To the garden of the cherry tree by max max
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A plum of the early blooming has already bloomed in here Shizuoka


Laura Jane Grace & The Devouring Mothers Mix Moving Narrative with Melodies

There is something comforting and inspiring about an artist with sincere intensions, unafraid to share their most intimate experiences. Laura Jane Grace is one of those artists. With the help of the Devouring Mothers, she rocked the Space with fervor on Feb. 12. Grace shared journal entries dating back over a decade that inspired her upcoming book. She wove her powerful story of struggling with gender identity, addiction and success between playing acoustic renditions of selections from Against Me!’s catalogue. She also took concert-goers on her journey of self-discovery and growing disillusion with the way the music industry treated Against Me!. 

Grace declared the space judgment-free and stressed the importance of self-love and self-reflection. Throughout her career, Grace has been a stellar songwriter and we appreciated the opportunity to see her remake some of her hardest-hitting and vulnerable songs. In particular, “Because of the Shame” and “Two Coffins” were chilling and awe-inspiring. “Bamboo Bones” was an unexpected and powerful. We are excited to hear the new Against Me! record later in the year and are anxiously awaiting the release book.

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anakin totally bites his lips unconsciously and it gets obi wan all flustered. Don't think about this

“Anakin! I have told you countless times, focus your energy!” 

Anakin fights a blush that threatens to tinge his cheeks, worrying his bottom lip between his teeth, “I’m sorry, Master, I-” he looks at Obi-Wan, his voice is a bit muffled as he continues to nervously bite his lip, “Master?” 

“Hm? What? I’m sorry, I…” The Jedi Master uncharacteristically fumbles, using all of his will-power and ripping his eyes from the younger man’s plush mouth. 

“Are you okay, Master?” Anakin questions, head tilting to the side curiously. 

“Yes, fine, Anakin. I’m fine.” He’s slowly gaining composure now as his impending arousal dissipates, “Go… Practice saber technique. Over there.”

“Alright.” Anakin drawls, turning and walking the other way. 

Obi-Wan sighs, running a shaky hand through his hair. Was he sweating!? Was it really that warm in here!?

This boy would surely be the death of him. 

deixa eu beijar tuas pintas como se fosse constelações querendo enfeitar meu céu da boca. porque mesmo que anoiteça e eu goste do tom escuro melancólico, não se compara ao negro dos teus olhos brilhando só pra mim.

(me deixa acolher tua bagunça junto da minha)

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What is ur opinion on sith!obi-wan and Jedi knight anakin? Like they fight but the sexual tension builds and obi-wan is witty as always but as a darksider its dirtier too. And anakin doesn't know what to do cuz hot sith lord with yellow eyes is hitting on him and he doesn't even know what that is

GOD can you imagine like they would be “enemies” for years and finally one day in an incredibly intense fight they knock the lightsabers out of each other’s hands and they stand there, breathing heavily, not saying anything, just staring into each other’s eyes fervently, circling each other like cats. And then they’re on each other. Frantically grasping at robes and hair and unable to breathe between kisses and moans. I’m in hell.

Dear past love,

So I’m sitting here looking up pictures of the beach because right now I’m truly missing the feeling of weightlessness I get when I’m there. You popped into my mind. I remember the day I came back from my last minute trip and I needed somewhere to go because my roommates were just awful. You texted me all the while I was gone, concerned about me and you met up with me when I arrived back. 3 am… you waited for me.

I picked you up and for whatever reason we thought we’d go to the beach and watch the sunrise. A bit silly since we live on the west coast, right? We went anyways, driving for an hour, mountains to our left and beach to our right. I don’t exactly know where we ended up, it definitely wasn’t the prettiest of beaches, but it was nice. I had my blanket. I think you took it from me, told me to get away from you, and I was fine with it. I didn’t think of you in any particular way at that moment. I took off and settled down and listened to everything and nothing. You came over and we sat there. What we talked about I don’t know. I just remember this feeling of comfort I felt for the first time in a long time and I liked it, a lot. I thought we were going to be really great friends. 

We went back to your house, got yelled at by your mom, and hopped back into the car and left. Our friends, more mine than yours, called us to hang out that night and we did. I was so tired, but so happy to be so comfortable with everyone I was with. We finished up our evening hang out and you and I took off together.

I took you home. I remember feeling so tired and so bubbly all at once. In a matter of one day I fell for you. I refused to admit it. I thought my brain wasn’t functioning from lack of sleep. 

Christmas hit one month later when you told me you loved me and I told you I loved you, too.

You’re the only person I’ve ever truly felt that with. 

My friends are right. I would’ve done anything for you. I was head over heels for you. 

I don’t love you anymore. I understand that there is no longer a possibility of you and I. I’m okay with that. 

I will say though, that I do miss you…or maybe it’s just the nostalgia talking. 


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I'm so glad it helped! What are some of your favorite blogs?

ahh i have so many honestly!but a few that i can think of right now are:

@katsdesk @gracelearns @cmpsbls @tbhstudying @studyingandlattes @etudestial @anyastudies @studyign @gryhffindors @melbstudent

there are quite a few more i’m sure but yeah c: