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  • dapcrafts 2015: haha squareflakes! don't cry, craft!!
  • dapcrafts 2016: glitterfaces!!
  • #protip !!!!
  • dapcrafts 2017: welcome to hell today we're sacrificing phil
I’m one of those people that can’t let go. If I’ve had fun with you once, I will text you on your birthday for at least the next five years. If we were friends in elementary school and haven’t talked since, I guarantee I still know your mom’s name and your favorite food. My crushes never go away, they just fade. I still tell stories about great times with people I haven’t seen in years. If you turn down my offer to get drinks and catch up ten times, I promise I will still ask an 11th time. If we fight and you block me, I will find a way to check in on you anyway to make sure you’re okay. So if I give up on you, just know that you damn well deserved it.

shoutout to my Asian trans people. to all the Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Pakistani, Indian, Sri Lankan, and so many more trans people out there. we aren’t represented much, in shows or cartoons or anything. but you know what? you’re still valid, even if you don’t see yourself on screen. you’re still a boy, or girl, or anything in between. maybe even just… not. you are valid, Asian trans people.