im not white yall lmfao and youre constant need to racially distance yourself from something obviously aimed at humour and laugh about how youre mom would physically abuse you for “ talking to her like that “ isnt funny or lucrative to your race ok. making jokes about it only normalises that shitty behaviour and the 600 asks ive gotten about “ how white i sound “ arent funny any more


Stephanie Beatriz thought she wouldn’t be cast in Brooklyn Nine-Nine
I was so happy to see a Latina [Melissa Fumero] on the show, but also so devastated because I knew… I knew there was not going to be any network that was going to cast both of us as ensemble leads on a show. So I cried a lot. And I was devastated. I showed a couple of friends at the time and I was like, *imitates crying* “I’m really happy for her but I really wanted that show.” Then it was like two days later that I got the call [that I was cast], and I was gobsmacked. I was like, “the world is fucking changing.” And it’s such a testament to the show that they cast both of us. And not only us, but also Terry Crews and Andre Braugher [two black men] in positions of power.