Protective (Dad!Yugyeom Fluff)

Request:  Your dad Jin fluff just made me cry omg it was so sweet. I was wondering if you could write a dad fluff but for yugyeom! Thanks lovely.

Summary: Dad!Yugyeom being the protective father when his daughter shows interest in Jinyoung Junior. Featuring chill Dad!Jinyoung.

Genre: Fluff, Dad!Yugyeom, Comedy

Word count: 1K

Note: Enjoy! It’s a bit short, but this was fun to write haha. I’m in the midst of preparing for national exams so I hope this is okay ;-; (also, Jinyoung Junior, I don’t know don’t kill me lmao)

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“Oh my god, Y/N.”


“Is it just me or is Jinyoung Junior hitting on our little girl?”

You peel your eyes away from the stove and take a quick glance into the living room, only to see your precious sixteen year old daughter, Ha-won, shoulder to shoulder with Jinyoung Junior as they played a game on the tablet.

“Yugyeom, they’re literally just playing.”

“I know! B-but look! Right there! He’s holding her hand!”

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Phan Drabble AU: Oops

Summary: Dan’s doing a liveshow and let something slip about him and Phil that he most definitely, probably shouldn’t have. [Established relationship, Fluff]

Word Count: 1k

Note: Feeling phan af and felt like writing something so hopefully you enjoy. Feel free to send me some prompts. I’m still working on improving my writing and getting back in the fic game you guys so be kind aha.

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"Best score" Prompt #5

impossible-fallen-angel powiedział(a):
Cześć, mogę prosić prompta? Tak więc Larry, chłopcy są zawodnikami przeciwnych drużyn piłki ręcznej,na boisku się Zaczepiaja, jakaś seksualna gadka, macanie itp po meczu uprawiają ostry sex pod prysznicem w szatni ;)) błagam tez o opisanie ich za 5lat.

Pairing: Larry

Autorka: feelthestyles

Ilość słów: ok.1k

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Till the End of Time: 12 Days of Christmas, Day 6 - The first of many

2nd Person - Words 1.1k

Note: Don’t mean to start sounding repetitive but please send me some prompt requests or I won’t write because I’m running out of ideas.


You were sat on the floor of your living room with Adie resting back in your crossed legs. You had an arm around her stomach as she used yours as a head rest to hold her neck up steadier. She was concentrated on snuggles as she shook the stuffed dog in her arms.

When she made the sharp movement your eyes looked up to meet Harry’s as he smiled down at his baby girl. She wasn’t usually this active when she was awake so you were surprised by her movements. Your baby girl was only three months old and you may have been biased in your opinion but you felt Adie was very advanced for her age.

Adie had only just woken up from her nap and you and Harry had decided to use that quiet time as well and catch up on any sleep that you had missed. Now you were watching as Harry set up your Christmas tree.

You enjoyed watching his frustration as he tried to get the baubles to properly sit on the branches without falling. Picking a bauble up out of the basket you hold the shiny object up in front of Adie’s face. From the reflection you could see her eyes widen instantly as she let out a squeal of excitement her small hand releasing snuggles.

Keeping a secure hand around the string she reaches out her hands to grab the ball. She seemed fascinated by the new found object but you knew if she were to suddenly lose interest in it and drop it, they’re would be tears as it shattered around your feet.

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Difficult (Yugyeom Smut)

Request:  can you do a scenario where you’re friends with benefits with yugyeom and one day he’s really needy for you , thank yoooouuuuuuu

Summary: Kim Yugyeom was hard to deal with.

Tags: Smut, oral (both receiving), needy!Yugyeom, FWB!Yugyeom

Word Count: 1K

Note: Enjoy yo, tell me what you think (;

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Interview Confessions (Youngjae Fluff)

Summary: You and your band mates were doing an interview backstage during a rehearsal at an event. When the question about biases and bias groups appear, your band mates tell the world about your obsession with GOT7, especially Youngjae, but none of you notice that they’re right behind you.

Genre: Comedy, Fluff (?)

Length: 1K

Note: Y/N, your name Y/B/N, your band name

Originally posted by irrational-obsessions-gottcha78

“Ah, yes here we have the new girls on the block, the rookie girl band, Y/B/N!”

