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MacKenzie is 500 subs from 1M oMG 😨 everyone go subscribe rn !!!!!!

So proud of her! She only started posting regulary 6 months ago and is already at almost 1M, like omg, girl is slaying the game! Yes, everyone go subscribe to her!!!

A terrible rush job celebrating my fave hitting 1M subscribers on YouTube!!! Super proud of you @thatsthat24 and everything you’ve accomplished up to this point! You’re gonna go far, kid!! I love ya, Thomas!😋❤️

*Requested* (In additon to their 1M subscribers)
It was a chilly lazy Sunday and you were cuddled up on the bed, watching your favorite show Pretty Little Liars.
 "OH come on! Just tell me if Alison is alive or not!“ You said to the tv. Connor turned around from the computer screen.
 "You okay?” He chuckled at you.
 "I’m fine.“ You giggled and continued watching the show. As always, Connor was being his sweet self and was replying to youtube comments, checking up on the O2L channel, his channels, and watching some videos. 
 "This show makes me mad.” You said to Connor who was still replying to comments.
 "Why?“ He said without turning around.
 "because it’s all about their personal problems and we don’t care that much for them, we all want to know who A is, and if Alison is alive and what happened to her.” You got angry as you speaked about it.
 "Oh I see.“ he didn’t really pay attention. Connor clicked to the O2L channel and checked the subscribers.
 "oh.. my.. gosh.. BABE!” He screamed. 
 "yeah?“ You saw Connor jump up and run to the bed.
 "WE JUST HIT 1 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS!” He yelled. He kissed you over and over to bare with his excitement. 
 "I gotta call the boys!“ He picked up his Iphone and called each of them and ran down stairs and outside. You looked out your window to see him running up and down the street on the phone. You laughed hard to yourself at his excitement. After he got off the phone, his face was red and he went back in the bed room.
 "I can’t believe we did it.” He sat beside you.
 "I can. All of you boys worked your butts off for videos, meet and greets, everything. You deserve it and you all deserve everything that is coming towards your way.“ You kissed him.
 "How about this, in celebration, we have a party?” You brought up the suggestion and you sat up in the bed.
 "Yes. I’ll call the boys now.“ Connor sounded like a little boy. You laughed, happy for them.;

Please give me a youtuber!grantaire au

R is a scottish youtuber who makes videos of himself and his bestie Eponine having wild shenannigans and singing duets, etc. Imagine my drunk kitchen mixed with the mahogany sessions and vine. And enj is basically one of his first subscribers and sticks around even once he gets past 1m subscribers. Cue R announcing hes going to Playlist Live or st like that and wow, isnt it just crazy that Enj happens to live in the town that the con is in!! So of course he and courf and ferre all get tickets and taire is on a panel and “courf hes just so /funny/ and /tall/ and /HOT/” “yes enj i know youve said that 40 times” and he tries to meet him but doesnt get the chance
So of COURSE he ends up running into him at the fucking supermarket (literally, he runs directly into him as he turns the corner and shrieks as he runs away. Ferre is laughing his ass off.) so somehow over the next few days R and E run into each other everywhere they go so courf just invites R to come hang w them. Everybody becomes bffs and R starts putting them in videos and he decides to have a jam session with courf and enjolras is just falling so in love with him. Meanwhile R is just so head over heels for the weird blonde kid that ran into him at the supermarket.


SSIN, a Korean beauty guru with over 1m subscribers on Youtube shared a Jackson inspired make up tutorial. You can like the video to thank her :)


NEW VLOG! Today I went to the mall in search of something to wear to a red carpet event. I find out that the video I made is blocked WORLDWIDE! I also go to the Janoskian’s movie premiere with Kingsley and we get some dessert with Hannah Hart, it was SWEET! If you thought it was sweet, click that SUBSCRIBE button to help us reach 1M subscribers!