Where do we go from here? After
the last building has fallen,
after the last star blinks out
into the night. 
There are no maps, no street lights
for us here. Only the
smoke from where
the last city collapsed. 
There are pieces 
that don’t fit inside of me anymore.
I stumble over them
in the morning, cut
my feet on the edges that were once soft.
Where do we go with
our hands that no longer know
what to do with themselves.
They are confused because
everything I touch
reminds me
of you.
—  A.Y. // uncharted territories

stalin-for-time asked:

Tbh I really like ur profile pic and ur blog is great :D

O0O oh my goodness i dIDNT THINK I WOULD GET ONE OF THESE THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! Your blog is amazing too and i love it >u