You led your group to do your introduction with bright smiles. Even though it was backstage at a rehearsal for an upcoming stage and the temperature was near boiling, you and your band mates had agreed to an interview

As the interview went on, the rehearsals did as well, with idols bustling around your team, rushing for their stage.

“Right, so our final question that was sent in by your fans is… Who’s your current celebrity crush, or your current bias or bias group?”

The girls looked at you immediately and you burst out laughing. You knew what was to come since you had been going on about GOT7 for the past month.

“Why why?” The interviewer asked curiously as you continued to laugh.

“Y/N keeps talking about GOT7 sunbaenims non-stop. Even if we don’t want to hear about it, she keeps singing their songs and talking about the members.” Your band mate revealed as you couldn’t help but laugh more.

“It’s not my fault okay! They’re really good!” You defend yourself, calming down.

“So who’s her bias?” The interviewer questions, looking genuinely amused.

“I don’t even know, she talks about all of them like they’re her children.”

“Sometimes she talks about how Yugyeom is like her baby and should be protected. Other times she’s screaming because he dances so well. Then she’ll tell us about BamBam and his fashion, and about how she wants his wardrobe ”

“She talks about JJP and she keeps talking about how they take such good care of GOT7. They’re her role models for taking care of us. She also religiously watches all the shows Jackson is on, without fail, every week.”

“Y/N also loves Mark a lot. She’s always looking at pictures of him at fanmeets and concerts. She basically loves all of them. But the one person she always blushes over is Youngjae.”

You couldn’t help but blush at the mention of his name, or maybe it was because your band members just revealed your fangirl ways to the internet.

“Oh really? What is it about Youngjae that you like?” The interviewer asked.

“I don’t know, he’s just so… Bright? Like he’s happy all the time and he seems to be a really cool guy. His laughter is so contagious. Not to mention he’s very cute, and his fashion sense is amazing. I wouldn’t mind meeting him. It would be hard though, we’re all too busy.” You answered, shrugging casually.

Suddenly your band mates start shrieking and laughing and you’re confused because you don’t spot anything out of the ordinary. Was it what you answered? You look at them, casting them a strange look before you looked back at the interviewer. Except the interviewer was pointing behind you.

You turned behind to see not only Youngjae, who you’ve just basically confessed your love for, but also the rest of GOT7.

“Oh my god!” You shrieked, instantly collapsing to the floor, covering your face with your hands.

This just made your band mates laugh hysterically at you and you hear the GOT7 boys laughing at your outburst too. “It’s not real right? It’s not actually them? They didn’t just hear me confess my love for all of them right?” You asked, looking up at the camera.

“I’m sorry, we’re actually here.” BamBam answered jokingly, offering his hand to pull you back up. Your bandmates squeal at your interaction as the interviewer looked satisfied with the content.

“Well, thank you Y/B/N for the very interesting interview! Please support Y/B/N and get their new album!” The interviewer says before allowing your band to close off the successful interview. He thanks you for the interview before leaving you with your bandmates and GOT7.

You were still sort of embarrassed at the situation so you kept quiet as your band members took it upon themselves to introduce everyone. When it came to you, you were basically about to pass out from embarrassment, or maybe you were just too excited to meet them.

“This is our leader, Y/N. She’s the mega fan who introduced you to all of us.”

You smiled shyly, greeting them. “How much did you hear?” You asked, praying that maybe they had come when you were ending the interview.

The boys burst out laughing as Jackson replies, “All of it. We’ve been behind you since the start of the interview.”

You covered your face with your hands once again, slowly but surely blushing. “We’re very flattered that you’re a huge fan of us!” JB tells you as you managed a smile. “Yup, I’m definitely flattered.” BamBam comments, smirking.

You smiled in response as you spot your manager coming towards you. It was time for your rehearsal so you shuffled the girls to the main stage. Right before you left, someone held you back. It was Youngjae and you wanted to faint right there and then.

“Y/N… Could I get your number? I think it’ll be great if we could get coffee some time.” He asked shyly, offering you his phone. You take it without hesitation and type in your number.

“Y/N! Quick! They’re gonna start without you!”

You give Youngjae back his phone before thanking him and the boys, who all had smirks on their faces, running off onto the main stage.

Later that night, you found that the boys were following you on SNS. The boys had each posted a photo with your band in the background, commenting on how great you all were. You commented on each and every one of those photos to thank them and in turn posted a video of you dancing horribly bad to Fly backstage.

