miragu  asked:

Isak or Even, Sana/Isak or Even/Magnus (both brotps)

for Isak or Even im saying Isak because we’ve seen more of him and i relate to him more but Even is still my tol child ok 

in Sana / Isak well i’m gonna say Sana? because she’s just so great?? she’s always super helpful and nice to everyone honestly 

and in Even / Magnus well for this im gonna say even because like?? its even?? and even is just so nice and pure and i want someone to just give him the biggest hug of the century bc he needs it x

dear d,

i am so glad i don’t love you anymore. i am so much happier.

i loved you more than i could even comprehend and sometimes i was so happy. but when i think of you now, all i think of are the times you made me sad. the times you made me cry. the times you made me hate myself. you are so full of hate and anger and you take it out on the people who are good to you. you never did deserve me.

i hope you are bettering yourself. i believe you’ll become a lot happier throughout the process of working on yourself. i believe you owe it to me to clean up your mess.



IM YELLING ok so bambam texted the got7 group chat “something big happened” after he got his ears pierced and apparently jaebum had no reaction to it so he got all upset and went “oh so u dont care about me?” dfkhkjdhg