobbit, submitted by @thatkgrl:

Imagine Thranduil being transported to our world as an elfling & you’re the one who has to take care of him. Many Middle-earth years later after he goes back to Middle-earth, you’re part of the Company and get captured by the elves & when you’re brought before Thranduil, he gets very emotional in front of everyone and draws you into a tight hug because he missed you so much

Setting: Real world and Middle Earth, ten years after the last event of Pt. 1

Notes: Thanks to the anons + @queenofwands@allyallyally-oh for the encouragement || I don’t own “Wind Beneath My Wings

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Lay - 150414 ‘The Baby From Universe’s’ weibo update: “#从天儿降#剧组正在面临一个技术性的难题:电脑上的字儿是怎么打出来的?请来“网管”小张(艺兴拔拔)出手,问题迎刃而解:“喏,首先下载一个智能ABC输入法……”,魏拔严肃而认真地学习着,心想果然是二十一世纪的信息技术人才啊!”

Translation: “#The Baby From Universe# Production team is currently facing a technical problem: how do the words on the computer get typed out? Having invited network manager Little Zhang (Yixing) to tackle it, the problem was easily solved: "There, first download an intelligent ABC-keystroke entering software……”, Wei-ba1 learnt it seriously and with focus, thinking about, as expected it’s a talent from the technological era in the 21st century!“

Credit: 电影从天儿降. (1Note: director Wei Nan)

We were off to a strong 24hr start but it appears like we’ve flat-lined the past few days. ;__; Granted 30k is a lot. But like I’ve been saying it’s the bare basic to get in all the features we want for Beta. We’re looking for roughly around 1200-1500 backers to get us to that goal. And currently we have 39 backers.  

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If you make a pledge you are not charged until the Kickstarter is successful and only if the Kickstarter is successful. So the money is only withdrawn September 18th.
I’ve been trying to reach out and some of you may have gotten an email from me. We’re trying everything we can to get the word out including contacting some press. fingers crossed we can get at least one major media site to write something about us. 

Thanks for your support so far I enjoy reading some of nice things said about us. 

Pumpkin-Online is a Harvest-Moon / Animal Crossing inspired mmo currently in development by indie game company, Pumpkin Interactive, we need a lot of support to make this happen so please follow, and spread the word about us

Suho - 160611 Actor Ryu Junyeol’s Instagram update: “수호와 수호가 만났는데 왜심 장 이 뛰니.”

Translation: “When Suho and Suho1 met, why was my heart beating2.”

Credit: ryusdb. (1Note: Ryu Junyeol is currently starring in the drama ‘Lucky Romance’ in which his character is called ‘Suho’; 2Note: lyrics from 'Monster’.)


Summary: Arranged marriage in the twenty-first century might have been uncommon, but not unheard of. “Your mom’s a certified lunatic, your brother’s a prick and you’re a creep,” she grinned. “Fantastic gene pool.”

 Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8. Part 9.  Part 10 Part 11. snip.


i) Some of you might get the wrong idea. Arranged is not about The Big Yes. It is about falling in love mostly because you don’t have any other choice but to make it work.

ii) What Mikoto did in the beginning? Showing up unannounced and asking for her hand in marriage? Things like that happen all the time from where I come from.


Marriage is an outdated institution, and that love is nothing but a chemical reaction in the brain.—Meg Cabot [Boy Next Door Series]


Sakura felt her hackles rise, had to take a deep calming breath before she could face yet another Uchiha. There was a striking resemblance in that family, and this one had certainly inherited the crazy beautiful of that gene pool. He was languidly sitting in the on-call room’s stuffy chair, arms akimbo, looking harmless enough.

“Good evening. I’m Uchiha Itachi.” He nodded his head cordially and motioned for her to sit down. She screwed her face in an expression of not again, then resigned herself to another session of chemically unbalanced, well meaning, neurosis.

“Hey,” she said, warily. “Just so we’re clear, I’m not going to marry your cousin or brother or whatever. Neither do I want your money.”

“My brother, actually,” he smiled affably, then said, “Why ever would I think that?”

“I don’t know,” said Sakura slowly, “You tell me.”

Itachi laughed good naturedly. He saw her cautious, tightly wound posture and felt the small niggle of doubt gnawing at his chest vanish. He found her exotic looking pink hair quite strange. Her forehead was…a little wide, but looked oddly proportional. But her eyes were what struck him. They were the brightest, greenest one’s he’d ever seen in his life.

