If you’re a wlwoc living in a homophobic environment or home, you’re allowed to be angry and bitter and cynical and wary and defensive and sharp. You don’t have to be soft or positive or cheerful. Most often, it’s anger that keeps us alive and alights an inner passion to keep going. Your anger is rightful and valid and important and brave. Being soft and sensitive is great too, but wlwoc who aren’t soft or sensitive are just as worthy of love and acceptance. You’re allowed to mistrust people, you’re allowed to prioritize yourself above everyone else, you’re allowed to do what YOU personally need to do to keep yourself safe. You don’t have to conform to the “forgiveness and healing” narrative if you don’t want to. If anger is your road to healing, so be it. If anger is what will lead you to inner acceptance and peace, let it happen. Not everyone has access to forgiving everything and everyone. Self-love, radical community-based love, and solidarity are all things that take time to achieve, after all. 

hey babies, gentle reminder that even people running popular positivity blogs are allowed to feel and express their opinions. I’m a real person. I still get sad, angry, frustrated, etc. as a trauma survivor the very last thing I would do is try to romanticize being broken. I’m ALWAYS open and happy to listen and share other opinions and experiences, just please be respectful. that’s what I truly love about being connected to so many different people, you can learn so much ☺️💕

mahj’s follow spree

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