When do you feel your best? Oh it depends, I like craftsmanship, so I really love this great outfit I wore to my last premiere that again for me was just evocative of, I wanted to look like, I told my stylist, I was like, ‘Let’s just go for a Nashville country singer that’s on his way to Miami in a [Chevrolet Bel Air], and then became a hit-man for the mob and lives in Little Cuba. We came up with this f—ing bitchin’ little outfit that I loved and so it could be that. Or it could be an Armani tailored suit that I spent hours working with with Isaac, my favorite tailor, taking out the ins and outs of the shape of the lapel, the length of the lapel, the location of the button. It could be my favorite pair of Edmonds jeans with my new favorite sneakers, these Common Project retro high tops. It just really depends. For me, it’s mostly anything that makes me smile, you know?

Happy 36th Birthday Christopher Whitelaw Pine!