“You are exquisite,” he intoned gallantly.

“Yeeaah, okay. You’re creepy,” she said, shoulders finally relaxing.


“Your mom’s a certified lunatic, your brother’s a prick and you’re a creep,” she grinned. “Fantastic gene pool.”

Itachi blinked slowly, then laughed. It was a soft, breathy sound, and despite the circumstances of their meeting, it sounded like a happy one.

“You want to tell me why your family’s stalking me?” she asked casually, taking off her lab coat and throwing it onto the bunk, then flopping down to face him.

“Yes, well,” he grimaced. “I’m afraid I’m following in my mother’s footsteps—“

“Whoa,” she laughed, not without humor. “Stop right there.”

“Listen to me, Sakura,” he said, doing a complete one eighty, face suddenly void of emotion.


“You’re a good girl. A talented girl,” he said, leaning forward in the chair, looking into her eyes as if trying to see into her soul. “And given the right circumstances, the right funding, the right people backing you, you can go a long ways.”

A deep-seated scowl etched its way onto Sakura’s face, accompanied by a decidedly homicidal glint in her eyes. “Did you just try to bribe me?”

“No,” he replied, calm as the night sky, but she could hear the thunder in the quiet of his tone. “I prefer to call it quid pro quo. Something for something.” There was a strange enigmatic gleam in his eyes, now.

Uchiha Itachi—who had just moments before seemed debonair, charming and refined, now seemed like an unmitigated snake. Sakura grappled with the anger burning in her veins. “And what is it that you want from me?”

“I just want you to marry my brother, make him happy.”

Just, that?” she asked, her voice mocking, “Why don’t I throw falling hopelessly in love in there and we’ll have a bargain, huh?”

“I wouldn’t object at all.”

“What is wrong with you people?!” she cried, groping around helplessly in her mind for words adequate enough to describe the insanity of this clan. “Why me? There are billions of girls out there who’d LOVE to be in your creepy little family! Just leave me alone!”

“That is exactly why we want you. Because you don’t want anything to do with us.”

“That’s crazy and you’re insane.”

“So I’ve heard,” he noted wryly, “But it is not a bad bargain I offer. Where are you going to work after your Residency?”

“I haven’t thought yet—“

“How many student loans do you still have to pay?”

She didn’t reply.

“Do you always want to put maximum hours for a minimum wage?”

“My job is rewarding enough.”

“I’m sure it is. As well as tedious and utterly pointless. Now imagine this,” he said, his already ram-rod posture straightening impossibly, “A fellowship at Senju Memorial along with an unlimited funding for whatever you decide your research should be,” he stopped, make sure he was looking directly into her eyes, “And of course, learning internship under Tsunade Senju, herself.”

The notion hit her like a ton of bricks, and suddenly, all the air whooshed out of her lungs. Tsunade Senju. He was bribing her with Tsunade Senju; who’se work in cellular regeneration was the pinnacle of scientific miracles. Anyone in their right mind would’ve killed for that opportunity. Itachi smiled kindly, and some primal part of her brain wanted to rip his teeth out.

“Think about it.” He stood up, collecting his coat from the back of the chair, then gave her one, last searching look. “And if you make up your mind, Sasuke will be waiting for you at The Arcadian, in two days. Breakfast, eight on the dot.”


Hinata wound an arm around Sakura’s shoulder while Naruto bristled on the other side. Ino looked contemplative.

“You aren’t considering it, Sakura-chan?” he asked angrily. “Please tell me you aren’t!”

Sakura rubbed her temples and let out an aggravated noise.

“Shut up, Naruto,” Ino snapped.

Naruto scowled. “You, shut up!” He had never quite gotten over the tragic first year of Ino getting to know Sakura. He still cringed when she called her Billboard Brow.

“He’s a manipulative bastard!” he yelled, knocking a fist on the table, blue eyes shining with fervor. “Also, you said this Sasuke guy’s a prick! No, Sakura-chan!”

Hinata put her other hand on his clenched fist, and his shoulders sagged a little.

“Listen, Sakura,” Ino started, “let’s say he’s a jerk and a snake and a creep and other than being great to look at, he has virtually no redeeming qualities.”

“Yes—“ Naruto nodded his head fervently, and Ino shot him a dangerous look.

“But still,” she continued, “he’s a powerful man.”

No!” Naruto leaned forward, eyes wide and frantic. “No, Sakura-chan!”

Sakura patted his head affectionately. It wasn’t often, when Naruto was at a loss for words. “What do you think, Hinata?”