At that, fans from both fandoms came to talk about your SNS interactions. When the interview was posted the next day, both fandoms lost it completely, you were getting all kinds of tweets and comments. From those supporting and shipping Y/B/N and GOT7, to those who showed their disapproval.

At that time you were still waiting for Youngjae’s text or call, but nothing came through. You were slightly disappointed that you didn’t think to get his number. You felt your phone vibrate and you sighed, thinking it was just your manager. 

‘Y/N! It’s Jinyoung from GOT7, Youngjae was too scared to ask you out so I’m doing it for him. Do you want to go get coffee with him later?’

Sick (Yuta Fluff)

Request:  If it’s not too much trouble can I request yuta from Nct fluff or angst? Thank you so much ahead of time

Summary: Boyfriend Yuta taking care of you when you’re sick.

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1K

Note: It’s a bit short but I hope this is okay! I picked the fluff cause I’m not too good at angst haha. Please enjoy :D 

Originally posted by yutasm

You woke up with a pounding headache and sore limbs. You felt like you were in the North Pole but you were sweating buckets. Your throat felt like a desert but your nose was running like a tap. You were sick. Dear god, this was horrible.

You slowly sat up, your head feeling like an anchor, as you reached for your phone. The first person that came to mind was Yuta. You knew it was his off day and you were hoping he wasn’t busy as you dialled for him.

“Y/N?” Yuta’s angelic voice flowed through the receiver.

On the other hand, your voice had come out scratchy and hoarse, “Yuta…”

You sounded like death.

“Y/N are you sick? You sound horrible.” Yuta asked, concerned.

Not wanting to strain your voice, you hummed in response to his question, but even that sounded bad.

“I’ll be right there, stay in bed. Love you.” He told you before he hung up.

You weren’t sure how you fell back asleep, but you woke up feeling of someone shaking you.

“Y/N… I got soup and medicine.” Yuta softly tells you.

You blink a few times to adjust to the light before Yuta helps you sit up. He holds onto a tray with soup on it and sits in front of you.

“Wait, I think it’s a bit hot.” Yuta mumbles, picking up a spoonful of soup and blowing on it before he feeds you.

“Is that okay?” He asks, watching as you swallow.

You nod as he continues to feed you, watching you carefully. When you accidentally spill soup down your chin, he takes a napkin to clean it up.

“I’m sorry.” You apologize, coughing.

Yuta simply shakes his head, standing up with the tray, announcing, “I’ll go make you tea, be right back.”

You check the time on your phone and see that it’s already four in the afternoon. Yuta had wasted his off day taking care of you. When he comes back with two cups of piping hot tea and medicine, you thanked him.

“Just make sure that you’re okay. That’s all I want.” He tells you, handing you the cup.

Yuta hands you some pills and you take them as he settles beside you with his own cup of tea and your laptop. He had opened up your favourite movie as you made yourself comfortable on his chest, his arm curling around your body.

Yuta starts to rub small circles on your back that lull you to sleep halfway through the movie. The next time you wake up, it’s to an alarm which jolted you awake from your deep sleep. The first thing that you registered was a warm body behind yours and an arm wrapped around your waist. 

“Morning babe.” Yuta mumbled, kissing your neck. 

Jesus, his morning voice. You turn around to see Yuta glowing like an angel, which you genuinely felt he was. How could someone wake up looking that beautiful? It was beyond you.

You felt better, the headache from the day before gone, but you still felt out of it.

“Are you feeling better?” He asks quietly, studying your face.

You nodded and a smile slowly grew on his face.


You both laid there in silence, as Yuta ran his hand up and down your back, relaxing you. It was a while before his alarm rang again and he groaned as the peace was ruined once again.

“I need to go for a schedule later.” He informs you as you nod.  

As much as you wanted to stay in bed, you hadn’t walked for about a day and you needed to use the washroom. You slowly sat up which triggered Yuta to help you.

“Toilet?” He asked as you nodded in response.

Yuta helped you all the way there, making sure you were okay.

“I’ll go make breakfast. Call for me if you need help or anything.” He tells you before shutting the bathroom door.

You look into the mirror to see how much of a mess you looked like. Your hair was dishevelled and you looked like death. You quickly fixed yourself and washed up before you walked out to the smell of toast and eggs.

