When I was young and getting bullied at school, and really not feeling like I would amount to much and staying isolated, my mom used to say to me a lot about how you treat people and always having dignity and respect. Something timeless, always trying to live every day like it’s a new one, and being the person that you really want to be. Life is short; you don’t really want to waste your short time on the planet being mad at people or being involved in drama. It just really ended up as always being kind. - Ruby Rose for Interview Magazine (July 2015)

Something small I did last month! :D Ever since I got my pixie cut last year, I wanted to make a little Photoshop series where I gave all the Disney princesses short hair, but I never actually tried it out until this summer. My goal was to try and mimic the movies style as much as I can (which made me all dizzy when I tried out Aurora X,D) so it looks really simplistic here. (^.^‘’) We shall see if this becomes a thing or not. :P