2013: One Mad Goal

Every time we welcome a new year, we flood our twitter and blogs of our memories the past years, plus the things we’re expecting this 2013. And most of us, we create our promise list, our resolutions, our own dos & don'ts for the coming year. But admit it or not, you can’t even finish a half of it before the year ends, or worst , even before January ends. So this 2013, we shall skew on the traditional sharing of resolutions. Instead we found a better way of making this happen this 2013, set your 1 Mad Goal! 

Setting your Goal is so much different from telling yourself what to do or not. When you know what you want, when you’ve set your goal, all your dedication and hard work shall point to achieving it. By then, you never need to list your dos and don'ts ever! You just need to do everything you can to bring your Goal closer to reality, and eventually making it happen.

We’ve read all of your 1MADGoals and tallied them! Here’s the top 3!

TOP 3: Productive
Some aim to be more business minded, some aim to increase their grades and even do better in their work! Whatever it is, they all aim to be extra productive this 2013! Kudos to you guys! 

TOP 2: Graduate & Do better in School!
With the graduation month coming, most of the students’ wishes to finally walk down the aisle with their toga and toss of their hat! It’s never too late to be extra productive and work hard on your school works! C'mon, finish that thesis with a bang! Another 3 months of stress pays off on that one very moment you hear the march song! Tassel is definitely worth the hassle!

TOP 1: Sexy Project 2013
Our deepest desire to achieve the perfect beach body runs through our generations’ veins. Since the 90’s, people have been wanting to be fit, healthy and extra sexy for the year to come! New Year is the perfect time to start working on this goal as it marks the end of Holiday feasts and it’s just a few months away from Summer. So start eating less and lift more of those weights up! 

Here are few more 1 Mad Goal from our favorite bloggers!

At the end of all the sharing and listing, it is still your own will and passion that will push you to achieve your 1 Mad Goal this 2013! Let us know if you’ve already achieved your 1 MAD Goal!