((Little notice: a few weeks ago somebody from our group deleted all of the questions and we really need new questions. No matter how fucking rude we are, we would appreciate if we had something to work with. ~ALOS

Some of us as well are still in school and so this will not update as often as it did in the summer, so please be mindful of our pacing! -squid

If you reeeaally want to see my work go to my fucking art blog -Tarra))


Pinkie: So go die in a fire!

Hello! It’s your friendly 1M4G1N470R! Owner and creator of The Mane Fucking Six blog! I understand you want the many amazing artists of the MFVI to draw more updates, but we ALL run our own individual blogs as well as our real life stuff! These messages saying “You artists are lazy”, “Do another update, lazy asses”, etc. personally do not bother me (actually I think they’re pretty funny!) but other artists are busy, and sending messages like these are only making us not want to work on updates. And remember, this is blog where you ask characters questions, not the artists! So keep asking them questions and when we have time, we’ll update with the clever, weird, and just plain dumb posts you have come to love!

-The 1M4G1N470R