• Liam: My favorite from the album is One Thing because it's like the cousin of What Makes You beautiful.
  • Liam: Happy national condom day! Stay safe!
  • Liam: I would lose a nipple.
  • Liam: Justin Bieber's doctor stuck a needle in my bum.
  • Liam: #getnakedliam. That's very naughty. Very very very naughty.
  • Liam: *Plays 'Love Sex Magic'*
  • Liam: Niall’s bum is like a time bomb.
  • Liam: What’s the difference between meiosis and mitosis? I don’t know I think they’re different body parts.
  • Liam: What would daddy direction do? It’s like what would jesus do, but different.
  • Thank god you can sing Liam.

Me meeting One Direction, giving Harry a thong, telling Louis I like his butt, and Liam saying yolo. You can gif this if you want but be sure to credit my video and tumblr please! But I already gifed the yolo part.