maybe……… people sometimes dress or act provocatively at pride…………. because it’s the only place we CAN dress or act provocatively without fearing for our lives

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Do you have any type of visual guide to the bmc characters? I always see pictures of the cast and drawings of the characters but i have no idea who's who?

bonus: the gal’s halloween outfits (except jenna i couldn’t find any pictures EDIT: jenna’s the clown in the back lmao) 

also! i have tags for each one of them so if need you can go through my tags (also rich is usually drawn with a red streak in his hair, and most people draw the squip as a handsome computer) 

the actors, too, just in case:

  • jeremy - will connolly 
  • michael - george salazar
  • christine - stephanie hsu
  • rich - gerard canonico
  • jake - jake boyd
  • brooke - lauren marcus
  • chloe - katlyn carlson
  • jenna - katie ladner
  • squip - eric william morris
  • jeremy’s dad/scary stockboy/mr reyes - paul whitty
On a Leash

For @bouncyirwin who wanted modern AU kakasaku

Also on ao3 and ffn

               Sakura had been walking through the park when something she thought only happened in movies happened to her. A small dog ran up ahead of her and then circled her, wrapping her legs in his leash and yanking her backwards. It wouldn’t have been so bad if she didn’t spill her water down her shirt from the movement.

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Could you maybe do 22 with modern!Kylo please?

22. “Come over here and make me.”

A/N: Uhh this got away from me, hope you like it as much as I do! I love hearing from you guys :)

One of the perks of being friends with Rey was that her family owned a lake house, which she took you with her to visit during the summer. Of course, it wasn’t almost too perfect, and the cost was possible encounters with her horrible cousin Kylo.

“Oh come on Y/N, he’s not that bad,” Rey defends.

“Rey! He literally poured his milkshake all over me because I teased him about his motorcycle, he can’t take a joke. He always wants to get in a fight with me and-ugh I’m getting angry just thinking about him.”

You remember something else, “Oh and he’s also a complete perv, confirmed. Remember how he wouldn’t stop staring at me when we where getting ready to go out one evening, he’s an ass!” You add. “God I hate Ren,” You mumbled under your breath. He annoyed you to know end, if asked if you had any enemies you would probably say him.

“Yeah that was bad, but Y/N, that was a few years ago. He was still going crazy with all of those ‘boy’ hormones, he’s calmed down a lot.”

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hello guys, im 38 away from my first thousand and it would be realllyy cool if y'all helped me out! rb if you’re a louie/harrie/larrie and i’ll definitely check you out ☺️


Inspired by @mouseymightymarvellous , here is my Witch AU. It was really fun, so I’ll be adding to it.

Also on ao3 and ffn

               Sometimes it was lonely being a witch. Sakura lived in a cabin far enough away from the village that they wouldn’t bother her. They didn’t hate her, not like they used to. Most of them were wary of her, though. Only a few came by for potions and medicine. But even they didn’t stay that long. She wouldn’t call them friends either. Just customers.

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