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here’s our best and most adorable birthday boy, jackson wang 🎂🎈🎉🎉🎉😚💓

Still inspired by the Buzzfeed thingy from earlier. Sam’s face is pretty intense for this buuuut, we’re just going to go with it because I feel a groove coming on and don’t want to lose it!

Walking from the kitchen into the library, Sam sat his plate down next to his laptop. “Hey.” He quickly pulled it away from Y/N’s reach.

“Sam what the hell?”

“Look, I love you, but I made exactly the amount of cheese and crackers I want to eat right now.”

“But I only…”

“EXACTLY the amount.” 

“Woah, okay…DEAN” Y/N held her hands up in defeat. “I’ll go make my own.” She mumbled something about him picking up Dean’s eating habits and not sharing on her way to the kitchen.

Sam just shook his head, he felt bad for snapping, but with everything they had going on at the moment he was just in a crap mood.  She’d get over it.

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Looking for prompts

I am somehow nearing 1k followers, and I wanted to do a little something for it when the time comes.

I already have some things in mind, and one of those is filling any fic prompts! So if you have any you want to send me for Luke/Mara, Rebelcaptain, or prompts for individual characters for any Star Wars movie-verse or Legends, drop an ask in my inbox, and I will fill as many of them as I can so long as I actually know something about said characters (for instance, I don’t watch Rebels so I cannot help you there). Make sure to include characters and scenarios, and anon or not is fine.

Once I hit 1k, I’ll start posting.

phil: *posts a video talking abt something tht happened to him*
dan: oh haha yeah i remember when he told me that story :) RIGHT after it happened :) like before he told anyone else :)) it was crazy to hear that story (first) before everyone else, i still can’t believe it!