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Need Help with Local Parts!?!?!


Hey Guys..
Im off to Africa May 21st , for a month, and im going to be needing some parts. I get to do Vehicle maintenance this time..

Im going to Need Oil Filters, Air Filters, fuel filters Spark Plugs, Glow Plugs, Brakes for as many of these as i can get

Here is a List of the cars I have (Years Might be a bit off)
Toyota Dyna
Year 1995
Engine # B-0815242

Toyota Hilux Surf
Year 1991
Engine 2L-2860531

Toyota Coaster (big bus)
Year 1994
Engine 1HD-T094500

Toyota Hiace
Year (all the papers are saying 2005, but that is obviously wrong)
Engine 3Y-0426720

Toyota Hiace
Year 1994
Engine 1KZ-0551178

Toyota Mark II (white car)
Year 1989
Engine 1G-5713952

Im looking to get as many of the parts i need locally..

anyone that can Aid me in this would be great..

if you can PM me the part number that i can use at Lordco, or Where ever thats awesome..

All these parts and my Time is getting donated to the missionary Organization Seeds of Hope “http://www.seedsofhopecm.com/"http://www.seedsofhopecm.com/

Your Help is Greatly Appreciated, thanks..