“Love actually” + 13 years later


Title: Interlude
Author: JustLookFrightenedAndScuttle
Rating: Mature
Warnings: None Apply
Completed: Yes
Series: Part 3 of Neighbors
Word count: 1871
Summary: How Jack and Bitty spend the night of Jack’s last day off before the playoffs.

Most memorable line: “Luminous,” he said.

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A gallya fic where Gabby and Illya are spies in the present day?

“What if I told you to smile?”

The edge of his lips twitch but Illya refrains from giving in. Instead he keeps his head low and hands busy, hooking one cable into another, tying them with talented fingers while she pouts.

“Illya,” She practically draws out his name in the silence of the office that is all dark glass and sharp angles. There are no filing cabinets, which means no paper evidence. Gaby however, has that handled as she toys with the phone in her hand, pausing to lean back. Her shoulder brushes his chest and her leg slides back into his, letting her sit gently on the edge of his knee. The sudden contact makes his throat tighten and Illya glances up just in time to be caught with the eye of the lens. Gaby’s thumb brushes the smooth glass of the screen and she snaps their photo before he can look away.

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This happened yesterday and I just wanted to say THANK YOU GUYS!!!

I have a celebration planned that will be coming out next week. I think ya’ll will really like it.