It’s so easy loving you. 

Currently LSS-ed to Alyssa Bernal’s Easy. It’s such a meaningful song and I can relate to it a lot. “Think i’ve known you all my life, even though we met in May.” Although we didn’t really meet in May, i’ve known him since before because of school and all.. that’s when we started talking. :) And it really is easy loving Anjo. I think I should go and make a Soundtrack of My Life playlist on my phone and put this song in it first. It’s a really great song. ♥

He just left. :)

Pretty awesome today. He brought me KFC for lunch. And then we played QWOP and this castle defense game. :)) Shall post pictures later. When he leaves I end up feeling lonely again, in this blue, big and empty house. There’s still one uneaten chicken burger. :> I think my sister told my mom something, that snitch. Mom seems mad. Oh well. :| It was a pretty good day, though. Sweet, as usual. :“>