1lb burger

@trickybrittany I heard you wanted the chorizo burger recipe

1lb ground beef
1lb chorizo (I used beef, if you prefer pork that’s a you problem 😜)

Bell peppers
Hotter peppers (if you want em)
Whatever spices you’re into
A liiiiiiiittlte bit of vegetable oil (it’s already about to be a greasy meal so)

You just mush em together, really. It’s not too exciting tbh.

Grill them on the bbq, 5 min each side

In the last minute, slap on some cheese if you want cheese (I always have cheese when there’s an opportunity for cheese). jack would have been a good pick but we only had cheddar and that still turned out pretty good, so realistically the pastabilities are endless

With all the wait time you have, sautée some bell peppers (pablano or pasillo also if you want a lil extra heat, or really ramp it up to w/e heat you’re cozy with but I’m heat sensitive) in the oil with some onion, garlic, red chile powder, adobo, and salt to taste

Mayo and bbq sauce on the bun says I, but you do you

And that’s it. That’s the chorizo burger.

We’re Here We’re Gruyere, Get Used To It Burger
Season 3, Episode 3: Bob Fires The Kids

Oh Oh, Oui Oui!  Zis is a perfectly French burger, combining all of ze glory of French Onion Soup with the tastiness of ze All American ‘Amburger.  This deliciously seasoned burger is topped with caramelized onions and a hefty dose of gruyere cheese. The bun is slathered in Au Jus before toasting, and for funsies we threw in some little baby gerkins too.

This burger was fantastic. “Restaurant Quality” as my friends put it.  Great taste, not too rich, not too complex. Simple and delicious, especially if you love beef and onions.

Sorry for the delay folks, Recipe is below!

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Shoot Out at the Okra-Corral Burger - with okra
Season 1, Episode 9: Spaghetti Western and Meatballs

September marks my one year anniversary of moving to Georgia, and so I decided to make a real Southern Style burger this week.  A well seasoned all beef patty topped with home grown fried green tomatoes and topped with a homemade dill ranch dressing all on a hot buttered bun. Served with a side of fried okra and even more ranch - because the South loves its ranch dressing.

The burger was phenomenal! One of my best, I’d say. The beef was seasoned with black and white pepper - giving it a bit of a bite. This paired well with the cayenne that was mixed in the tomato’s fry batter.  The ranch cooled down that heat, and finished with the fresh taste of dill. I outdid myself on this one. I could definitely see this burger being served up at a restaurant.

Recipe is below!

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