#omg can you imagine lil tot alec? #pretending to run the institute and having jace and izzy pretending to take orders # i want a flash back #also reminder alec’s wanted this his whole life. some of it was for his parents reasons, some of it was his own.# none the less he has wanted it. #he always thought he’d have to choose between this and love and now he has both. #and his mother is finally admitted she was wrong and loving him whole hearty. 

and if your life was gold

Title: and if your life was gold
Author: theundiagnosable
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: None Apply
Completed: Yes
Word count: 1046
Summary: “Are we boring?”
Bitty says it out of nowhere, and Jack blinks.

Most memorable line: “We can paint the fence, if you like.”

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Can I request a reader x Sirius (Older) blurb based on the lyrics "Cause when the villains fall, the kingdoms never weep"???

Sorry this took so long!! I know I’m terrible, but I’m just now getting started on these! Hope you enjoy, anon!

It was always a fleeting moment. The briefest of seconds where you thought you saw him. He would pass across your classroom door in the middle of the night, the corridor long deserted by other staff and students. The sight of a large dog disappearing behind the tree down by the Great Lake. The soft scent of leather and cigarettes that would hit you as you passed across the grounds on your way to the pitch.

It was never enough to warrant any search, but just enough to keep you thinking of him. Throughout the long years you’ve taught at Hogwarts, you learned to trust in the building. It would keep you safe. However, he had crossed your mind more times within the last few weeks than he had in the last several years. With him brought many painful memories; the two of you together–happy, young and carefree. Hogwarts had always been a place full of good times, yet it took you a year to fully suppress what once left you so full of love and life. When you came back to teach, you had not yet healed from James’ and Lily’s death; yet, your new home helped you wash away the pain and find new memories to recall. It was always there for you.

Students came and went. You formed many bonds with them over the years, allowing yourself to become attached to those who sought out your companionship. You would often hold study sessions after classes over a cup of hot chocolate. When Remus returned as well, much different than you had remembered him to be, you knew that it was only a matter of time before Harry ended up passing his way through your class. When he did, you often offered him a place to talk, granted he needed one. You explained how close you were with his parents, but said no more. Memories of them would only lead back to your pain.

So you denied the possibility of him returning until it was too late. He had already been and gone; never once stopping to say a word to you. Remus had told you of his innocence, what took place on the night of the last full moon. You had listened and comforted the man who was reeling from the new information. It was only later that you realized how much it hurt that he distanced himself from you. Not once did he truly show his face, make it known that he was here and innocent. Not once had he tried to explain, to return to you.

And weeks later, when you and Remus were taking a stroll through the castle late at night, did you let yourself feel the impact of his escape. You felt your heart pound heavily in your chest, aching with the pain of Sirius’ choice to leave you.

“He had the chance to see me, and he still stayed away.” You stopped and turned to Remus, tears quickly forming behind your eyes. .

He sighed softly, watching your teary eyes grow red in the glow of the moonlight. “He was trying to protect you, Y/N.”

You scoffed, and walked to the window, staring out at the place you and Sirius would often spend your time all those years ago. “He should have known I can protect myself. I’ve had to do so for the last twelve years, after all.”

There was a pause, another fleeting moment, where you thought Remus would indulge you; tell you how Sirius had asked about you, wondered if you were happy or even okay. Though, like always, it was fleeting and as soon as the hope settled in your chest, it left with the pitiful look in Remus’ eyes.

“He isn’t the enemy here, you know.”

“I know. If he was, I wouldn’t love him still.”

You didn’t know you had said it until you felt the weight of your words hit you. You had sworn that part of your life off, never once allowing yourself to think of what you had with him. Yet, saying the words still felt right, as if you only could say them about him.

Remus sighed once more, and kissed the top of your head softly. “Just remember that when you do end up seeing him again.”

You tried to smile, but could form nothing other than a small wince, and nodded silently. You knew that you wouldn’t ever see him again. For the last week he had hovered over you, just on the edge of your life; but never came close enough to meet. You never told Remus of your fleeting moments seeing Sirius, but knew that it meant Sirius was out of your life for good. He didn’t want to see you, and that chapter of your life was over.

As you heard Remus’ soft footfalls echo down the hall, you sat down against the cool brick wall of Hogwarts. Now completely alone, you felt the tears start to fall. Every memory came rushing back, Hogwarts allowing you to relive the best and worst moments with him, as if they knew it was all you’d have left of him.

In the end Hogwarts was there–through every fleeting moment, through every distant memory. It was the only comfort you had when you fell. It was strong, sturdy, and the one thing that never betrayed you. After all, this was the kingdom that you knew would always welcome you home.


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Big Plans

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: fluff.

Author’s Note: This is for Moeyy’s 1k Fluff Fest Challenge. @waywardmoeyy

Prompt: “You are going to plan a date? Okay. Just try not to get us both killed.”

Originally posted by sam-and-dean-winchesters

Dean was the absolute worst at planning anything remotely romantic. So, when he offered to plan a surprise date for you and Sam, you were apprehensive at best.

“You have got to be kidding, Deano,” you huffed at the older Winchester. “You are going to plan a date? Okay. Just try not to get us both killed.” You playfully flicked Dean’s nose as you turned towards the hall. “You have three hours,” you grumbled as you headed towards your bedroom.

Once you entered your room, you shuffled over to Sam, who laid on his back in the middle of your bed. “Sooooo, Dean is planning a date for us tonight.” Your voice was laced with concern.

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“Hold up
Now tell me, who you foolin’?
Saw you coolin’, flexing with the jeweler
Whatchu doin’? You don’t measure up, I met the Ruler “ - Lecrae


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8) if you are thinking I am essentially a tiny female Dan Howell you are correct

I think that’s it. Thank you again!!


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if this is alright, could you do something where Okuyasu's s/o just kinda breaks down after he does something cute or thoughtful and when asked why they're just like "I just love you so much??? How did I manage to score someone so sweet????"

i didn’t intend to write this hecking BEHEMOTH of a fic/reply, but here i am. i’m a Fool for Oku

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