You settle on the island chair, watching Yuta flip the eggs. He glances over at you and goes to pour a cup of water, which he hands to you before continuing with his cooking. The small gesture made you smile and your heart flutter.

Once breakfast was served, he made sure that the food was okay for you before starting to eat. You see him check the clock a few times and you finally said your first words, “If you need to go, please go. I don’t want you to be late.”

“Don’t worry, I already told my manager.” He replies, cleaning up the plates.

Yuta once again hands you medication to take, which you gladly do. When the time came for Yuta to leave, you were already nestled into your bed, wrapped up in your blankets, courtesy of him. You had everything you would need within arm’s length.

“Okay. I’m gonna go now. I’ll check in on you later.” Yuta tells you, kissing your forehead.

He rushes off to his schedule as you continue resting. Occasionally you receive a text from Yuta, checking in on you like he said he would. When his schedule had ended, he called in to check what you wanted for supper.

“Is soup okay? Or do you want something else?” He asked as you heard bustling in the background.

“I’m okay with anything.” You answered, your throat condition improved.

“Okay then. I’ll be right over, stay in bed. I love you Y/N.”

You were so blessed.

Number One Fan (JB Fluff)

Request: Hi. Love the stories. Can you do a scenario of JB to getting jealous when his girl friend is fan girling to a diffrent music group?- @karougirl123

Summary: Jaebum isn’t all that happy that you accidentally stopped being GOT7′s number one fan.

Genre: Fluff, Jealous!JB

Word Count: 1K

Note: Thank you so much for enjoying, I’m sorry this is a little short ):  Please don’t hate me and I hope you enjoy! (If you would like a rewrite, just tell me and i wouldn’t’ mind but give me some time okay (:) 

Originally posted by morkeutuan

You didn’t mean for it to happen the way it did. It started out slow and casual, and suddenly you were in too deep. You accidentally face planted into the Diamond Life. It finally happened, you were a Carat, a fan of Seventeen.

The first time you heard about Seventeen was during October of 2015, Jaebum had randomly called you up to tell you that GOT7 was going to be on Running Man for a special.

“Jagi, you’ll never guess what just happened!” Jaebum exclaimed as you were having a casual day off.

“What is it? Is it good news? Did you guys win another award? But the next live award show is tomorrow night, I checked.” You said.

You were GOT7’s number one fan, how could you not be when your precious boyfriend was the leader of the group. You were slightly confused at what got him so excited since he hadn’t told you anything exciting about his schedule.

“Y/N… We’re gonna be on Running Man! Jongkook sunbaenim just invited us to be on the special episode and we’re heading there now. We’re all super excited!” He informed you, and you could just imagine the cute little smile on his face.

“Oh my god, that’s crazy. Have fun okay! Don’t get hurt! Tell my babies to take care too.” You told him, expecting him to pass the message over to the boys.

You heard a chorus of ‘yes eomma’ flow through the receiver before you were satisfied.

“Tell me all about it later okay!”

That’s how it happened, that was the first time you heard about Seventeen since they were also guests on that same episode of Running Man. Jaebum had told you all about the games they played that day as the both of you were snuggling on your couch.

“There was also this new group I’ve not really seen around. Seventeen. I’ve met them once or twice at the Idol Star Athletics Championships. They were pretty good too.” Jaebum mumbled as he played with your hair.

“Tell me more.” You replied, mindlessly tracing the veins on his toned arms.

And so Jaebum did, he talked to you about the games and the guests until you fell asleep in his arms.

The days following that, you had gone to check out Seventeen, downloading a few of their singles and nothing more. As the days turned into weeks and into months, it snowballed into you having every single song of theirs on your phone, completed with lyrics.

You also had binged watched all the shows they stared on, which included that one episode of Running Man, and for once you hadn’t paid much attention to your boys, occasionally squealing at how cute Jaebum or Youngjae was being, but most of your attention was drawn to the thirteen new people.

Flash forward and it’s been almost a solid year and you were a major Carat, the GOT7 boys had heard enough of their songs and had seen their choreography tons of times, you were a hundred percent sure that they could perform a Seventeen song with no problem.

“Oppa, did you see the choreography, oh my god I’m going to faint.” You squeal, shaking Jaebum’s arm as you showed him the new video for Aju Nice while walking back to the dorm.

“Look oh my god it’s Seungcheol.” You didn’t mean to shriek that loudly, but you couldn’t handle your excitement. You just had a thing for leaders.

