After a long day of work and staying late to finish up loose ends, you unlock the front door of your house to see an empty living room. You expect to see Logan sitting in front of the TV watching SportsCenter, but you’re surprised to see him no where to be found.

“Logan?” You call out to the house. When there is no response, you let out a sigh and place your pocketbook on the couch. “Honey?” You call out again. You make your way to the kitchen, which is also empty. After opening the fridge and grabbing a bottle of water, you make your way towards the stairs. As you make your way up, you can’t help but look at the pictures of the two of you along the walls. You smile to yourself, remembering the moments as if they were yesterday.

The door to your bedroom is ajar slightly, so you push it open quietly. Your lips automatically turn into a smile as you see Logan curled up with your puppy, Max, on the bed, sound asleep. You take off your heels and walk over to the other side of the bed, climbing onto it as softly as you can. Trying not to disturb him from his adorable state, you plant a soft kiss on his forehead. He moves his head and starts to stir before taking a deep breath in and opening his eyes. He looks over at you and sends a closed mouth smile your way.

“Hey,” he says groggily.

You smile and run your hand through his hair. “Hey babe. Long day?”

He nods before letting out a yawn. The next second, he wraps his arms around your waist and pulls you closer to him. He kisses your nose and you scrunch your face at him. “Better now that you’re here, though.”

You smile at him as Max wiggles from in between the two of you and begins to lick your face. You giggle as he attacks your face. As you begin to squirm from the tickling of his tongue, you hear Logan hysterically laughing. Laughter fills the room as Logan picks up the puppy and places him on the floor.

He then rolls over to straddle you. You giggle as he kisses you on the lips. You smile in between kisses before he pulls away. He pushes a strand of hair out of your face and his hand lingers on your cheek. You move your face into the cup of his hand and close your eyes, taking in the moment. You take a deep breath before opening your eyes to see Logan gazing down at you, rubbing your cheek.

“You’re adorable, you know that?” He whispers.

You smirk and shake your head. You move your head to the side and kiss the palm of his hand. You look up at him and smile, knowing it can’t get much better than this. He then jumps off the bed and extends his hand to you.

“Come on, let’s go make some popcorn and watch a movie.”

“Only if I get to pick the movie,” you reply with a smirk, grabbing his hand.

“I guess so,” he says sarcastically, pulling you into his arms. He then puts his arm around your waist, kisses your temple, and leads you out of your room, Max scurrying close behind.