Even though she’d overcome her innate shyness for the most part, it still resurfaced now and then. She became reticent and bashful, and could never meet anyone’s eyes. Sakura felt bad for putting her in an uncomfortable situation.

“I think,” she said softly, “that you should do what you think is best for you.”

“I know,” Sakura whined, “but what is best for me?”

“Whatever’s important to you.”


Uchiha Itachi was a manipulative bastard. Somehow, she noted acerbically, he had known exactly where to hit.

What was the most important thing in her life, she asked herself. Her parents, she thought. And after that, her career. Ever since she had been old enough to understand the meaning of success, she had aspired to it. Being the best at whatever she tried, it had become somewhat of a no-brainer. She remembered winning an art completion once, when she was very young, a cooking competition in fourth grade. She was versatile, and very proud of it.

Exploring the human body, creating new ways to fix the internal workings of it, had always been a rush. The sight of a cleanly cut body, the blood inside it, it made her heart vibrate. She liked the beautiful logic of the circulatory system, the elegance of the neurological phenomenon and the fierce warrior spirit of the heart. The body had rules and quirks. Sakura respected that. She wanted to get acquianted with those quirks, to know them so well that when death came knocking, she wanted to send it in a tail spin. She wanted to be the best and she wasn’t afraid to admit it.

But what was being offered here, and what was being asked in return, were completely out of proportion. They were asking for her entire life, in return for what?

A better one, a small part of her brain reasoned.

Whenever she had envisioned a future, she had always visualized a bright spotlight, a cheering crowd and the cool, heavy weight of the Lasker shield in her hands. Never had she imagined a family—a husband. She had never, she thought clinically, dreamed of lazy Sunday mornings and a warm tangle of limbs.

For some reason, even she herself couldn’t fathom, love, had never been in her life itinerary. People said love was the best feeling, but, she thought, finding a toilet when you’re having diarrhea was probably better.


The morning was impossibly bright, the birds were inarguably loud and his mood was unfathomably black. He was twenty-seven years old, he thought fretfully, and he was proposing to the crazy bitch on wheels he didn’t even like.

“Hey,” she plopped down in the seat opposite to him, then set down her bag and peered at him. He looked back calmly, noticed how she was more confident this time.  In fact, she bore herself proudly, with a firm, almost haughty demeanor. She motioned the waiter over, “An Orange Creamsicle frappuccino.”

He made a face. “Really?”

Those dark eyes taunted her, and Sakura felt heat rise to her cheeks. “Yes, well, not everyone takes their coffee to match their soul—bitter and black.”

They sat there, staring at each other in extreme contempt as the air around them started cracking under the intense pressure of barely repressed resentment.

Then Sakura exhaled sharply and slanted a careful look at him. “Look, there’s no graceful way of saying this,” she started, “so, um, sure, let’s get married.”

As soon as her words sunk in, a blush started burning itself into Sasuke’s dazed features. She smirked at his flustered countenance, and thanked the waiter as he set down her frap. She took a dainty sip. “Of course, there are certain conditions,” she continued, “so let’s hash them out, ok?”

He scoffed. “You want more than what is being offered already?”

She leveled him a stony look. She’d only ever met him once, but was figuring out that he must have a habit of hiding his discomfort under layers of frigidity.

“Yes, Sasuke,” she said, semi-civil and ominous. “But first of all, I want to know why you agreed to this.”

He didn’t want to give her the satisfaction of answering, but even he was willing to admit that would’ve been petty and childish, and if they were going to be spending the rest of their lives together, he figured the least he could do was be polite. “I think you might be the lesser of the two evils.”

She blinked, then leaned back in her chair, a curious expression on her face. “Care to elaborate?”

Sasuke felt the ridiculousness of the situation, the utter hare-brained, half-baked reasoning behind his decision and heat seared up his neck, all the way up his ears. “None of your business,” he snapped.

Sakura cast a heavy glower in her direction. “It is if you’re going to be my husband,” she retorted. “Do you understand the meaning of that word, Sasuke?”

A muscle twitched in his jaw and he could feel the beginnings of a migraine throbbing in his right eye.

“It means, that for better or for worse,” she said, “you’re going to have to spend the rest of your life with me.”

There was a loaded pause, where Sasuke considered storming off, but then she opened her mouth again.

“I don’t know about you,” she said, “but I’ve thought about this a lot, and if I’m going to do this, I need to at least understand why you’re doing this.”