Speaking of which, your leader was sulking as he watched you scream other guys’ names. It hadn’t been getting on his nerves, or so he had claimed. The boys clearly knew he was jealous, you were too busy fangirling to see him turn green, and well, Jaebum was in denial.

“I’m not jealous.” Jaebum huffed after Jinyoung cast him a knowing look.

Jaebum had his arm around you as you casually watched a Seventeen Vlive, so you weren’t paying attention to the conversation the boys were having.

“Well, if you’re not jealous, is it weird if I am? Y/N hardly pays attention to us anymore.” Yugyeom pouted as Youngjae nodded in agreement.

“Hyung, please, just face it. You’re jealous.” Jackson stated.

“For the last time, I’m not jealous.”  Jaebum muttered, irritated.

As you all made your way into the dorm, you finally shut off your phone, only to notice that Jaebum wasn’t looking too happy. Had you missed something?

“Jaebum, are you okay?” You asked, concerned.

You could hear the rest of the boys holding back their laughter as Jaebum sighed and nodded before he left to his room. You were worried, that’s for sure. It wasn’t like Jaebum to be so down like that.

“He’s jealous.” Jinyoung informed you as you stood dazed in the living room.

“Jealous? Of what?” You questioned, confused.

“You should go ask him that.” Jinyoung mumbled, pushing you towards his room.

As you entered the room, you spotted Jaebum lying on his bed on his phone.

“Jaebum…” You called out, slowly walking over to him.

He wordlessly makes space for you on his bed as you cuddle up to him.

“What are you jealous of?” You asked, looking up at him as he avoided your gaze.

“I’m not jealous of anything.” He answered simply.

You grabbed onto his cheeks, tilting his head to make him look you in the eye, “Are you sure?”

His stare faltered and he shifted his gaze elsewhere.

“Nope, Jaebum, look at me. What are you jealous of?” You asked again.

He sighed deeply before mumbled something you couldn’t catch.

“What was that?”

“I said I was jealous of Seventeen.”

You were beyond confused as you cast him a look of bewilderment, “What?”

“It’s just that you suddenly stopped becoming GOT7’s number one fan and you seem to always be talking about them. I can’t help but feel that you lost interest in us… And me.”

“Jaebum are you kidding me? I’ll always be GOT7’s number one fan. I’ll never lose interest in you guys? How can I? I’m around all of you so much. Don’t even think for one second I’ll lose interest in you. I love you okay? It’s different when I say it to you than when I’m fangirling.” You tell him, wrapping your arms around his neck as you play with his hair.

“Are you sure?” He questioned, pulling you closer to him.

“Yes I’m sure you idiot, now let me kiss you.” You answered closing the space between the both of you.

“I love you Y/N.”

"Spin my bottle" Prompt #4

Mintxam powiedział(a): Zuzka!! Mowilam ze napisze to jestem :) to ja poproszę larrego, 6klasa podstawówka, harry wyprawia piżama party (uroczy chłopiec, nie oceniaj go :D) zaprasza tam swoich kolegów, oczywiscie jest tez tam Louis. Chlopak od poczatku 4klasy po ciuchu podkochuje sie w loczku, niestety jest boi sie mu o tym powiedziec (wiesz brak akceptacji, nietolerancja, zacofany świat) moze podczas gry w butelkę Louis wyjawia co czuje do Harrego, albo pod wpływem małej ilości alkoholu (wiesz first time) dziekuje :)

Pairing: Larry

Autorka: feelthestyles

Ilość słów: ok. 1k

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"Tell me you love me" Prompt #3

Anonim powiedział(a): Proszę prompta :) Larry,pobocznie Gryles. 1D istnieje. Louis kocha Harry’ego, a Harry kocha Louis’a ale żaden z nich o tym nie wie. Harry jest z Nick’iem który jest gotowy zrobić wszystko dla Harry’ego bo tak go kocha. Louis cierpi widząc ich codziennie, przytulających się i całujących (Nick przyjechał na parę dni w trasę chłopców) Reszta chłopaków wie, co Lou czuje do Styles’a. I proszę o happy end dla Larry’ego. Mam nadzieję, że zrozumiesz co napisałam xxx

Pairing: Larry, Gryles

Autorka: feelthestyles

Ilość słów: ok. 1k

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