my dog lays at the foot of the mannequin i have across from my desk but i cant see my dog when he’s layin on the floor and sometimes he shifts a little in his bed and the mannequin budges and every single time, without fail, my brain snaps to the conclusion that the mannequin is alive and it’s going to kill me

“how far would you go” lmao im not over them showing this

and then this clip DIRECTLY after:

and the bridal carry? y’all. supercorp is really endgame don’t start testing me. the promo saved me

platonic love is important which is why kara and alex’s relationship is so vital for the show…but kara and lena’s relationship is clearly set up to be more than platonic. if alex and kara looked at each other like supercorp does / had the same explicitly romantic behavior n actions i’d drop supergirl so fast it isn’t even funny. what i’m trying to say is: lena is undoubtedly being explicitly set up as a viable romantic candidate for kara. supercorp is the real slowburn and it’s going to save us all

PSA Time on Birds.

I post these photos, gifs, and videos partly as a chronicle of the birds’ daily lives for myself to look back on, and partly to be involved in the bird community here. However, sometimes I get worried that I’m inadvertently giving off the wrong message. These posts might come off as cute and adorable, but in all honesty, there are SO many things that difficult and not good about caring for parrots. It’s not all happy fluff and silliness and rainbows. For example:

-Right now, Benjamin and Jasmine are yelling their heads off, while I’m right here with them. It might be hormones, or just that they tend to be loud early in the day, but they are LOUD. They won’t stop for quite a while.

-Screams from Jasmine or Piper often cause my ears to ring.

-There’s no such thing as a clean room anymore. Constant poop cleaning. Things ripped and torn. Pellets and food flung everywhere. You clean it once, and it’s messy again in the blink of an eye.

-Poop in your hair from when one of them decided to land on your head and chill for a second, and you don’t even know which one did it.

-When I need to work on something that requires silence, such as recording something, it takes 305740395803285 takes before I get one without a bird deciding to pipe up whenever I say a word.

-Dust can cause allergies or breathing issues, especially from dustier species like tiels or African greys. I have to vacuum every day and wipe, clean, thoroughly scrub poops off the cage bottom, etc. But even with constant cleaning, you can’t escape the dust and powder. It goes everywhere.

-The biting. Even well trained birds can bite without warning at times. Even little birds like tiels and lovebirds can bite HARD. It hurts. Sometimes you bleed, your pride gets hurt. You grit your teeth and forgive them and be nice anyway.

-I haven’t gone on vacation since Benjamin, the oldest, first came home - which is a couple of years. There’s no one I know here who knows how to properly handle and care for tiels and lovebirds, and the services here for boarding pets are severely lacking. Thus, I have never left the birds for longer than a day trip, returning the same evening, and even these are rare because I feel guilty leaving them for more than a couple of hours, or for times when I have an extra long work day.

There’s plenty more, but the point is: please, please do NOT get a bird unless you are absolutely certain that you’re at a point in life where you can dedicate a HUGE amount of time and effort to properly caring for them. And if you don’t know what proper care is, please just do your research. Read, look things up, ask experienced bird people - just take the hours necessary to find out. I feel terrible if I think that the posts in this blog contributed to making someone get a bird, especially from a pet store, or otherwise bought, just thinking that they’ll be as “cute” as the pictures they see here and without fully thinking through all the sacrifices, hard work, sweat, and tears that bird care truly involves. (I’m not really exaggerating.. I’ve shed tears over a particularly hard bite. I’ve sweated through really, really frustrating periods of loudness.) The important thing is, would you still be able to unconditionally love that bird after all the really difficult parts? Are you sure? Can you really understand and accept the fact that these are wild animals, not truly meant to be in cages and “tamed” by people and sold and utilized to fit the whims of humans? I love my birds, and Benjamin, Jasmine, and Piper are all absolutely wonderful and loving beings to me, but I did my research and learning and found out about all the harsh realities after getting them. I learned it the hard way. I will never buy an animal again, and I’m thinking over whether I would adopt another parrot either, unless I had all the resources and money and time possible (then I would totally open a sanctuary and care for as many lives in need as I possibly could).

Thank you for reading, and please think this over before considering getting a bird. Or any other animal, for that matter.


Dead giveaways: 

  • Writing that kissing women is “All soft lines and lips” and kissing men “Hard and rough” when in reality nah. Lips are lips. 
  • “Victor-sexual” 
  • When they try to write about gay culture and it’s just…just so cringy. 
  • Really, can straight girls please stop writing about gay bars. 
  • Victor and Yuuri having dated only women ever
  • When they write comp het and it’s…nope 
  • Honestly whenever they write about gay experiences ever. 

Oh and the unnecessary shit like “Victor didn’t do the dishes xD they fight about it and have makeup smex :3c” 

and they never write about making out?? LIke, y’all, couples makeout a lot. It’s fun. Let us gays makeout.