I might be hanging out with my best friend on Saturday!! I’m excited. Very enthused to spend all my money and then be broke. this is the capitalist life I live for

you know what i wish migrated from 4chan to tumblr? not caring about trigger warnings.

you know what did instead? shitposting.

Sometimes I reread and watch all of SasuSaku moments, and ask myself how people couldn’t see it. It’s literally right in front of their eyes. But to each their own, I guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

NOT kin for peridot at ALL but i relate to peridot and also peridot is my favorite character i think!!!!!! not counting kinfeelz(tm)

I think Baseball needs personalities like Ortiz and Puig cause they’re just out there having fun and doing what they love like could you imagine the game of Baseball if everyone on the had the affect as Buster Posey

today at work all the girls were talking about their boyfriends and i was just kind of standing there awkwardly thinking about how they go home to their real actual boyfriends and i go home and talk about how i wanna fuck an animated dictator. different strokes for different folks. the kuvira trash life is not for everyone.