• Person:You're bisexual? Aren't you just experimenting?
  • Me:I did experiment. My research yielded a positive result with a five-sigma significance, in accordance with theoretical predictions, and I am currently pursuing some promising practical applications. If you're interested in further reading, I have recently published an article on the subject in J. Fuck Off. Thanks for asking.

“I Can’t Ship This M/M Pairing Without Sidelining a Canon Female Love Interest Whom I Adore But Whose Romance Is Comparatively Unconvincing And I Hate Myself Even Though I Know I Should Hate The Writers and Society at Large For Putting Me In This Situation”: an novel

“The Answer Should Be An OT3 But I Can’t Force It To Work In My Head”: the sequel

“Fuck This Fandom Anyway Fuck The Writers Fuck Everything I’m Going To Go Read Femslash”: the stunning conclusion

“… Why Isn’t There More Good Femslash”: the disappointing movie based on the books

Vintage Soviet matchbox label commemorating the successful launch and orbit of the spacecraft Korabl-Sputnik (’Satellite-ship’), 5 May 1960 - Officially known as Vostok 1KP. The craft completed 64 orbits before a guidance system malfunction fired the thrusters while in an incorrect position sending the craft into a higher orbit. The descent module re-entered the atmosphere on 5 September 1962, while the equipment module re-entered on 15 October 1965.