He was obstinate, sometimes even pig-headed, but he understood that there was a time and a place for everything. And this was not it. So he glared at her formidably.  “I—,” he started, stopped, huffed out an irritated breath. “You are the only option that I have which isn’t my family indirectly controlling my fate.” And the truth of those words punched him in the gut. It wasn’t an asinine decision, he thought. He was making the only choice he could make that didn’t cage him in. If he married one of the girl’s Fugaku picked out for him, then he knew that with that marriage, would come an expectation, a burden, a presumption that what he had, was, for and would always be in the name of Uchiha. Not Sasuke. Just Uchiha.

But with this—marrying this girl—it gave him a liberty—no matter how small it may have been, it was still a small relief. It would give him the time and the space needed to prove his worth, to be the person he knew he was capable of being. And given his choices, he would take what he could.

The relief he felt after saying that was like a burden being lifted off his shoulders. Acceptance was a strong thing, he could feel it now. Sasuke didn’t like indecision. Indecision was a sign of weakness. Indecision meant you were betraying your own convictions. It was simply unacceptable. As all the doubts of the past few days suddenly seeped out of him, he felt his insides unwind for the first time in days. His gaze was steady on hers now, and judging by the look on her face, she could tell.

“Okay,” she nodded. She wasn’t satisfied with his answer, he could tell, but she didn’t say anything. And he was grateful for that.

“Ground rules?” he asked.

She gave him half a smile, then fished out a pen from her purse, took a napkin and started. “First off,” she said, scrawling a slanted 1, “If you ever—ever—cheat on me,” here she gave him an intense, no-nonsense glare, “I will rip your nut-sack off,” she said lowly, a terrifying smirk twisting her bright features into something dark and dangerous.

The side of his mouth quirked into a small, unintentional smile. “And if you ever cheat on me?”

“I would never,” she said, “But just in case, you can make it so that I could never work as a doctor again. Fair?”

“…Fair,” he agreed grudgingly.

”Second. If you suck at sex, then you’re going to pay for all the battery operated boyfriends I would require for the rest of my life. Also, I won’t sleep with you unless absolutely necessary—and by that I mean when we have to sprout a spawn from your demon seed.”

“I promise you, it won’t come to that,” he assured, looking everywhere but at her.

“Every guy says that,” she grinned, then sobered up and looked him straight in the eye, “which leads me to…if you ever force yourself on me, Uchiha, I will castrate you with a blunt knife, crush your bones to very fine dust and bathe in your blood.”

He was taken aback by the gravity in her tone, slightly offended but understanding. “I would die a thousand painful deaths, before it comes to that.”

She nodded once. “I want you to know that I’m trusting you with my life, here. Don’t screw with it.”


“Okay,” she said. “Now, let’s talk children.”

“You’ve thought about this a lot, haven’t you?” he asked, reluctantly impressed.

“Of course,” she admonished, “Like I said, this is my life, here.”

“Okay,” he nodded politely.

“Anyway,” she continued, “I don’t want any kids, yet.”


“But when the time is right,” she said, leaning forward, “I think one would be enough, with an option for two?”

He sat back, contemplative, “Two, with an option for three,” he negotiated.

“You’re just saying that to piss me off, aren’t you?” she smirked.


She cocked her head, birdlike. “We shall see, then,” she said pleasantly, “Oh, and if you don’t love our kids, or try to hurt them in any way, there would be bloodshed.”


“Agreed,” she said, slamming the pen on their table and taking a long sip of her drink. “Put it in a contract, then. And send me a copy.”

“That’s it?” he asked, “What about my conditions?”

“Aw,” she laughed, amused, “Are you leaving everything constant that you hold dear in your life, and marrying a complete stranger?”

Something in her tone made him feel like a cranky grandfather. “Yes,” he bit out.

She gave him a thoughtful look, then shrugged. “What do you want?”

He said nothing and she grinned at him. “You just said that to pick a fight, didn’t you? Cute.”

“Don’t be annoying,” he snapped impatiently.

She inclined her head and her cheek came to rest in the palm of his hand.  “Aw, are you going to hiss and bare your kitty claws at me?” he cooed in a mocking tone.

Sasuke immediately dug into his pocket for an Asprin. He suddenly realized that this woman was so fucking annoying he didn’t know if he could make it through his life without large doses of horse tranquilizer.


Her parents looked at her as if she’s sprouted antlers.

“Are you sure about this, honey?” her mother asked cautiously.

