anonymous asked:

why is standing on his left bad?


imagine you’ve just met harry styles

the best moment of your life and of course you wanna get a pic to have proof

and to make your profile picture and twitter icon and to wallpaper your house with

all is well. you slide in on his left, the picture is taken, life is amazing. except, when harry has left and you look at the picture, The Lean ruins everything

now it looks like harry was reluctant to get a picture with you… or you smelt bad.. there was just something offputting about you.. but no

it was The Lean

it could have gone so well

but no

look even family members suffer the embarrassment that is The Lean

he even has his fucking arm around her would it not be easier to just lean into her u idiot sort out your posture

so PSA stand on harry’s right if you’re lucky enough to meet him bye