1k club


What did you do with your Emmy? Where is it living now? Did you get it on a shelf or something like that? Hum, no. My parents came to visit me recently and they kind of like, fix my life when they come over and so they got all these plants, and the Emmy was in a box, and my mom didn’t know that was the Emmy, and so she has a plant beautifully presented on top of the Emmy, with the box. Yeah, it gives a nice blue box. Yeah, exactly. It’s like, supporting life, so it’s pretty… It’s like a worthy thing to do, the right thing. That’s nice. You ever gonna take it out and put it up? No? You’re not gonna put it up? I don’t know. Why? 

I don’t know, I felt like making a gif of this just because it cracks me up that they had an entire extra deck of Kuribohs for when Yami uses Multiply and they go everywhere. Seriously, I laughed so hard the first time I watched this part.

This is from this scripted duel that takes place in Vegas.