She shrugged. “Nope. But it’s a risk I’m willing to take.”

She knew her parents had long since been waiting for her to find a…prince charming, she thought with distaste. They were the kind of people who believed in silly things like, grand gestures, romantic strolls on the beach, watching the sunset together. She didn’t begrudge them their beliefs but she never shared in them either.

“I just want you to know, Sakura-chan,” her father said, his usually perky moustache drooping, “the world is a jigsaw puzzle. And somewhere there’s a fit for you.”

“Thank you, Daddy,” she smiled, a warm bubble of love rising in her chest. “That’s very sweet and very cliché.”

Kizashi’s shoulders wilted and Sakura felt her heart give a little.

“I promise you, it’s going to be alright, okay?”

It didn’t look like they believed her, but they didn’t say anything else, so neither did she.


Mikoto’s quiet, Sasuke suspected, was the calm before the storm. Because when he explained the situation, she didn’t jump for joy, nor did she tear up. Neither did she subject him to one of her formidable death hugs. Instead, she smiled and sat him down, her eyes glazed with worry.

“I don’t want you to give up your pride to make me happy, Sasuke-kun,” she said. “I want you to be proud and then make me happy. Don’t kill your pride to do that. It hurts me just as much as it hurts you.”

Sasuke gave her hand a reassuring pat on the hand, and said, “Of course mother.”

“Good,” she smiled.

“Oh, and,” she made a slight face, “your friends called.”


When Uchiha Mikoto frowned upon something as severely as she’d frowned when she said ‘your friends’, Sasuke immediately figured out who it might have been. There were close to none people on this planet his mother wasn’t obnoxiously kind to, and his old pal’s Suigetsu and Karin were the entirety of them. He wasn’t as much of a saint as his mother pretended he was. There had been a distinct…stint of rebellion in his teen years, that neither he, nor his family were very fond of.

Sure enough, as soon as he entered his apartment, there they were; Suigetsu sprawled out on his sleek, low-rise, high-end, very expensive leather couch, a small bundle clutched to his chest like a treasure. Karin was rooting around in his fridge.

“Hey, man,” said Suigetsu, carefully extracting an arm and waving at him.

Karin glowered. “Careful, or she’ll wake up.”

Sasuke’s rebellion may or may not have included a side dash of gang activity. He’d met Suigetsu and Karin in the sad looking borough that was ruled by The Snake, at that time. He’d made sure to get them out along with himself. It was a dysfunctional friendship, but one he’d come to rely on over the years.

“Shut up,” Suigetsu whispered across the room, “You’re the one who’ll wake her up.” Then comically turned his face this way and that to make sure the small baby in his arms hadn’t woken up.

If their friendship had been dysfunctional, then the relationship between Suigetsu and Karin could have given the most socially impaired person heebie-jeebies. It was based on pure, demonic hatred; they fought like rabid dogs, liked to tear each other down, and Karin might or might not have had a crush on Sasuke. But somewhere along the way, things had changed; they still fought like crazy, but Sasuke could feel the well-worn habitual instinct behind those words; neither of them hurt.

Then about two years ago, Karin showed up at his apartment, chin wobbling and eyes wet with unshed tears. She’d hurled herself into his chest and clung on like a leech. A little maneuvering—and a tiny bit of manipulation that Sasuke was not proud of later—they’d made up. A year after they had become the proud parents of Hana Himitsu-Hozuki.

Despite Suigetsu’s incessant and sometimes ill perceived tries, Karin still hadn’t agreed to married him. He’d, since then, made it his personal mission in life to convince her otherwise.

Anyone with two eyes and a semi-functional brain could tell the two of them were hopelessly in love—minus the four inch layer of dysfunction. And Sasuke had no intention of dealing with it right then.

“Go away,” he said, tiredly.

“You go away,” snapped Karin.

“This is my home,” he grit out.

There was a loud clang and a whole carton of milk was spilled out of the stainless steel pan that Sasuke, feeling slowly dawning horror, used to fry spaghetti. At that same moment, Hana woke up with a resounding wail and Suigetsu let out a string of curses that make Karin howl, “My daughteeeeer,” almost like a banshee.

Sasuke let his body lean against the door and heaved a helpless sigh and resigned himself to a night of endless, horrifying fiasco’s.


“You bih’!”

“What was that shit-face?” Karin asked, almost sweetly. She had Suigetsu’s cheek pinched tightly between the fingers and thumb of her right hand while she cradled, Hana, who was being bounced reassuringly on her hip, with her left.

