1k wow

do you guys ever remember that isak and even are teenage boys. and skam could’ve so easily made their relationship hyper-sexual and aggressive and horny 24/7 and no one would’ve batted an eye because those are the stereotypes we associate with teenage boys (and also mlm relationships). and instead, skam was like, yeah ok let’s make them Soft. how Soft? well they’re still gonna be horny bc they’re teenagers but they also really like to cuddle and spent the whole day after their first kiss hanging out in a bed, fully clothed in the Softest Hoodies Possible, smoking weed and laughing and giving kisses on the cheek. and yeah, they have sex, but they also have deep, meaningful conversations and tease each other and run their fingers through each other’s hair and that’s more important and is given more screen time than any of the sex. wow. im just really grateful for that.

Be My Boyfriend


“Dean, be my boyfriend!” Castiel hissed.

Dean’s attention was pulled away from Charlie (who snorted into her drink) when Castiel grabbed his arm.

“Uh,” Dean said, feeling like he was missing out on some vital information. Castiel’s wide eyes were a little too bright and his cheeks were flushed with pink, indicating that he was probably a little bit drunk, though that still didn’t help clear up the situation.

“Come here!” Castiel dragged Dean by the arm across the crowded room until they stood in front of a short brunette who Dean thought was named Meg. Castiel wrapped his arm around Dean’s waist and squeezed him to his side.

“I told you!” he told Meg triumphantly. “I have a boyfriend!”

Meg looked Dean up and down incredulously. “You’re dating Dean Winchester?”

Starting to catch on, Dean put a possessive arm around Castiel’s shoulders. “Yeah, he is. Got a problem with that?”

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