so casually cruel in the name of being honest by lumineres

Harry kisses him instead, bruises Louis’ and his own lips, trying to push the words into Louis’ mouth with his tongue. Maybe they’ll take hold there, and the words Harry knows he shouldn’t hope for will grow roses on Louis’ tongue, and the thorns will prick him just the way they’re shredding Harry’s insides, and maybe he’ll choke on the stems and the vines will lace in to his ribcage just the same way Harry has become a host to this, and then maybe he’ll say it. Maybe he’ll feel it too.

or, an AU where things are good and then they’re not anything at all

Part 1 of loving him was red

raised on rhythm and blues by mentalistecbm

“That look on your face makes me think you’re not cooking me spaghetti fast enough,” Louis announces as he walks back into the kitchen. Harry knows exactly where Zoe gets her habits from.

“Cooking for my two beautiful and insanely intelligent children, not for the weird bloke that sleeps in my bed and eats all my food,” Harry answers, tilting his head and wondering if he should add more sauce.

happiness comes in on tiptoe by scagnetism

There is a supermodel standing at Louis’ door. He suddenly feels extremely insecure about his unwashed hair and clothes that have seen better days. He’s sure his mouth has fallen open, but there is a supermodel standing on his doorstep.

Or, the AU where Louis is new to the neighborhood and Harry is the angel living next door.

all we are is skin and bone by lumineres

When he gets up and out of the car his head spins and his vision darkens for a second. He can’t breathe, jesus christ. Niall’s car is already here, thank god, he can register that much. And he knows his feet are moving, and he still knows to take a larger step on the last stair leading up to the door because it’s weirdly an inch taller than the rest, and he nearly forgets to ring the doorbell, because for like two years this was his second home.

God. Louis was his home.

or, harry realizes how much has changed when he opens the mug cabinet and finds plates.

Part 2 of loving him was red

i'll be there for you (when the rain starts to pour) by harrily

“You know what I’d love to do right now?” Liam says, crowding Louis in the wall and pressing his body against his.

“Take two steps back?!” Louis asks, panicking already.

“No, silly. I want to kiss you.” The fact that he says it so innocently is what really gets on Louis’ nerves that he agrees on the challenge.

“Well, bring it on then…” Louis raises his eyebrows, and then Liam’s lips are on his. And it’s hesitant, it’s scary, and they just keep them there, but as seconds pass, everything that he has lived with Harry in the last couple of weeks comes back in his mind, telling him it’s wrong, wrong, so, so wrong to be kissing Liam just like that. So he does the only thing that seems normal to him.

or an au, in which harry is monica, louis is chandler, perrie is rachel, zayn is ross, niall is joey and liam is phoebe

so hot, give me your gasoline by ballsdeepinjesus

Louis grins and cocks his head to the side, rolling his shoulder against the door. “Just wanted to get to the know the boy who was ogling my ass throughout the entirety of Act III, Scene IV.”

Harry blushes and toes his feet along the floor, biting his lip. In retrospect, he’s a little taken aback by his shamelessness throughout the play. He’s always been told that he’s quite single-minded, but he took it to another level tonight. He’s not sure he regrets it. He looks back up at Louis and trails his eyes over his body. No, he definitely doesn’t regret it.

[louis is hamlet. harry is an admirer.]

But I'll Still Take You Home by LoadedGunn

“So how old does that make you?”

It takes Harry a second. “Twenty.”

Louis arches an eyebrow. No matter how morally dubious that makes him, this boy is not twenty years old. “Bullshit.”

Harry pinches his bottom lip between two long fingers. “Eighteen.”

“What is this, a missile launch?”

Harry giggles. “Seventeen.”

Or, Harry is 17 at a college party, and Louis is not Brian Kinney.