Here’s a short textpost to say a few things.

I still have a bunch of unanswered ask in my askbox because these are mainly requests and I’m currently not taking requests (I’m trying to finish the older ones). I’m too busy with college atm.
Just in case: I prioritize what I like to draw (my mood strongly affects my drawing).

But I love to talk and to share my thoughts! So feel free to talk to me or message me. (It will help me to improve my english anyway lol)

And I just noticed we reached 1k2 followers (and it keeps increasing because currently we’re at 1,293). I was like at one hundred three months ago (because I was on hiatus for, like, an entire year). I’m not even joking. (You are awesome, im crying)

I was wondering something since there are so much people who follow me. How do I appear to you?