“I sai’ you bih’—OW!” Karin was twisting his cheek just so, so that every once in a while he would howl out a painful protest.

Despite his foul mouthed protests, Sasuke who was cleaning the mess in the kitchen, noticed that Suigetsu wasn’t exactly bargaining hard to get out of her hands either. Neither could he ignore the hypocrisy of Karin cussing in the presence of their daughter, herself.

“Listen to me, Suigetsu,” said Karin, voice brimming with barely repressed rage, “You use that foul mouth in front of her and I’ll castrate you with a dull cheese grater, make testicle fondue and have rabid dogs for a tasting party with your severed genitals as the main course. Understand?”

On the other side of the apartment Sasuke felt himself blanch a little. On his side, Suigetsu merely nodded his head, and Sasuke figured that this might have been a routine occurrence in their household. He hoped to Kami, these two figured their shit out before that child grew up.

“Yo, Sasuke,” Suigetsu called out.



Sasuke frowned at the easy command but went into the lounge anyway. Karin abruptly thrust Hana in his arms and stunned speechless, he held on gingerly. The baby gurgled in his arms, and he had a flashback of Sakura discussing their future children with him. He felt himself balk.

“Now,” said Karin, “What’s all this non-sense with this marriage thing.”

Sasuke understood now, that putting Hana in his arms was a carful strategy, so that he couldn’t run away, or ignore this conversation. He could’ve put the baby on the couch, but wasn’t sure of the right way to do so. So he held on and gave them an almost wounded look, grudgingly respectful.

“Who told you?” he asked.


“You talk to Itachi?” he asked, deadpan and not quite astounded but close.


“Since when?”

“Not the point, here,” said Suigetsu. Hana was squirming in his arms and Suigetsu was getting antsy.

“Spill,” said Karin, her voice uncharacteristically commanding, and Sasuke felt himself speak, “It’s just…I’m marrying her.”

“We know. But do you want to?” Karin asked, knowing full well that Sasuke was too protective of his heart to ever allow himself to open up and possibly get hurt.

“Yes,” he said, but both Karin and Suigetsu suspected that he was being stubborn and unnecessarily prideful. They let it go.

“Sasuke,” Karin starts, “Just make sure you…don’t break this girl’s heart.”

“Believe me,” he said, smile thin and sharp as knife, “There won’t be anything to break.”


Part 3

Misguided Constellations (Part 2)

Part 1

Note: Well this only took me 84 years to finish. I am so sorry, college has been keeping me extremely busy. Also warning, this is angsty. When do I not write angst though?

“Isadora!” Farkle screeched as he caught sight of Smackle and ran up to her. His lanky body hovered over her smaller frame.

She gave him a toothy grin as he leaned down to hug her gently. He let go, the soft smile on his face dissolved as he noticed Lucas standing next to her.

“You weren’t off making out with my girlfriend, were you, Freak Face?” Farkle said uneasily, pulling Smackle a little closer to him.

Smackle punched him softly on the arm, “No such thing happened Honey Buckets. I just ran into Lucas, he seemed lost. Poor guy had a mental meltdown as he walked out of his math class.”

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Chanyeol - 150221 Instagram account update: “서언아 서준아..너네를 형아가 어떻게하면 좋니ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ나도 나중에 저런아이들을….😊”

Translation: “Seoeun and Seojoon1.. What should I do with you twoㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ I want kids like them later in the future as well….󾌵”

Credit: real___pcy. (1Note: child protagonists of the KBS variety show ‘Superman Returns’)

[”history of japan” voice] It’s time for MUUU-SIC TUUUES ♫

today’s track is not a new release, but a remaster! i initially put this out in 2014, but i’ve had the intention to touch it up for quite a while now (i actually started doing that almost a year ago lmao). ah, perfectionism.

anywho, here it is. enjoy some chill vibes, and thanks for listening!

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Chanyeol - 150621 Instagram account update: “노노 엑소가 지켜줄껀데!?😜 #걱정마EXO가EXOL지켜줄께”

Translation: “Nono1 EXO will be the ones doing the protecting😜 #Don'tworryEXOwillprotectEXOL”

Credit: real__pcy. (1Note: the original 150621 Exoplanet fan project banner read ‘Don’t worry❤EXO-L will protect EXO,’ during the course of the concert Chanyeol altered it to say 'Don’t worry❤EXO will protect EXO-L’)